Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 521 - 521 New Game Version

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521 New Game Version

George didn’t know how he survived the past few days. Each day was like a year.

It wasn’t descriptive but an actual experience. He was being dragged out by the Underworld creatures and put into a strange device. They didn’t treat him like a commander. He was treated like the other soldiers.

It was the same during interrogation.

In the Mana Device, George saw his body immersed in an unknown liquid.

The strong George almost wanted to cry. When he thought of the life experience in the Mana Device, he felt hopeless.

He called it life experience. Though he knew that it was a virtual world created by the Underworld creatures, the ultra-realism was like living a life. It was so real every day.

A day in the real world was equivalent to a year in the virtual world.

Every time, he would remind himself that it was a virtual world. But as the days went by, he would forget that it was a virtual world. Instead, he felt it was more and more real.

He could recall the joy, anger, and sadness in the virtual world vividly.

Golden-haired George had wild imaginations while his sleeping body was immersed in the liquid.

Outside the huge device, Sherlock placed his hands behind his back as he looked on. In his mind, Bru said to him, “Lord Sherlock, you’re a genius. Within three days, you’ve extracted thousands of Magic Stones from each Human. It’s so much faster than the earnings of the gamers. With thousands of prisoners, we can easily earn millions of Magic Stones. It was a good deal. Why don’t we let the two gamer factions fight again and capture more soldiers of the Godly Kingdom? Before long, we can accumulate enough money for our war effort.”

Bru spoke excitedly. However, Sherlock wasn’t as enthusiastic. He was pleased as he said, “The results are satisfactory. I’ll observe for two more days. If there are no serious side effects, we’ll purchase 1000 sets of the Mana Devices to extract Magic Stones.”

“Yes. I’ll make the arrangements. How do you intend to deal with the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom after all of this? Do you intend to kill them after extracting the limited Magic Stones from their souls? If you intend to kill them, I don’t suggest that you sell the meat to the gamers. Though cannibalism sounds good, the consequences will be dire if we’re discovered.”

Sherlock replied, “Why do you think I’ll kill them? Though the Humans are decadent, they are still intelligent creatures. We don’t have the habit of feeding on intelligent creatures.”

Sherlock paused for a while and said, “I have plans for the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom. It’s a good chance to develop a new game function.”

“Wait? Game? Why are you still concerned about the game? Lord Sherlock, we’re now at war. It’s not possible for the Surface World or the Underworld to stop fighting. There’s a possibility of millions of reinforcements coming to support you. Those observers and reporters aren’t here for a tour. They will bring information out of Eternal Kingdom. The situation here will be reported to the entire Underworld!”

Bru said excitedly, “It’s time to build your reputation and show your dominance. If you can make use of this chance to showcase the power of Eternal Kingdom, I believe you’ll be able to conquer the Underworld…”

Bru spoke firmly, while Sherlock only nodded before returning to his office.

When Bru discovered that Sherlock wasn’t interested in his speech, Sherlock was already seated at his computer table. Bru asked, “Lord Sherlock, may I ask you? Where did you obtain those life templates? I didn’t notice you creating these life templates. Frankly speaking, I’m surprised by the Magic Stones extraction from the Human soldiers.”

“I sought help on the discussion forum,” Sherlock said casually.

“The forum members have good ideas, and they’re efficient. I only expressed my ideas and requirements, and they suggested many novels. There are a few good novels.”

“No… Novels?”

Bru raised his voice as he said, “Wait, Lord Sherlock! Since when are you reading novels? As your first secretary and advisor, I have to remind you that computer games are alright, as they will end. However, once you’re addicted to novels, it will be a lifetime. I know you don’t like to listen to me, but novels are addictive. When I was in school, the student behind me was a top student. He was reading novels every day, and yet his results were superb. That infuriated me… Yes, what novels did they recommend to you?”

Sherlock didn’t know what Bru had experienced. From Bru’s words, Sherlock understood that Bru had a strong opinion on novels.

“They recommended Qidian, QQ online novel websites, and many others. However, they strongly recommended the first two online novel websites. They said that there are many genres and a large number of novels worth reading. I tried reading a few during my free time. They were good.”

Sherlock responded as he typed furiously on the keyboard. On his computer screen were the words:

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