Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 523 - 523 You Cannot Leave

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523 You Cannot Leave

“Lord Sherlock, I’m happy to interview you. I’ve heard of your legendary feats and reputation. You’re young, but you own a Dungeon and many powerful warriors. You performed very well in the previous battles and repelled the Surface World’s attacks. You’re the protector of the Underworld’s peace. The inhabitants of the Underworld are curious about your legendary experiences. The question that they would like to know is…”

Sitting before Sherlock was a Werewolf reporter who paid 50,000 Magic Stones to interview him. Sherlock welcomed such reporters and was willing to answer his questions. Sherlock looked with concern as the Werewolf asked, “Lord Sherlock, are you married?”

“Lord Sherlock, it was a pleasure to interview you. I understand your intention. Don’t worry, I’ll write a good article for you.”

The Werewolf bowed to Sherlock before leaving gratefully and excitedly. Nicholas said with concern to Sherlock, “Lord Sherlock, I hope you don’t mind. When the reporter interviewed you, why didn’t you tell him that you don’t wish to go for matchmaking? From what I know, you don’t like to go out with the opposite sex.”

“I don’t mind rich women.”

“Ah? What are you talking about, Lord Sherlock? What did you say?”

Nicholas gaped in disbelief. Sherlock didn’t think he had said anything wrong. He repeated his words and said, “At this critical juncture, if a rich and powerful woman is able to help me fight against the Surface World monsters, I don’t mind sacrificing my happiness. I have put aside my personal interests. I’m devoting myself to maintaining the Underworld’s peace. Do you understand?”

Nicholas was full of respect for Sherlock. He nodded and said, “Lord Sherlock, you’re too outstanding. I’ve never seen an outstanding Devil like you before. Don’t worry, I’ll apply to the Merchant Alliance for assistance. At this critical moment, everyone should support you instead of just watching. I’m in disdain of the Dungeon Lords, who are doing nothing. I’ll support you until the Surface World monsters are defeated.”

“Nicholas…” Sherlock felt content. He patted Nicholas’ shoulder and said, “I have always trusted you and never once suspected you because of your Vampire race. With your support, I’m relieved.”

Sherlock adjusted his overcoat and said, “I’m entrusting this matter to you. I have matters to attend to, so I’ll return to the Dungeon.”

Nicholas looked with adoration at Sherlock as he took his leave.

That was the great Lord Sherlock.

In a dim forest, sunlight shone through the dense foliage, and scattered light illuminated the ground.

Two large Forest Wolves trampled on dead leaves and made cracking sounds. Behind the wolves was a tall cloaked man who looked like a seasoned vagabond.

His clothes were tattered and filled with patches, and he wielded a Short Sword that had numerous notches. He had a difficult life.

Under normal circumstances, Forest Wolves would attack Humans on sight, as they were food for the wolves. The two Forest Wolves didn’t attack him, though. Instead, they went to the Human’s side and rubbed against him while snorting affectionately.

The man patted the wolves’ heads and whistled like a bird.

A smaller man walked out from the trees. Behind him was a young Wyvern that flapped its wings and walked unsteadily. This man was Dragonborn, and he was with his young Wyvern that he had met during his Strange Encounter.

During this time, Dragonborn appeared to have gone offline since he wasn’t seen with other gamers. Dragonborn would occasionally create posts on the discussion forum to let other gamers know about his situation. Mainly, he was learning from his teacher, Tomato, and fleeing from the pursuing Fairies. After they escaped from the territory of the Fairies, they discovered that the Fairies were hot on their trail. With the rich experience of Tomato, they managed to cast off their pursuers. However, the Fairies would be hot on their trail again, like chewing gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe.

These kinds of days were going to be history. Tomato taught Dragonborn combat techniques and assassination techniques while they were on the run. Finally, they arrived at the boundary of the Fairies’ territory. If they went through the forest, they would arrive at the Human World. According to Tomato, the territory belonged to the Empire. He would no longer be a fugitive of the Godly Kingdom.

Dragonborn had trained his combat skills to an unbelievable Weapon Level 20. He was the only gamer to have this level. Hoodlum was only at Weapon Level 13.

“Catch up with me. After going through the forest, we have to disguise your pet. Though the inhabitants of the Empire aren’t obsessed with Wyverns like the residents of the Godly Kingdom, it will cause big problems if the young Wyvern is discovered,” Tomato said to Dragonborn as they walked through the forest.

Dragonborn nodded. He didn’t know how Tomato was going to disguise the Wyvern, but he had seen the skills of his teacher. He wouldn’t be surprised by the extraordinary skills of his teacher.

Tomato suddenly came to a halt and extended his hand to stop Dragonborn.

“Teacher, what is it?”

Before Dragonborn finished speaking, he heard a loud noise directly in front of them. Tens of Fairies appeared on the tree branches. Each of them was holding a strange weapon that looked like a Blowgun.

The Fairies watched Dragonborn and Tomato intensely.

When Dragonborn thought that something was about to happen, a Fairy walked out and said to Tomato, “You can leave our territory, but he can’t.”

The Fairy was referring to Dragonborn.