Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 541 - The Gamers“ Movie Plan

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Chapter 541 The Gamers“ Movie Plan

Though Moroes asked the gamers to help him save his marriage, he was still worried since the gamers weren’t very reliable.

Aside from depending on the gamers, Moroes didn’t know what to do. Moreover, the efficiency of the gamers was rather high.

After Moroes took out all of his savings and asked the gamers for help, a group of gamers visited him that night and discussed various solutions.

“If you follow our plan, the movie will be completed within two days. The internet TV that was sold by Lord Sherlock is very popular in Winterfell. We can broadcast the movie to the internet TV, and your heroic feats will be publicized. If your wife sees your adventurous clips, she will change her mind and ask you for forgiveness. You may even obtain additional benefits,” an Orc called Peasant said solemnly as he stood beside Moroes.

“More benefits?”

Moroes was taken aback. He didn’t understand what Peasant was saying. Another female Orc called Sylvanas slapped Peasant and said to Moroes, “Don’t listen to his nonsense. We’re saying that she will love you more. As a woman, I understand how she thinks. We are always attracted to brave adventurers.”

Sylvanas spoke earnestly as she looked shyly at Arthur.

NotWearingPants witnessed the scene and dry coughed. He eyeballed Sylvanas and said to Moroes, “Like we’ve said, if you cooperate with us for two days, we’ll help you solve the problem.”

Moroes was tempted. He didn’t have other choices, so he nodded firmly and said, “Good, I’ll believe you. Please help me!”

Moroes assigned the Strange Encounter Mission to Arthur and his companions.

Arthur’s solution was to create a custom-made adventure movie for Moroes. A genius gamer postulated that the internet TV could have been promoted for Moroes’ Strange Encounter Mission. It was a coincidence that the sale of the internet TV and Moroes’ marriage crisis happened at the same time. Moroes had to improve his personal image, and a movie could improve his standing rapidly.

It wasn’t an easy feat to create a movie. Fortunately, there were many gamers who were professional movie producers.

“The script and props are ready. We’re facing some difficulties with the actor.”

An average looking Gnome who had the green symbols “Oscar” above his head held a thick script and frowned as he said to Arthur, “We can find a Grand Priest from Victoria City, but we can’t find a Great Dragon.”

Peasant was about to speak, but Oscar lifted his hand to interrupt him. Oscar said, “Don’t say a word. I know what you want to say. You want me to look for Eggface. Let’s not discuss the body of Eggface and whether it’s suitable. We looked for Eggface, but he’s too addicted to his work. He didn’t want to waste his time helping us. That’s what he said.”

“Wah, is Eggface that troublesome? Perhaps Eggface has a special Hidden Mission?” BurningChestHair asked in surprise.

Arthur frowned and said, “Did you ask Lord Sherlock?”

“Ask Lord Sherlock? Are you saying…”

Oscar looked in astonishment at Arthur. He hadn’t considered asking Lord Sherlock.

“I have seen Lord Sherlock order Eggface around, and Eggface seems obedient. We’ll ask Lord Sherlock later. Perhaps there will be another Strange Encounter.”

Ten minutes later.

“Oh my god! Lord Sherlock decided to help us!”

“This must be part of the Strange Encounter Mission. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be easy to get Sherlock’s help.”

“Seems like it.”

“Tell the good news to Moroes. Don’t let other gamers get ahead of us.”

“Don’t worry, Moroes has already given this mission to us.”

Arthur and his companions chatted while they left the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. The other gamers at the Dungeon Lord Main Hall looked at Arthur and his companions in admiration. They felt regretful that they didn’t have the same brilliant idea.

Sherlock was standing at the entrance of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, gazing at Arthur and his companions.

“Lord Sherlock, why did you participate in such a thing? I know you want to help Moroes’ marriage, but I don’t think a move can help Moroes solve his problem. Do they want Moroes to be a movie star? The aesthetic value of the Underworld creatures is different from the gamers. They may think that Moroes is suave, but to the Underworld creatures, Moroes is inferior.”

Bru expressed his opinion, and Sherlock smiled and replied, “Though what you’ve said makes sense, it’s not all correct. I tried to understand the Otherworld’s culture of movies. I feel that movies will also be popular in the Underworld. I wonder if they can produce good movies.”

Bru asked in surprise, “Wait, Lord Sherlock, are you curious what kind of movie the gamers can produce?”

“Yes, indeed. I feel that it may be a lucrative idea. Why don’t I let them try it out? Eggface seems to have put on weight. It’s a good chance to let him exercise a bit. I think it’s a good idea.”

“Since Lord Sherlock is agreeable, I won’t have any objections. I’ll help you supervise the gamers so that they won’t create trouble,” Bru said as he nodded.