Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 527 - 527 Frangipani“s Invitation to Escape

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527 Frangipani“s Invitation to Escape

Frangipani was lying in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. His shell, which was necessary for his usage of Mana Skills, had been taken away by Sherlock. Although Sherlock put a prohibition spell on Frangipani, he was able to recover his Mana slowly because of the shell.

If Frangipani hadn’t rebelled, Sherlock wouldn’t have known that his shell had such a power. Only Frangipani was able to make use of his shell to recover Mana when it was on him. Otherwise, it was ineffective. As for whether Frangipani could grow a new shell, Sherlock wasn’t concerned.

Frankly speaking, the nude turtle looked sexy.

Sounds were heard outside the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. Phoenix and Polio chatted as they walked in.

“Those Victorians are attacking us again. I heard that the Little Fairy is the famous Princess of the Fairies. Do you think it’s true?” Polio said as he walked in.

Phoenix flapped his wings and shook his head as he said, “How would I know? Those fellows speak half-truths, so I don’t know whether it’s the truth or not. However, the Little Fairy is a good Potion Concoction Instructor.”

Frangipani immediately walked to them and asked if he could provide any assistance.

Polio and Phoenix got used to Frangipani’s helpfulness. After Frangipani was released from the Magic Stone Extraction Device, he had been very helpful. He was no longer aloof. Instead, he was more like a servant instead of the highest-ranking commander of the Ancient Gods army.

As Polio was about to have Frangipani brew him a cup of bloody chrysanthemum tea, the voice of Sherlock was heard behind them.

“Ah, why are you here, Frangipani? I have something for you to do.”

Frangipani shouted, “Lord Sherlock, just tell me if you need any help. I’ll definitely help you.”

“It’s nothing special. I want you to rebel one more time.”


Raintea brought her loot to the treehouse. After many incidents, Raintea was happy to join Arthur and his companions in their Guild activities. As a life connoisseur gamer and a scenic lover, Raintea would join her friends in the Guild activities. The most important activities were the Instance Dungeon activities.

Raintea had Healing Mana Skills, a rare type of Mana Skill that the other gamers didn’t have. Even if a gamer had Mana Skills Books, it was difficult to learn it. Only two gamers had managed to learn Healing Mana Skills.

Sherlock ensured that only two gamers had Healing Mana Skills because they required double Mana usage. If every group of gamers had Mana Healers, they would fight vigorously and drain Sherlock’s Mana rapidly with frequent healing. Currently, the battles would last for less than ten seconds.

If thousands of gamers were to fight but not die because of healing, then the Mana usage would be like opening a tap. The thought gave Sherlock chills. He couldn’t allow more Mana Healers until they had Yggdrasill.

Though Raintea participated in Guild activities, such as challenging the Instance Dungeon, she didn’t carry a lot of equipment.

She didn’t need it, giving most of the equipment to other Guild members. As such, she had a good reputation among the members. Many of them had equipment from Raintea.

Raintea didn’t accept their return gifts. She didn’t play the game to gain favor but to be happy.

Besides enjoying the game designed by Sherlock, she also found her own happiness.

That was her friendship with the NPC. The Little Fairy was her first NPC friend in the game.

Due to their close relationship, she stayed in the treehouse with the Little Fairy, not in the Guild house.

Due to certain events, the Little Fairy was very excited. This was because the Fairies of Yggdrasill learned of her predicament.

Raintea had told the Little Fairy about this matter. The other gamers also told the Little Fairy about this matter, but the Little Fairy didn’t trust the other Underworld creatures, only trusting Raintea.

The Little Fairy asked Raintea many questions, like whether her companions had come and whether they were in danger. She also wanted Raintea to tell her companions not to save her if it wasn’t safe. The Little Fairy was very concerned about her companions.

The Little Fairy also divulged a lot of her personal things to Raintea, especially her Princess identity. She wasn’t very concerned about her Princess status. Being able to stand on Yggdrasill and play with her companions was more important than anything else. It was much better than being imprisoned in the Underworld that had no days and no nights. She had to face these frightening creatures and be infuriated by them.

Why was she infuriated? She had been the Potion Concoction Instructor of the gamers during this period of time, and Potion knowledge wasn’t a simple subject. Though the gamers were intelligent, they hadn’t learned Potion Concoction before, and only a few understood the subject. Hence, the Little Fairy was infuriated while mentoring the gamers. She was even more determined to leave Eternal Kingdom. Otherwise, she would die of anger.

