Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 564 - Sherlock's Excuse

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Chapter 564: Sherlock’s Excuse

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[Version 1.01 Update Log]

“Dearest gamers, it’s the day for the Open Beta Update. Let us welcome the first Plot of the Open Beta Testing—the Hades Devil army.

The gamers completed the preparatory mission for the Plot.

The true intention of Devil King Mammon’s occupation of the construction site was discovered at the Gnome’s farm.

It’s the best location for connecting to the Teleport Portal of the Ancient Gods.

Devil King Mammon has been corrupted by the Ancient Gods, his eyes filled by his own greed. No words can fully describe the decadence of the Devil King.

Lord Sherlock has stopped Mammon’s plan after collating information from all of the gamers.

He took Mammon’s Dungeon Core, a Level 4 Core. Mammon wanted to make use of this Dungeon Core to connect to the alternate dimension. A Dungeon Core was buried underneath the farm, which can be considered proof that a Dungeon once existed.

All of these actions by Lord Sherlock infuriated Mammon. Thus, the Hades army will arrive at Eternal Kingdom very soon.

Take up your weapons and prepare for battle. Warriors of Eternal Kingdom, for the Underworld’s peace and stability, fight against the fury of Devil King Mammon!”

Though it was simple, that was the updated game version on the official website. From the writing, it seemed that the author of the update was in a hurry.

Sherlock didn’t have the time to write a detailed update. Since he returned from Mammon’s alternate dimension, he started deploying the gamers for the Dungeon’s defense. He had brought back an incredible treasure.

It was a damaged Dungeon Core. A Dungeon Core!

It was the Level 4 Dungeon Core that Sherlock mentioned in the update.

If it was only an ordinary Level 4 Dungeon Core, Devil King Mammon wouldn’t have taken such a big risk to occupy the farm.

However, it was a Dungeon Core that was once connected to the Ancient Gods.

It was a Dungeon Core that had a Soul Connection to the Ancient Gods.

In the primordial battle tens of thousands of years ago, the Ancient Gods were defeated by the army of the superior Devils.

To prevent the resurgence of the Ancient Gods army, all Dungeon Cores that were connected to the Ancient Gods were destroyed.

The Ancient Gods were kept in prisons. Without a Dungeon Core, those imprisoned Ancient Gods wouldn’t be able to escape the prison. They could only incite their believers to start an uprising.

With a Dungeon Core, the Ancient Gods believers would be able to do much more. That was the reason they attacked Winterfell.

Recalling the Devils of the Ancient Gods army, Sherlock tried to figure out how the believers who were spiritually connected to the Ancient Gods obtained their power. He didn’t expect that the mastermind was Devil King Mammon.

Devil King Mammon would do anything just to retrieve this special Dungeon Core.

The connection to the alternate dimension of Hades had been activated at the construction site near Venice. Devil King Mammon wouldn’t let this matter rest!

It was as Sherlock had expected.

Sherlock had killed Mammon’s assistant in the alternate dimension and brought back the special Dungeon Core.

The special Dungeon Core was previously placed underneath the construction site that had an open crevice to Hades. Terrifying sounds were heard coming out of the crevice.

Powerful Mana of Devil King Mammon was tearing the Hades crevice apart.

The Mana created a huge explosion, and the farm was blown to bits.

All of the facilities in the construction site were vaporized. The natives who stayed back at the construction site didn’t have a chance to flee before they vanished into thin air.

The natives who fled with the smiling gamers survived the calamity.

Though the gamers were always jovial, they were extremely efficient when completing their missions.

The gamers carried and dragged the shocked natives back to Venice.

They completed an amazing rescue mission in laughter.

Among the survivors were reporters from the Merchant Alliance. They witnessed the incredible rescue mission conducted by the gamers.

They also witnessed a massive invasion.

An invasion from Hades.

The Underworld and Hades were two different concepts. In the Underworld, there were various natives such as Gnomes, Blackiron Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, and Werewolves. In Hades, most of them were Devils. Though there were Devils in the Underworld, the Hades Devils were different.

The Hades Devils were subordinates of Devil King Mammon and only followed the orders of their King. There were no organizations in Hades.

The Hades Devils dashed out from the cracked dimension and headed towards the Teleport Portal that was located at the outer boundary of the construction site.

Sherlock didn’t shut down the Teleport Portal.

He knew that even if he shut down the Teleport Portal, the Hades Devil army would use other methods to arrive at Eternal Kingdom.

Mammon wouldn’t leave the new Teleport Portal outside Eternal Kingdom alone.

Instead of hiding like a tortoise, it was better to leave the Teleport Portal alone. As long as the Hades crevice could be closed, then the reinforcements of Mammon would be stopped.

Hiding was never Sherlock’s style. It was useless to hide anyway. Moreover, it was a chance for Sherlock to make money.

Sherlock could brag to the Merchant Alliance that Eternal Kingdom had once again resisted the vicious attack of the crazy Devil King Mammon!

“What? Are you saying that Mammon is going for Eternal Kingdom? Stop joking. Is Eternal Kingdom that important? Devil King Mammon must be after the great wealth of the Merchant Alliance. Look at how greedy Devil King Mammon is. He’s the epitome of greed.”

Sherlock had already thought of what kind of excuse he could use.