Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 559 - Dragonborn’s Territory

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Chapter 559: Dragonborn’s Territory

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Golden-haired George was hesitant about Queen Victoria’s request. After considering it for three days, he yielded to the Queen.

After joining Victoria City, he gave up his territory. In Victoria City, nobody had the authority to govern over territory. Even the new Duke of York, Guinevere, didn’t have the authority to govern any territory.

Only the advisors to Queen Victoria were governing the territory. They were the three Hamsters and their combat-trained gamers. The gamers made use of the discussion forum to do legal, commercial, and residential planning.

When developing a city or building new facilities, a large sum of money was required. Though Victoria City didn’t have a lot of money, the Victorians were very enthusiastic, not thinking that they were coolies. Whether it was creating a new town or paving roads and bridges, they would think that they were completing missions and obtaining rewards.

The York Territory was their territory. When they were developing their own territory, they wouldn’t feel tired or feel that the salary was low.

Especially after the Public Beta Testing, Victoria Forest couldn’t just develop its own territory. Victoria Forest couldn’t accommodate millions of gamers due to a lack of space and resources. These gamers were deployed to the York Territory to fight against monsters and bandits, build bridges, pave roads, and create new towns.

When the York Territory was just conquered, the local residents were fearful of these warriors with green symbols above their heads. These warriors would enter the residences of the locals and pillage like bandits. Though they were polite bandits who would ask whether they needed money or help, the locals were still wary of these invaders.

Countless Victorians were working hard to develop the York Territory. Even if it was exhausting, their faces were filled with smiles. When someone asked why they were working so hard, the Victorians would lift up their smiling faces and reply, “It’s for the people.”

All of the nobles were supposed to look after the people, but the nobles were always thinking of how to exploit the people.

Whether it was the harsh taxes or compulsory labor, the people were ruthlessly exploited by the nobles. But it was different for Victoria City. Though Victoria City was also using the Monarchy System with a Queen, Dukes, and Counts, the nobles didn’t have real power. All of the authority was vested in Queen Victoria. The Victorians didn’t exploit their power to do bad things to the residents of the York Territory. Though the Victorians would pillage the local residents, most of the Victorians would still offer to pay.

The local residents of the York Territory weren’t blind to the hard work of the Victorians, especially when they constructed bridges, paved roads, and built new cities.

The gamers didn’t know what the NPCs were thinking. Some NPCs would show their gratitude, like an old granny who brought a basket of eggs to the working gamers. The gamers weren’t thankful, looking down on the eggs. Instead, they only thought that the NPCs were very realistic. The gamers were looking forward to Strange Encounter Missions that enslaved them and provided training such that they could attain Weapon Level 30 and above.

Though the gamers were unhappy, they didn’t say so. The gamers had read on the discussion forum that they had to roleplay in front of the NPCs. They were warned not to say weird things to the NPCs. If not, Strange Encounter Missions wouldn’t be given.

Besides NPCs giving things to the gamers of Victoria City, the gamers were able to obtain land much easier than Eternal Kingdom.

Though they had to pay Queen Victoria Magic Stones, the rules in Victoria City were less stringent than Eternal Kingdom. The price was also lower in Victoria City.

A territory that could accommodate thousands of people could be obtained in Victoria City by paying a few hundred Magic Stones. The gamers of Eternal Kingdom had to pay more than ten times the amount.

Dragonborn’s Guild, For that night with Sherlock, wasn’t the first Guild to obtain territory. However, with the support of the rich gamers, his Guild was one of the first batches of Guilds to obtain territory.

One of the rich gamers was Softie, who was openly courting Dragonborn.

“From today onwards, this piece of land belongs to our Guild!” Softie said to her Guild members as she opened her arms and looked at the huge forested area before her.

After paying 1,000 Magic Stones, For that night with Sherlock purchased this territory from Queen Victoria.

It was a location that was very close to Victoria Forest.

Though there were no Teleport Portals, no officially employed NPCs, and no other facilities, the gamers had total freedom to develop the land. It was troublesome not to have a Teleport Portal, but it could be solved using horses and carts.

It wasn’t far from Victoria City. It would only take one to two hours to ride the horses and carts to Victoria Forest.

The journey time was acceptable to the gamers.