Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 528 - 528 Rescuing the Princess

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528 Rescuing the Princess

The Little Fairy thought Frangipani was in cahoots with Sherlock. Frangipani understood her thoughts and explained, “I know it’s hard for you to trust me, but I’m not in cahoots with that evil Sherlock. I hate him to the core. If possible, I’ll shred him to pieces.”

“Do you think I’ll believe your nonsense? Are you trying to humiliate me in front of everybody? Are they trying to deceive me as well?” the Little Fairy said impatiently. She turned around and wanted to enter the treehouse.

Just then, Frangipani said, “Go back in, pitiful Little Fairy. If you enter your treehouse, you’ll never escape from Eternal Kingdom. You’ll remain in this small little treehouse forever.”

The words hit the Little Fairy deep in her heart, and she slowed down. She then turned her head and looked sharply at Frangipani as she said, “If you deceive me, I’ll kill you.”

Frangipani smiled confidently.

The Little Fairy wanted to escape with Frangipani. This wasn’t a secret, as the gamers had witnessed the conversation between Frangipani and the Little Fairy.

Only a few gamers could participate in the escape mission since the Little Fairy didn’t trust them.

Frangipani didn’t invite many gamers to participate. It was better to have as few gamers as possible. Each chosen gamer was the best of the best, and he was very familiar with Eternal Kingdom.

There were only six gamers.

They were Arthur, NotWearingPants, Sylvanas, Peasant, BurningChestHair, and Raintea. Raintea was designated by the Little Fairy.

The Little Fairy said, “Raintea, I know you’re a kind Goblin. Though you’re a Goblin, you’re more like a Fairy. You should live in the woods and not in this evil Dungeon. I’ll bring you along. Leave with me.”

Though Raintea had no intention to leave Eternal Kingdom, if she could help the Little Fairy escape the Dungeon, she was willing to do so. Raintea felt that the Dungeon was full of love, but to the Little Fairy, it was a dim and frightening place. The Surface World was more suitable for the Little Fairy.

The escape plan was simple.

First step: Leave Eternal Kingdom.

Second step: Help the Little Fairy find her companions.

Third step: Counterattack Eternal Kingdom and capture Sherlock alive.

Previously, the Little Fairy was doubtful, but after hearing Frangipani’s plan, she thought it was flawless. She felt that it would be successful. If she cooperated with Frangipani, she would escape Eternal Kingdom and even take revenge on Sherlock by capturing him. Then Sherlock would be forced to grow herbs in her homeland to redeem his sins.

That was what the Little Fairy thought.

The plan was carried out swiftly. Many gamers witnessed their escape plan, and some gamers informed Sherlock, who did nothing to stop the escape plan. Instead, he told the gamers, “Impossible. I trust that Frangipani and the Little Fairy won’t betray Eternal Kingdom. Don’t say anymore!”

The gamers continued to knock on the door, but Sherlock wouldn’t open it. He had no intention to talk with the gamers.

Things became very strange. The Little Fairy, Frangipani, and the few gamers walked towards the exit. Eternal Kingdom was a safe zone, so the other gamers were unable to stop or attack them. Even if they reported the matter to Lord Sherlock, he wasn’t bothered. When the other NPCs were told, they were already prepared.

Simba leaned on a pillar and smoked his metal stick. He watched while he chatted with his cousin Mufasa.

Brainiac glanced at them and said, “Isn’t this normal? How can this be to escape? They are just going on an excursion. Don’t bother me with such things. I have many things to do.”

The gamers were at their wits’ end. They were unable to stop the Little Fairy and Frangipani from walking out of the Dungeon.

Things went too smoothly. The Little Fairy felt that they weren’t escaping. Instead, it was Sherlock who was trying to send them away. The Little Fairy started thinking…

She thought that she had become so powerful that Sherlock hadn’t discovered that she was escaping. It had to be like that. The gamers weren’t bothered since they were completing the mission. They could receive rewards once the Little Fairy was freed from Eternal Kingdom.

The next mission was complicated. They had to go through the wilderness of the Dungeon and the Dark Portal to get to Victoria City. If possible, they would hand the Little Fairy over to Dragonborn.

Their Strange Encounter Mission was to coordinate with Dragonborn, who also had the same mission.

Along the journey, their only worry was the hindrance from the gamers of Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom.

When Arthur, his companions, and the two NPCs left Eternal Kingdom, Sherlock revealed himself at the exit of the Dungeon.

“Lord Sherlock, our plan is almost halfway through.” Bru’s voice appeared in Sherlock’s mind.

“How do you know that Frangipani won’t escape? This is a good chance for him since he’s out of the vicinity of the Dungeon. Even if we want to control him, it’s not possible. Though your prohibition is restraining his Mana Skills, what if he has something up his sleeves?”

Bru was worried, but Sherlock only nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I only wish he was so capable. I have never thought about him escaping.”

Sherlock turned around and said to Bru, “Prepare according to our plan. You have to remind the gamers to be natural. Do you understand?”

“Lord Sherlock, don’t worry. Leave it to me. I’ll complete your task,” Bru reassured Sherlock.

In the darkness, a man was lying on a wooden bed. Beside him was a pair of shimmering yellow eyes that watched him intensely. It was as if the creature was afraid that the man would vanish.

Normally, a person wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly when being watched intensely, but this Human was breathing slowly as if nothing had happened.

At a certain time, the Human sat up and stretched himself. Then he moved his arms and shoulders as though he was awakened abruptly.

The Human sitting in the darkness took a while before noticing the yellow pupils. He pressed on the wall and switched on a lamp.

The lamp was illuminated by Mana. All the gamers in Victoria City had such a lamp in their houses.

