Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 524 - 524 Completion of Brainiac“s Research

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524 Completion of Brainiac“s Research

“Are you watching the Wyvern?” Tomato frowned and asked after listening to the Fairy.

Tomato thought that the Fairies were just going after Dragonborn and him, but things weren’t that simple. They were going for Dragonborn specifically.

Dragonborn didn’t have any valuable items. The only thing of value was the young Wyvern that followed Dragonborn.


The Fairy shook his head and said, “We haven’t been following you because of the Wyvern. It was for our Princess.”

“If you’re looking for a Princess, I know of a few of them. The Godly Kingdom and the Empire have many Princesses for diplomatic marriages. If you need them, I can help arrange the marriages. However, you have to release us.”

Tomato didn’t sound nervous, but his body was prepared for fighting.

The Fairy wasn’t afraid of Tomato. He looked at Dragonborn and said, “Do you see the green symbols above the head of this Human? He has a deep connection with the Underworld creatures. Our Princess was captured by the Underworld creatures. We’re very sure this Human came from the Underworld. Though he looks like a Human, who knows what he actually is? If you don’t want to be implicated, you may leave with your Forest Wolves, but he can’t leave.”

The Fairy was referring to Dragonborn, who was befuddled. The Fairy was correct in that he came from the Underworld faction to Victoria City. Even this fact could be part of the Plot? This game was too awesome.

Dragonborn wasn’t aware of his predicament. He didn’t know the Princess that the Fairy was talking about. Wait, Princess?

“Is your Princess this tall with a pair of translucent wings? Is she very proud, and does she spit saliva frequently?”

Dragonborn gestured with his hands and spoke to the Fairies. Tomato frowned and asked Dragonborn in a soft voice, “Are you involved with their Princess?”

Dragonborn nodded. After seeing Tomato’s vexed expression, he explained, “Teacher, don’t be mistaken. I’m not a slave merchant, and I didn’t capture their Princess. There’s a Dungeon called Eternal Kingdom, where their Princess is imprisoned. She is the Potion Concoction Instructor for the Dungeon creatures.”

“Potion Concoction Instructor?”

“Wait, do you know our Princess?”

“Where’s the Princess? D*mn Human, you must be in cahoots with the Underworld creatures!”

The situation spiraled out of control. A lot of furious Fairies dashed forward, but the Fairy leader raised his hand and stopped them.

“What’s going on? Human, we weren’t sure whether the green symbols above your head were related to the Underworld creatures. However, after listening to you, we’re now sure that you know about our Princess. If you tell us the truth, we’ll not treat you as our enemy, but you’ll have to help us find our Princess!”

Dragonborn wouldn’t decline the Fairies’ request. He was no longer part of Eternal Kingdom. Even if he was, after encountering this Strange Encounter Mission, he would definitely accept it. He nodded and said to the Fairies, “If I knew you were pursuing us because of the Princess, we wouldn’t be fleeing. We’ll help you. I’ll tell you everything.”

In order to be immersed in his role, Dragonborn composed a reasonable story. He removed the part about the gamers since he would be treated as a lunatic. It was a rare opportunity to have a Strange Encounter Mission, so Dragonborn wouldn’t speak nonsense and fail the mission.

Dragonborn described himself as a local native of Victoria City. He was captured by the Underworld creatures of Eternal Kingdom. After much effort, he managed to escape with his friends and return to Victoria City. He got to know about the Little Fairy when he was imprisoned in Eternal Kingdom.

There were many loopholes in the story, like how he knew that the Dungeon was called Eternal Kingdom and how he escaped from the Underworld. Based on his capability, it was quite impossible for him to escape. Why did the Underworld creatures not eat him when he was captured? But nobody exposed Dragonborn because his description of the Dungeon and the Princess was fitting. That was how the Fairies felt in their minds.

The Fairies had a discussion. Then, the Fairy leader said solemnly to Dragonborn, “Take us to the Princess.”

After the game content was updated, Dragonborn received another Strange Encounter Mission, which was to find the Fairies’ Princess. That was the prisoner, Little Fairy, as caught by Sherlock.

Dragonborn shared his Strange Encounter on the discussion forum. The gamers of Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom were agitated, especially the gamers of Eternal Kingdom. They had just won a Battle Campaign, and their morale was high. They smeared Dragonborn on the discussion forum and professed that they weren’t afraid. They would even protect the Little Fairy with their lives and not let the Princess leave with the Fairies.

The gamers of Victoria City were excited. This Area Mission didn’t specify that Dragonborn had to complete it. If the Victorians could rescue the Little Fairy from Eternal Kingdom and hand her over to the Fairies, they could receive the rewards for this Strange Encounter Mission. Therefore, many gamers tried to attack Eternal Kingdom in a bid to rescue the Little Fairy.

Because of the Little Fairy, the conflict between the two factions escalated. Battles between them could break out at any time.

Lord Sherlock didn’t have time to bother with the gamers. He had to deal with interviews and Dungeon Lords that offered assistance. He also had to attend balls and conferences. He was even approached to publish his autobiography.

Sherlock was very busy due to his warriors defeating the warriors of the Surface World. The news spread throughout the Northern Underworld, and he received aid continuously. Sherlock was extremely happy with the assistance.

At this time, Brainiac completed his research.

“Lord Sherlock, I’ve completed the internet TV. Why did you call it internet TV?” Brainiac asked curiously as he carried a cube object and stood before Sherlock.