Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 561 - It's Your Turn

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Chapter 561: It’s Your Turn

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Polio felt something calling him at the construction site. It was a familiar call, and it was as though he had encountered it thousands of years ago.

He bent his body and tiptoed towards the construction site. Many gamers and construction workers were working diligently, but they didn’t see Polio, who used Mana to make himself invisible. The gamers weren’t powerful enough to see the invisible Polio.

Polio was one of the 72 Devils of the great Michelangelo.

Though Polio was unable to defeat Lord Sherlock, it didn’t mean that he was incapable.

His instincts told him that he was very close to discovering the truth.

Perhaps Lord Sherlock was correct, and the construction site wasn’t as simple as it looked.

Polio walked towards the deep pit of the construction site.

On the second day.

“Are Phoenix and Polio still missing?” Eggface asked the gamers as he stood at the boundary of the construction site.

That morning, Lord Sherlock gave him a mission to find the missing Phoenix and Polio, who had been missing for two days.

It was strange. Since Phoenix and Polio carried out Sherlock’s order, they hadn’t returned to Eternal Kingdom. There was news of them previously, but they vanished yesterday. Lord Sherlock discovered that they were missing in the morning and relayed the news to Eggface.

Eggface sympathized with them, but he didn’t want to go to the construction site because he had many things to do, like playing computer games.

However, it was Lord Sherlock’s order, so he couldn’t decline. When Eggface arrived at the construction site, he started to work.

First, he gathered the gamers.

Though the gamers were long-winded, to Eggface, they were his capable assistants.

Especially when faced with such a situation.

The gamers at the construction site started to help Eggface look for Polio and Phoenix. For gamers who couldn’t enter the construction site, they used their own ways to look for the missing pets. Though the gamers weren’t sure how important the pets were to Sherlock, since Eggface was deployed to look for them, they must be significant to Lord Sherlock.

“Could they have fled?”

In the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, Frangipani asked Lord Sherlock doubtfully.

“Lord Sherlock, I heard more than once that they wanted to betray Lord Sherlock.”

After Phoenix and Polio vanished from the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, Frangipani became talkative.

Sherlock wasn’t bothered. He hugged his arms and pondered over Frangipani’s words. Then he nodded.

“They could have indeed fled, but I’m inclined towards another possibility.”

Sherlock took out a Magic Stone. After infusing it with Mana, images appeared.

They were images of Phoenix flying in the sky. The images lasted for tens of seconds before Phoenix vanished.

Sherlock reversed the playback of the images and stopped the playback at a critical point. A dark figure that looked like a tentacle appeared in the images. It covered Phoenix and only appeared for an instant.

Then it was Polio who vanished in the images.

A black kitten sat in the deep pit of the construction site. In the next moment, the kitten vanished. When Sherlock stopped the playback, a dark figure that resembled a tentacle appeared beside the black kitten.

Both Phoenix and Polio vanished after the appearance of the tentacle.

“This is…”

Frangipani looked at the image before him and frowned as he said, “Perhaps, it’s our Heavenly Father?”

He spoke instinctively, but he looked at Sherlock and quickly explained, “No, no, no, Lord Sherlock. Please don’t be mistaken. I don’t miss my Heavenly Father. I’m only loyal to Lord Sherlock.”

Frangipani pledged his allegiance.

Sherlock waved his hand casually and said, “It’s understandable. Don’t worry, it’s normal for you to mistake him as one of the Ancient Gods. Initially, I thought he was an Ancient God. After I visited the prison that holds the Ancient Gods, I dismissed the thought.”

Frangipani asked in surprise, “You’ve visited the Heavenly Father? Ah, I mean, the Ancient Gods?”

“I went to take a look for a while. He was getting on fine. However, it’s not practical for him to appear here. So, the dark figure must be someone else.” Sherlock stroked his chin and pondered before saying, “There are many possibilities. Do you have any suggestions?”

“Since Lord Sherlock has eliminated the Ancient Gods, I don’t have any good suggestions. At least I know that Phoenix and Polio haven’t betrayed you. That’s good news.”

Frangipani looked a bit disappointed.

“We have to rescue them. If it drags on for too long, I’m afraid bad things might happen.”

Sherlock looked at Frangipani and said, “Do you know why I sent Eggface to the construction site early in the morning?”

“Because you trust Eggface, and he can help Lord Sherlock find Phoenix and Polio,” Frangipani said solemnly.

Sherlock nodded and said, “The later half is correct, but the initial part isn’t as you said.”

Sherlock took out an Adamantine rock and placed it before Frangipani.

The images depicted Eggface directing the gamers at the construction site.

The same dark figure appeared, and Eggface vanished in the next instant. Only the dazed gamers were left standing at the spot.

“Tsk, I’m a bit slow,” Sherlock said and looked at Frangipani.

Frangipani felt an ominous feeling and squirmed his neck into his shell.

“It’s your turn to go to the construction site.”