Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 530 - 530 Impasse

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530 Impasse

Patrick Star didn’t expect the brave and united warriors of Eternal Kingdom to have internal strife. In the other Dungeons, the probability of internal strife was very low. Only Dungeon Lords that were losing control of their citizens would have internal strife. Sherlock didn’t seem like he was losing control of his citizens.

However, the truth was before Patrick Star. The warriors of Eternal Kingdom had internal strife.

Thousands of warriors of Eternal Kingdom assembled at the Dark Portal, but they weren’t there to guard the Dark Portal or to fight against the Surface World monsters.

It was two opposing factions within Eternal Kingdom who were fighting over the release of the Little Fairy.

Patrick Star thought that the Little Fairy shouldn’t be released since she was part of the Light race. Thousands of years ago, Michelangelo fought against the Humans and developed irreconcilable animosity towards the Light races.

As the vanguard for fighting against the Surface World, Eternal Kingdom shouldn’t have internal strife. Patrick Star observed thousands of warriors protecting the Little Fairy so that she could escape safely. He was puzzled. Could it be a ploy of Lord Sherlock?

Patrick Star tried to find a suitable reason. He was fortunate. Before the battle erupted, he was at the Dark Portal doing interviews with the warriors of Eternal Kingdom. They were the only warriors who fought with the Surface World monsters since the last war that occurred thousands of years ago. They were the best direct source for the Underworld inhabitants to understand the war.

The Underworld inhabitants were deeply concerned about the war with the Surface World. There were civil groups who came to support Eternal Kingdom. One of them was Fatality Hospital.

However, Sherlock declined Fatality Hospital’s offer. Patrick Star thought it was a shame and looked forward to the day that Eternal Kingdom and Fatality Hospital would collaborate.

The battle erupted in the afternoon while Patrick Star was conducting interviews at the Dark Portal. He witnessed two opposing groups of warriors confronting each other at the Beetlemon stop. A lot of creatures were stuck at the Beetlemon stop. Even the Beetlemons that were on a scheduled 10-minute interval halted their transportation service.

Patrick Star tried to pacify the two groups, but they wouldn’t listen. The main reason was that the voices of conflict drowned the voice of Patrick Star.

While Patrick Star was trying his best to record his interview videos, the situation went out of control. A Beetlemon was seen running towards the Beetlemon stop. The appearance of the Beetlemon incited the two groups to start fighting. The fighting spread like wildfire, and even the spectators were embroiled in the conflict.

There were bloodshed and flying limbs all over the place. The internal strife of Eternal Kingdom was as intense as the war against the Surface World, if not more.

The fortunate thing was that nobody attacked Patrick Star. In the chaotic fighting, Patrick Star was unable to protect his life. The warriors of Eternal Kingdom weren’t concerned with him. There were even some warriors who used their bodies to shield him from Sword slashes and Arrows. Patrick Star was almost moved to tears.

The Little Fairy, who was on the Beetlemon, felt miserable. She knew that Eternal Kingdom wouldn’t let her go easily, but she didn’t expect that so many warriors would be there to stop her.

These opposing warriors must have been ordered by Sherlock. When she thought that Sherlock had discovered her escape, she became extremely nervous.

However, the gamers who were escorting her weren’t anxious. Arthur stood up and removed his mask, showing his real appearance as he shouted, “We’re exposed, so there’s no need to remain in disguise. As long as we leave the Dark Portal with the Little Fairy and Frangipani, our mission will be accomplished. Even if we die, we have to complete the mission. Our Guild will receive a handsome reward!”

The other Guild members cheered with Arthur and removed their masks. The Beetlemon halted at the Beetlemon stop. When the door opened, the two groups of warriors rushed towards the Beetlemon and fought fiercely with each other.

The battle at the Dark Portal became more intense.

The Little Fairy dismounted from the Beetlemon while Arthur and his companions followed closely behind. Someone in the crowd shouted, “The Little Fairy is here! The princess is over here!”

More and more warriors noticed the presence of the Little Fairy, Frangipani, Arthur, and his companions.