Their houses were more comfortable than the ones in Eternal Kingdom. The gamers of Eternal Kingdom had houses, but they were unable to use Mana to light the lamps. They had to manually light the kerosene lamps or other light sources.

Dragonborn was able to identify the person in front of him. It was the Fairy that followed him out of the forest.

“Human, you’re awake. I’ve observed you for many days. Do you always sleep like this? Is that the reason Tomato took a fancy to you?”

Dragonborn was taken aback, not expecting the Fairy to observe him while he was sleeping. Tomato had also observed him during his sleep.

Though the game was realistic, the reactions of the NPCs were too real. They thought Dragonborn was an NPC like them.

Dragonborn hesitated for a while, not knowing how to answer his question. How could he tell the Fairy that he had gone offline instead of sleeping? The Fairy shook his head and said, “Forget it. It’s your secret, so I won’t ask anymore. Your young Wyvern was taken away by others while you were sleeping.”


Dragonborn was shocked. He leaped up and asked the Fairy, “My Wyvern, where’s my Wyvern?”

The Fairy pointed outside the house, and Dragonborn ran outside. The rising sun illuminated the buildings. It was dawn, but the sunlight was still blinding. The sky was crimson red and looked beautiful. However, Dragonborn wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the scenery.

He had obtained the young Wyvern after an arduous Strange Encounter Mission. When he thought about his missing young Wyvern that was taken away while he was sleeping, he felt as though his heart was being cut.

His worry was unfounded. He was at his Guild Stronghold, and there were other sleeping Guild members around him. As for the members of opposing Guilds, they were unable to steal his young Wyvern in the safe zone because they couldn’t enter without his invitation.

It was SealHeadLingChong and TakeASpearHit that took away his young Wyvern.

After ten days, the young Wyvern was as tall as a Human. His claw could easily penetrate the Human skin and was fatal. However, this young Wyvern wouldn’t attack Humans on sight, especially the Humans who were close to Dragonborn.

When the young Wyvern entered Victoria City, it had known about Dragonborn’s friends and followed them. The young Wyvern wouldn’t attack Dragonborn’s friends.

TakeASpearHit only wanted to take a look at the young Wyvern. He had no other intention.

When Dragonborn came out of the room, the Fairy followed him.

“Since you’re awake, we’ll discuss the invasion of Eternal Kingdom. Our Princess is imprisoned in the Dungeon. I’m worried for her safety every day. Those evil creatures may kill her at any time.”

The Fairy was very worried about the safety of the Princess.

“I understand. Follow me, and I’ll show you our invasion plan. We can set out anytime.”

Dragonborn nodded, then took the Fairy to the temporary command center. That was the command center created for the two Guilds, For that night with Sherlock and the Hoodlum Yoga Association. Of course, other Guilds were also participating.

There were about a thousand members, but it was still less than the maximum 5,000 Victorians. A large number of unaffiliated gamers and hostile Guilds weren’t under Dragonborn’s control. They were likely to kidnap the Princess. They were like the gamers of Eternal Kingdom who wanted to take away Dragonborn’s Strange Encounter Mission.

The Fairy didn’t know that things were complicated. He thought all the Victorians would help him find the Princess. He followed Dragonborn to the command center. Dragonborn had sent someone to inform Hoodlum that they were arriving for a meeting. Before Dragonborn returned to Victoria City, Hoodlum and other commanders formed a detailed battle plan.

When Dragonborn’s mission was updated and included cooperating with Arthur and his companions, Hoodlum’s plan was slightly amended without modification to the main content.

They wanted to control the Dark Portal within a designated time to allow the Princess and Arthur and his companions to arrive safely. Then the Princess would be handed over to the Victorians.

Since the Dark Portal was their only route, the other gamers would most likely set up ambushes and obstructions at that location.

The Dark Portal was a strategic location.

The other parts of the plan weren’t as detailed. The main thing was to gather their forces and overwhelm their opponents. There was also a Mission Wechat Group set up with Arthur and his companions.

These details weren’t told to the Fairy and Tomato.

“Are you sure that the gamers of Eternal Kingdom will escort the Princess to us? How did you manage to convince them? It’s not that I don’t trust you. As it’s related to the Princess’ safety, I have to ask.”

Though Hoodlum’s plan was detailed, the Fairy had his doubts. He frowned and asked, so Hoodlum explained, “I understand your doubts. Don’t worry and trust us. We’re professional. You don’t have to know how we convinced them, as it’s our secret. We’ll definitely rescue your Princess, but you have to reward us as agreed previously.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll satisfy your requirements. The Fairies of Yggdrasill will always be your ally as long as you rescue the Princess.”

Hoodlum nodded and said, “Leave it to us. There won’t be any problems.”

“Yes, I intend to find more help.”

The Fairy looked at the Humans and said, “I’m going to need your help.”

The Fairy’s plan was to construct a Teleport Portal that connected to Yggdrasill. This would allow the Fairies to arrive at Victoria City to help in the rescue operation.

It was a difficult task. Without a definite direction and over such a long distance, only Yggdrasill could provide the Mana for such a project.

The gamers had to provide the Fairy with various materials. However, they could be purchased in the York Territory, so it wasn’t a problem.

However, time was required to activate the Teleport Portal. The gamers were unable to set off immediately to the Dark Portal. However, they had sufficient time, so they weren’t in a rush. Arthur and his companions were still escorting the Princess to their destination.

The gamers of Victoria City constructed a Teleport Portal to receive the Fairies from Yggdrasill. Arthur, his companions, and the Princess were heading towards the crossroad intersection outpost. Along the way, other gamers scouted the surroundings for them, but there was no danger. Changan City Guild members organized a group to hunt for the Princess, but they didn’t find her location. However, conflict was imminent, as Arthur and the Princess had to pass through the Dark Portal.