Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 540 - Moroes“ Decision

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Chapter 540 Moroes“ Decision

The sad Moroes sat in his own room and sobbed incessantly. At the side was a pile of stacked tissue paper. There was a group of gamers around him who kept consoling him.

“Stop crying. It’s only a divorce. You have to take it easy,” an Orc said as he comforted Moroes.

“A long-distance relationship isn’t reliable. Though you’re married, you don’t have children. Believe me, not having children after marriage is like falling in love. The youngsters are divorcing as though they are drinking plain water,” another gamer said to Moroes.

Though the gamers sympathized with Moroes and wanted to console him, they hadn’t gone through the experience before. They had to get married or find a girlfriend first.

But the reality was cruel. The gamers tried their best to complete their mission of consoling Moroes so that they could obtain their rewards. When Moroes’ wife wanted the gamers to give the divorce agreement to Moroes, it was a chance for Moroes to create a Strange Encounter Mission!

It would be up to the gamers to trigger the Strange Encounter Mission. Many gamers swore that they would be able to trigger it.

Moroes didn’t know what the gamers were thinking. He felt very touched as the gamers were consoling him.

Moroes treated these compassionate gamers like hay that he grasped tightly while he was drowning. He was suffering and would use the chance to tell his grievances and his love experience to the gamers.

The gamers were good listeners. They listened and recorded notes faithfully before uploading them to the discussion forum.

[Moroes’ Love Experience.]

Such topics were wildly popular on the discussion forum.

That was the most that the gamers could do. They couldn’t do anything to help Moroes’ marriage.

Moroes knew that the gamers couldn’t help him after he told them of his grievances. He wanted to save his marriage, but he didn’t know how to do it. He examined the divorce agreement again.

It was a divorce agreement that chided him for being weak and useless. His wife couldn’t tolerate it anymore and decided to divorce him.

Moroes confirmed that it was his wife’s handwriting. The passages didn’t indicate any traces asking for help. Moroes didn’t feel that the divorce had anything to do with his long absence.

It must be because of the lack of passion in the marriage! If he was courageous like when he was young, taking part in adventures, hunting for hidden treasures, defeating terrifying Grand Priests, and battling Great Dragons…

“Ah, if you want to adventure, hunt for hidden treasures, defeat Grand Priests, and battle Great Dragons, we can help you fulfill your dreams!” the gamers who were beside Moroes said happily.

“Wait, are you serious?”

The eyes of Moroes lit up with hope. The gamers shouted in response.

“Of course!”

“If you give us rewards!”

“I don’t think this is going to help.”

“So many of us are doing this mission. How do we split the rewards?”

The gamers chatted wildly. Moroes knew that they were debating over the rewards. Moroes made up his mind. He walked to his room and took out all of his savings.

“If you help me save my marriage, all of these Magic Stones are yours!”

Sherlock was browsing the discussion forum when he noticed a popular post made by Peasant. He was seeking help. The title was:

[How to save Moroes’ marriage. Waiting online for immediate help!]

The content indicated various solutions. The most feasible solution was proposed by Peasant. It was to allow Moroes to adventure, hunt for treasures, defeat Grand Priests, and battle with Great Dragons.

That was what Moroes wanted. To the gamers, it was like a guide for a Strange Encounter Mission.

Many gamers replied to the post. Sherlock browsed through the replies and hugged his arms as he pondered.

“Did Moroes encounter a problem in his marriage? It’s almost time for the Public Beta. If the emotion of the employee is unstable, it will spell trouble. He will be unable to work in peace.”

“Lord Sherlock!” Bru said to Sherlock, “This employee is useless. It’s almost time for the Public Beta. We can’t afford to have any mistakes. Let’s find another NPC. With regards to compensation, don’t worry, Lord Sherlock, I’ll find the best CR to let him resign on his own!”


“Yes, it’s Creature Resources. It’s a company that specializes in creature deployment and management. Every Dungeon should have a professional CR. We can save quite a bit of money, especially during retrenchment,” Bru explained.

Sherlock understood Bru’s intention, but he wasn’t going to follow Bru’s suggestion. He said, “Though your solution is tempting, I’m unable to trust a new NPC. He won’t be familiar with the work and the gamers.”

Sherlock finished reading the replies on the discussion forum and said, “Let the gamers do their things. Perhaps they can help Moroes. Even if they fail, there are no losses. Moroes is just a signpost. I have no intention for him to work or teach the gamers.”

Most of the NPCs didn’t have their specialized work because the gamers had taken over. The time of NPCs was limited. Instead of letting the NPCs work, it was better for them to provide guidance to the gamers.

Moreover, Moroes looked very determined this time.