Arthur grasped his Short Sword tightly in one hand while he raised a Magic Wand. White rays emanated from Arthur’s body while Sylvanas readied her Bow.

BurningChestHair, Peasant, and NotWearingPants were standing by the side awkwardly. Peasant asked, “Are we redundant?”

“It’s not the time for such a thought. Let’s charge!” NotWearingPants shouted and led the charge.

In the chaos, nobody noticed Frangipani squinting his eyes and gazing intently.

“Frangipani will definitely escape. He will flee!” Polio, who was sprawled on his bed, groomed his claws as he said to Phoenix.

Polio knew that Sherlock ordered Frangipani to escape with the Little Fairy and the warriors of Eternal Kingdom to the Dark Portal. Polio objected to the plan, telling Sherlock that Frangipani would flee during the mission. Polio tried to convince Sherlock to give him the mission instead, as he was the only loyal servant who could complete the mission.

Phoenix also tried to coax Sherlock to give him the mission instead of Polio or Frangipani. Though Phoenix and Polio were enthusiastic, Sherlock had made up his mind to give the mission to Frangipani. Phoenix and Polio were disappointed, but they couldn’t change Sherlock’s decision.

Frangipani left Eternal Kingdom in the presence of Phoenix and Polio, who were full of envy. The two helpless creatures could only sigh and comfort each other in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

“I’m betting that Frangipani will take the chance to escape. I’m very sure of his character. Frangipani tried to escape twice. He will definitely betray Lord Sherlock this time.”

“Yes, Lord Sherlock doesn’t believe us. Instead, he trusted Frangipani. Lord Sherlock will be betrayed. It’ll be a pity.”

Eggface was playing computer games while he turned his head to speak to them.

“I don’t think Frangipani will escape this time. After he came out from the Mana Device, he was so obedient. He’ll do whatever we ask and complete Lord Sherlock’s orders without fail. He was completely convinced by Lord Sherlock. Though I don’t agree with Lord Sherlock most of the time, I’m confident in Lord Sherlock’s management skills.”

Eggface was supportive of Lord Sherlock. He believed that Frangipani wouldn’t escape.

“Why wouldn’t Frangipani escape? I think he will escape. He’ll be at the Dark Portal with the Little Fairy and have the chance to leave the Underworld. If it were me, I’d definitely escape… Ah, I mean, I’d not escape. I’d complete Lord Sherlock’s mission,” Polio said halfway after realizing that he had made a mistake. He noticed Phoenix frowning and immediately changed his tack so that Phoenix wouldn’t have leverage against him.

Phoenix nodded and said firmly, “Hmm, he’ll definitely escape!”

Patrick Star lowered his head and crouched down as he walked quickly. The battlefield was full of smoke, and a burning Bladder Bomb flew over his head. A tall Orc pounced on him as he shouted, “Danger! Get down!”

Before Patrick Star could react, a huge explosion rang beside his ear, and a heatwave knocked him to the side. He felt a huge object colliding into his body, and his bones were aching. However, he wasn’t burned. When he recovered his senses, he was on the ground. The Recording Device rolled out from his palm, and the ground was scattered with the round Adamantine rocks that he had brought with him.

His brain was ringing nonstop. It was a long time before he regained his awareness. When he lifted his head, there was an Orc on the ground. The Orc’s back was punctured with a large hole. The Orc had protected him from the explosion.

Patrick Star had never encountered such a dangerous situation. The Orc’s body slowly disintegrated into flakes of Mana before vanishing into thin air. That was a special way for the warriors of Eternal Kingdom to die. There would be no corpses, and there was a poetic saying about the deaths.

“Even if I die, I’ll use my body to nourish the world.”

Patrick Star had no time to shed a tear and mourn the death of his protector. Another Orc dashed over and grabbed his arm, saying excitedly, “Bro, I’ve finally caught up with you. I’ll protect you from now on. You have an affinity with death. Don’t go to dangerous places. If you die, I’ll lose my rewards!”

The Orc spoke in a frenzy. Before Patrick Star could react, another creature slashed wildly while he shouted, “Get lost! This Strange Encounter Mission is mine. I’m the one protecting Patrick Star!”