The Little Fairy was very excited when she heard the news about her Fairy companions. She tried her best to find out about them.

Raintea told the Little Fairy the news she obtained from the discussion forum. Dragonborn’s live stream on the discussion forum provided a lot of information about Yggdrasill and the Fairies.

Though the Little Fairy was excited and concerned, it was impossible to escape from Eternal Kingdom. It was also impossible for her companions to break through the defenses of the Dark Portal. Though the Little Fairy was angry with the Underworld creatures, she knew that they were powerful. If her companions tried to rescue her, they would all be killed. Yggdrasill was far from the Underworld, so the Fairies were unable to use their full Mana potential.

The Little Fairy was in a dilemma for the entire day. She wanted to leave the Underworld, but she didn’t want her Fairy companions to be harmed.

Raintea wanted to help the Little Fairy, but as a normal gamer, she was at her wit’s end. Besides collecting information for the Little Fairy, Raintea could only watch her becoming more worried.

When Raintea returned, she saw the gamers surrounding the treehouse. The normally unsociable Little Fairy stood at the base of the treehouse talking to the gamers.

“Are you telling the truth? Are you helping me leave Eternal Kingdom?” the Little Fairy asked anxiously. Raintea walked towards them quickly, knowing the gamers must have received a Strange Encounter Mission. It must be related to the Little Fairy. Being her good friend, Raintea wanted the Little Fairy to reunite with her Fairy companions. Though she wouldn’t be able to see the Little Fairy, it was alright if the Little Fairy was happy.

Raintea felt strange to be concerned about an NPC. This was the lure of the game, it all felt so real. Even the relationships with other gamers and NPCs.

Raintea waited for a while to size up the situation. A gamer received a mission from Frangipani to help him escape Eternal Kingdom.

All the gamers of Eternal Kingdom knew that he was a pet captured by Lord Sherlock. Ever since Frangipani was imprisoned in Eternal Kingdom, he had been thinking of how to escape.

Previously, many gamers had Strange Encounters with Frangipani, who hadn’t given out any rewards. The reason was that the gamers hadn’t completed his Strange Encounter Missions. The Strange Encounter Missions were to help Frangipani escape Eternal Kingdom, but Frangipani failed many times. He even lost his shell in the last attempt. The gamers felt sad when they saw Frangipani because they didn’t have a good plan to help him. They were surprised to receive another Strange Encounter Mission to help Frangipani escape.

The most surprising and important point was that Frangipani’s Strange Encounter Mission was tied to Dragonborn and the Little Fairy’s Strange Encounter Mission.

Frangipani wanted to escape together with the Little Fairy and leave this frightening Eternal Kingdom. He wanted to flee to the wonderful Surface World.

“Is this for real? Did he really say that? Isn’t he a Devil? As a Devil, how can he look forward to the wonderful Surface World? I’m befuddled.”

It was Frangipani who divulged that he was a Devil. The gamers were in disbelief when they heard that. Since the mission was assigned, the gamers wanted to have a share of the mission. Many gamers were talking with the Little Fairy at the base of the treehouse.

The Little Fairy wanted to spit her saliva at the gamers and kill them, but she relented when she heard that someone was going to help her escape. Though she had serious doubts, she still harbored the hopes of fleeing.

While the gamers were chatting with the Little Fairy, Frangipani had walked to the base of the treehouse. He was without a shell.

The gamers became quiet, but not because they wanted to. It was because they were in Plot Animation Mode.

The gamers could neither talk nor move. They could only watch Frangipani and the Little Fairy. This feeling was similar to the times when Sherlock was around.

“I heard that your Fairy companions are coming to Eternal Kingdom to rescue you. You must be thinking of leaving this place. I feel the same way. The evil Sherlock imprisoned me and kept me like an ant under his foot. I can’t stand the humiliation. I have to leave. We must cooperate,” Frangipani said to the Little Fairy as he crawled slowly to the front of the treehouse. He spoke without emotion, as though he was a living tool.

The Little Fairy surveyed the surrounding gamers, who were quiet and looking at her. She was nervous and said to Frangipani, “You’re a Devil. Are you testing me on Sherlock’s order? Don’t waste your efforts, I won’t yield. I’ll tell you. I’ll definitely escape. Nobody can stop me!”

The Little Fairy thought that Frangipani was sent by Sherlock to test her. Frangipani walked boldly towards her and coaxed her to escape under the gazes of the Underworld creatures. This was too good to be true.