Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 556 - Personal Visit to the Construction Site

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Chapter 556: Personal Visit to the Construction Site

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On the surface, the procedures taken by the construction site contractor were according to the rules and regulations. However, the procedures could only be vetted by the Devil Management Committee and Venice Dungeon to ensure that they were really constructing a large theme park.

Patrick Star also saw the agreement with Venice in the document folder provided by the construction site’s foreman.

That was the only document that was verifiable. Patrick Star didn’t say a word. He immediately traveled towards Venice like other reporters.

The gamers didn’t care about the legalities. As long as they had missions to earn Magic Stones, it was all they asked for.

As for fighting against Devil King Mammon to uphold righteousness for the pitiful Gnome, the gamers weren’t that kindhearted. It was only a game, and the gamers weren’t chivalrous. How could the gamers play the game if they were all full of righteousness?

However, there was a small group of gamers who were righteous. They were thick in the Plot and were trying to help the Gnome get back his farm.

A good example was Sylvanas.

“Work? Why do I have to work? Do I look like I will work for two Magic Stones a day? I can purchase Magic Stones using money. There’s no progress in this mission. If everyone works for Devil King Mammon, how can we take back the farm for the Gnome? If we can’t get back the farm, then the plan for our territory will be wrecked. No, I have to gather our members to capture all of the NPCs at the construction site. Then we’ll take back the farm!” Sylvanas said righteously to the members at the Pioneer Alliance Stronghold.

“Sister Vanas, we understand the logic. However, if we destroy the construction site, that’s going against the gamers of Eternal Kingdom. They are expecting to earn the two Magic Stones every day!”

Peasant told the truth, and other gamers nodded and said, “Yes, yes. A piece of Reputation Level 5 Purple Legendary equipment can be bought at the Winterfell Blacksmith Shop for 100 Magic Stones. After paying taxes to Sherlie, the gamers can buy a piece of Legendary Equipment after 100 days of work. If they work at Eternal Kingdom or the crossroad intersection outpost, they have to work 300 days!”

The other gamers also agreed.

“Yes, I’m also queuing to work at the construction site.”

“You’re really patient to queue up.”

“Gosh, is there any other way besides queuing?”

“Of course! If you bribe the registration NPC Gnome, he will call you to mine the ore for five days!”

“Shucks, is that true? I can earn four Magic Stones within five days?”

“Trash, I only earn one Magic Stone for working three days at the crossroad intersection outpost!”

The gamers chatted enthusiastically about their work.

Sylvanas wanted to rebuke, but Arthur interrupted her and said, “If we damage the interest of the entire faction because of our Guild’s interest, our Guild won’t be able to establish itself in the game. We don’t have to destroy the construction site to complete the mission.”

“Arthur, what do you mean?”

“We can obtain information from the gamers who worked at the construction site. The construction site looks legal, but there must be a conspiracy. As long as we find the loopholes, we can make use of legal means to chase the invaders away.”

Arthur looked at the gamers and said, “Once we find the loopholes, we’ll inform the NPC reporters. They must have a reason for appearing at the construction site. They could be an important part of the mission.”

Sherlock sat before his computer and browsed the posts on the discussion forum. After the Teleport Portal at the farm was constructed, Sherlock was earning 1,000 Magic Stones in taxes daily. It was a paltry sum compared to the wealth of Sherlock.

Even though it was a small sum, it was still money. Considering the resources required for the future development of Eternal Kingdom, even if it was only 100 Magic Stones, Sherlock wouldn’t mind earning it.

However, Sherlock wouldn’t lose sight of the big picture just for some small gains.

It was confirmed that the construction site belonged to Devil King Mammon. Why would Devil King Mammon purchase a farm to build a theme park? Who would go to the theme park to enjoy themselves?

It would take two days of travel to reach Venice, the neutral Dungeon.

That was only an answer. Devil King Mammon had a hidden secret, and it was worth a lot of money!

Sherlock browsed through the discussion forum and examined the videos, pictures, and live streams of the gamers working. However, he didn’t find anything suspicious.

They excavated, carried materials, and worked together with the Stone Golem construction workers to build the theme park facilities.

They were actual theme park facilities.

“There are no loopholes… Perhaps the intelligent Devil King Mammon has become senile?” Bru said to Sherlock with disappointment.

“It sounds as if you knew the intelligent but senile Devil King Mammon very well,” Sherlock said.

“Lord Sherlock, don’t be mistaken. Before I went into a dormant state, it was carnage every day. Even if it was the Seventh Devil King, he would also kill every day. So I had a bit of knowledge about him.”

Bru sounded logical, and Sherlock nodded while remaining silent. Sherlock took his windbreaker and stood up.

“Lord Sherlock, are you going to visit the construction site? It’s overcrowded with gamers. Your appearance will make them think that there are new Plots,” Bru quickly said.

“No problem. They won’t discover me.”

Phoenix and Polio watched Sherlock put on his windbreaker and got up quickly. Phoenix flew to Sherlock’s shoulder, while Polio straightened his tail and followed behind him gracefully.

“Take care of the Dungeon, Bru,” Sherlock said.