Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 560 - Polio’s Complaint

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Chapter 560: Polio’s Complaint

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The gamers were discussing the development of territory on the discussion forum daily. Dragonborn was naturally concerned about the development of their territory.

“This spot will be our Castle, and we have to dig a moat around it. Only a drawbridge can gain access to the Castle. The NPCs are staying behind the Castle, so we can choose a spot for our residences,” TakeASpearHit said solemnly as he pointed to a map.


The map was used for planning their new territory. As the map was professionally drafted, it was very precise.

The map was very aesthetically pleasing, and it had a 3D sandbox that was placed nearby. The gamers had put a lot of effort into making the 3D sandbox.

The 3D sandbox wasn’t crucial to the development of the territory.

But to the gamers, the visualization aspect was more important than its functional value.

“Wait, it’s the start of the residential areas? This is a flat plain that can be used for farming. How about shifting the houses to the woods in front? Or to the high ground over there?”

Someone gave his suggestion, but TakeASpearHit said, “That’s what I thought initially. However, after consulting the NPCs at Goldshire Town, they said that if the houses are built on the uneven high ground or the unsafe woods, they aren’t willing to relocate. It doesn’t matter to us, but if there are no NPCs relocating to our territory, how can we levy taxes? Do we collect taxes from ourselves?”

Many gamers nodded in agreement. In this game, the gamers discovered that the NPCs’ daily behavior was similar to real life. They would eat, sleep, and use the bathroom. They would also pay taxes to the owner of the territory.

After the York Territory was subjugated by Victoria City, the Tax System collapsed within a short period of time as there was no Tax Officer. So the residents of the York Territory were living comfortably. However, Queen Victoria would reinstate the Tax System very soon.

The gamers would be in charge of collecting the taxes.

It wasn’t easy for them to control their own territory. They had to collect taxes for themselves.

The Guild members had discussed the development of the territory many times. Finally, they made a decision.

The next step was the actual construction and required the cooperation of many gamers. Constructing a house wasn’t like clicking buttons in other games. The gamers had to lay the bricks one at a time. After playing the games for a few months, the gamers were masters at construction.

Even if they were placed at a construction site, they would become seasoned construction workers.

Some gamers found work outside, and one of the gamers even became a foreman. The information was being shared on the discussion forum.

Not all of the gamers were talented and would become a foreman within a few months. It wasn’t a problem for the gamers to build a house since they were efficient. The purchasing of construction materials was handled by the management members and rich gamers.

It was Softie.

It was safe for the rich gamers to handle the money for the construction materials since they weren’t tempted by the small amount of money. If the money was handled by other Guild members, they might be tempted by the money.

This game didn’t have system specified prices. Instead, it was negotiated between the gamers, and they could haggle.

There were many similar cases like Dragonborn’s Guild in Victoria City. However, it wasn’t optimistic in Eternal Kingdom.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were still fighting to obtain their first territory. Though they were anxious, they were also very happy.

The anxious part was the lack of progress in their mission. The happy part was earning the two Magic Stones a day. Those happy gamers were the 1,000 gamers of Eternal Kingdom who had the chance to work.

Sherlock was very concerned about the development of the construction site.

Polio and Phoenix stayed at the construction site every day.

Lord Sherlock had said to both of them, “Before discovering their real intention, both of you have to stay at the construction site.”

If possible, the black kitten, Polio, would have liked to file an animal abuse complaint against the superior Devil.

“Perhaps they’re really constructing a theme park. Why does everyone think that there’s a conspiracy? There are already too many conspiracies in Eternal Kingdom. I feel that the workers at the construction site are innocent.”

Polio sat at the side of the construction site while complaining to Phoenix. It was his third day at the construction site. He wanted to return to the warm and cozy Dungeon Lord Main Hall. At least there he could watch Eggface play computer games and watch television series on the computer.

But now, he could only watch the gamers of Eternal Kingdom work at the construction site. It was very boring.

Polio wasn’t slacking like this every day. A few days ago, he was doing the mission assigned by Lord Sherlock diligently. He would transform into a black mist and look around the construction site for suspicious activities.

To be honest, Polio discovered a few incidences of the gamers of Eternal Kingdom planning a rebellion, and he reported them to Lord Sherlock. It wasn’t his concern whether the gamers were punished or not.

Though he felt he made a large contribution, he didn’t manage to discover the secret of the construction site.

“Our mission is to investigate the truth. Make haste if you want to return to Eternal Kingdom.”

Phoenix looked unhappy. He flapped his wings and flew around to investigate.

Polio licked his paws while complaining to himself. However, he stopped and gazed forward.