Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 558 - Lancelot’s Suggestion

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Chapter 558: Lancelot’s Suggestion

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Golden-haired George didn’t expect that he would receive such attentive care.

The unfamiliar Victorians would come to his room every day to provide different kinds of food. Some would chat with him about life and ambitions, and they looked as though they were long-lost friends. Whenever George was awake, the Victorians would surround him.

George thought he was given the hero treatment.

He survived the terrible ordeal in Eternal Kingdom. Even he thought of himself as a hero.

George thought he found a new goal when the Victorians treated him warmly. However, there was a big problem, because he didn’t feel the Mana in his body.

Due to the highly efficient Magic Stone Extraction Device, the Mana in George’s body was completely drained. The Mana had become Magic Stones in Sherlock’s pocket.

George was in a rage. If given the chance, he would want to kill all of the vile Underworld creatures to protect the Human Kingdoms.

He had this thought hidden within him. Even when the Victorians visited him every day, he was showing his fortitude. He didn’t show any of his weaknesses.

George felt that as long as he was alive, he could find his strength. Complaining wouldn’t change his circumstances. After going through so much, he was stronger than anyone else.

Hardship could destroy him or hone him to be a steel-willed warrior.

Most of the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom were destroyed by hardships, while George’s powerful willpower was still intact. In fact, it was honed like steel.

After leaving the Underworld, George didn’t stop training himself. Every morning, he would step outside his room to practice with his Longsword.

Under the curious gazes of the Victorians, he would begin his training.

He wasn’t used to being watched by the Victorians, especially with their wild chatting.

“Come quickly. Golden-haired George is practicing with his Sword again. Record it. Who knows, it might be some hidden swordplay.”

“How can he get hidden swordplay? Why am I not aware of it?”

“The Guild is recruiting with huge benefits. Make haste and register!”

“I’m recruiting fighters to challenge the Instance Dungeon! Priority for those fighters who have conquered the Ogre Fortress! Looking for long-distance Archers who have a high Weapon Level!”

George couldn’t understand what they were saying. He thought that he couldn’t use logic to understand the Victorians.

After he fought with the vile Underworld creatures, he had lots of respect for the Victorians who fought against them.

If they were captured by the creatures of Eternal Kingdom, it was a fate worse than death. The Victorians were really awesome to be able to smile happily during combat.

George had only encountered the commoners and warriors of Victoria City. He hadn’t met any leaders of Victoria City, including Queen Victoria.

When George began suspecting that Queen Victoria had put him under house arrest, Sir Lancelot pushed aside the surrounding Victorians and walked into his house.

Like Golden-haired George thought, Lancelot was there to convey Queen Victoria’s order.

“Queen Victoria wants me to join her and merge my territory with Victoria City?”

George looked at Lancelot, befuddled.

Lancelot nodded and said, “Let me make some amendments. It’s not joining your territory with Victoria City, it’s an unconditional offer of your territory to Queen Victoria. You may become a resident of Victoria City. This is a privilege for nobles. The other soldiers of the Godly Kingdom don’t have such a privilege. They will be repatriated very soon.”

George asked in astonishment, “Repatriation? Are you saying that Queen Victoria is repatriating the soldiers back to the Godly Kingdom? We are the prisoners of Victoria City. Isn’t Queen Victoria going to make use of us?”

George knew that it was inappropriate for him to ask such a question. However, he had a lot of questions, and he couldn’t understand Queen Victoria’s behavior. Thousands of prisoners were considered significant to the Godly Kingdom. If Queen Victoria asked for ransom, the Godly Kingdom would gladly pay it.

Nobody would want to lose thousands of highly trained warriors.

But Queen Victoria didn’t think so. She didn’t hesitate to release all of the prisoners with the exception of Golden-haired George. She sent Lancelot to persuade George to give up his territory. Queen Victoria preferred land to trained warriors.

“Like you’ve seen, Victoria City doesn’t lack money or people,” Lancelot said as he shrugged his shoulders. Victoria City had a lot of people. George felt that Victoria City didn’t lack money either, as the Victorians didn’t show that they were poor.

They were always smiling happily and were extremely excited when fighting battles. He had never heard any of the Victorians yielding to anyone because of a lack of money.

Golden-haired George was deep in thought. He wanted to reject Lancelot’s offer instinctively. However, he hesitated when he considered his situation.