Patrick Star watched in a daze. The Orc who spoke to him just now was hacked to death by his comrade. Patrick Star was terrified, and he backed up two steps. He grabbed the Adamantine rocks on the ground and his Recording Device, wanting to flee. However, there were many battle scenes that he hadn’t captured. His experience was too shocking.

Patrick Star hadn’t taken the shots of the escaped Little Fairy.

He noticed the Little Fairy from far. Due to the long distance, his Recording Device was unable to capture the Little Fairy clearly. Moreover, he was surrounded by the warriors of Eternal Kingdom. He tried to wade through the crowd towards the Little Fairy.

However, his efforts were in vain.

Arthur grasped his Short Sword while he held the Little Fairy’s hand. There were Changan City members who charged at him. However, they were stopped by Pioneer Alliance members.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom wanted the Little Fairy to stay in the Dungeon. Hence, the Pioneer Alliance members were in a dilemma. A lot of unaffiliated gamers couldn’t stand the vile behavior of Changan City, but after considering their own self-interests, they supported Changan City in this battle. The odds were against the Pioneer Alliance. Though the Pioneer Alliance was able to repulse the attacks, it was difficult to gain entry into the Dark Portal.

More and more members of Changan City and its allies came out from the Teleport Portal. Their numbers overwhelmed the Pioneer Alliance members.

Arthur knew that if the situation carried on, his mission would fail. He couldn’t escort the Little Fairy into the Dark Portal. Even his life would be at stake. If the Little Fairy died, the Strange Encounter Mission would fail.

He understood that it was a difficult mission. If he could complete the mission easily, it would be unfair to the other gamers. The more difficult the mission, the greater the rewards. It was common knowledge in online games.

Arthur wouldn’t give up easily. Even if he had to use his last breath, he would try to complete the mission.

“Capture Arthur. He’s with the Little Fairy. Don’t let them escape!” a creature in the crowd shouted. Arthur wanted to focus all his forces and charge towards the Dark Portal, but his plan was thwarted.

A group of Orcs who were riding on Darting Birds charged at Arthur with their Great Pikes.

Though the cavalry of the gamers wasn’t comparable to the powerful Human Knights, the power of the Orcs compounded with the blinding speed of the Darting Birds couldn’t be underestimated.

Arthur ordered his Guild members to raise their Shields to defend against the cavalry, but their lines were broken easily.

“Beware of the cavalry!” a Guild member screamed as he was being pierced and thrown far away by the Great Pike of a horseman. Arthur raised his Shield to deflect a Great Pike that was aimed at him. The impact of the Great Pike threw him against NotWearingPants, who was behind him.

NotWearingPants fell to the ground heavily. He turned his head to look at Arthur, who was on top of him. Arthur’s arm was pierced by the Great Pike, and his Shield was thrown out of sight.

A warrior wasn’t able to fight against cavalry.

“Arthur, Arthur, are you alright? If you’re not dead, breathe hard!”

“I’m alright, I’m not dead yet!” Arthur shouted firmly. However, his arm was too seriously wounded to lift. Fortunately, it was his Shield-bearing left hand that was wounded, so he was still able to wield his Sword in his right hand.

The cavalry was weakened after a single charge. When the cavalry turned around to charge the second time, the riders were being pulled down and hacked to death.

After the riders died, their Darting Birds were also killed mercilessly.

Changan City had spent a fortune to prepare for this battle. They had even used their Darting Birds in this attack. To the gamers, the Darting Birds were precious resources.

But to the rich gamers, they weren’t worth anything.

“Arthur, what shall we do now?” Peasant asked nervously. The odds were in Changan City’s favor. It was only a matter of time until Arthur and his members lost the battle. Even the Little Fairy would be captured by the Changan City members.

Arthur narrowed his eyes. He was at his wit’s end unless the Victorians were able to provide reinforcements. However, it wasn’t probable since the Victorians weren’t united.

At this critical point, Frangipani came forward. Though he looked vulnerable and sexy without his shell, he shouted defiantly, “See what I can do!”