Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 520 - 520 Magic Stone Extraction

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520 Magic Stone Extraction

“We’re digging the tunnels from here. Then we’ll escape unnoticed!” Golden-haired George said and pointed to the foot of the wall as he gathered with a group of people.

The group of people nodded. A person asked curiously, “Sir George, we don’t have any tools or maps. How do we know if we’re digging in the correct direction?”

George was taken back. He pondered for a while and said, “Hmm, your question is constructive, and I’ve considered this. From my understanding of the terrain, if we dig in this direction, we’ll be able to go outside.”

Everyone was excited. Another person said, “But, Sir George, where do we displace the soil that we are going to dig?”

George was taken aback. He pondered and said, “It’s a good question. I’ve considered the question before. We can use the opportunity to transport the soil outside using our pockets when we go strolling. Those Underworld creatures will never discover our plan!”

The same person asked again, “But, Sir George, the surroundings are all hard rocks. Without professional tools, it’s difficult to dig through the walls.”

George pondered for a while. Before he replied, a person shouted, “Why do you have so many questions?”

George knew the questions were correct. He didn’t consider things carefully, thinking it was a foolproof plan. He didn’t expect that they were surrounded by rocks, unlike the soft soil on the Surface World.

Before he had a chance to reply, voices were heard coming from outside.

“Can I come in?”

“What are you doing? They’re prisoners and not guests. Why are you so formal?”

The voices of two creatures were at the prison entrance. It was a black kitten and a Black Dragon.

The Black Dragon was frightening, especially his dominant aura. Even George was unable to withstand the fear of the Dragon Aura.

“You, you, and the one hundred of you. Follow me.”

Polio stood at the prison entrance as he gestured and shouted at Golden-haired George and the soldiers.

The Humans couldn’t understand what both of them were saying. Fortunately, there was a gamer of Victoria City at the side.

The Victorian repeated the words using the Surface World language. He didn’t know the Underworld language and was only speaking according to what the system was showing.

George was taken back. He whispered to the people near to him, “It’s happening. They’re here to take us for a stroll.”

The chosen prisoners walked out. They didn’t want to follow Polio and Eggface out, but they had no choice as prisoners.

Eggface and Polio chatted as they walked in front. George and the prisoners couldn’t understand what they were saying, and the Victorian wouldn’t help them translate, as he also couldn’t understand.

George and the prisoners were brought to a room that had a hundred sets of Mana Devices.

The soldiers of the Godly Kingdom didn’t recognize those machines, but they were fearful since the machines looked frightening.

The soldiers wanted to resist, but after looking at the Black Dragon behind, their legs started trembling. George had no intention to resist. He had braced himself to face whatever was to come.

“All of you go in. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” Polio said to the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom. The gamer of Victoria City translated excitedly.

Someone shouted at the Victorian, “Don’t you have a sense of shame? Are you trying to help the Underworld creatures!”

The Victorian was taken aback. He didn’t expect to be scolded by an NPC during his mission. It was understandable, though, as they were from opposing factions.

The Victorian didn’t mind being scolded. Because of the mission, he was willing to be scolded. It was only a game. Who would care what an NPC was saying? The realistic setting of the game was very immersive.

“I’m supporting the Human world. Though Victoria City is at war with the Godly Kingdom, I sympathize with you. I’m a spy. I’m here to collect information on the patrols of Eternal Kingdom. Don’t worry, I’ll find a chance to let you out,” the Victorian shouted to the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom.

The soldiers didn’t trust the Victorian and started scolding him again. It was useless scolding the Victorian, as Eggface and Polio wouldn’t be bothered. Both of them wanted to complete Sherlock’s assigned mission, which was to ensure that all of the prisoners were placed in the Mana Devices.

Polio pressed on an activation button, and the Mana Devices started working. The immersed Humans who were struggling in the Devices became quiet. Mana swirled around their bodies and injected a preset life into their minds. They would be trapped in a virtual world in which they would have emotional upheavals. During the process, the energy of their souls would be extracted and made into Magic Stones.

A person’s strength and the intensity of the emotions would affect the production of Magic Stones. Hence, Sherlock prepared a good Plot for their virtual lives.

That was what Sherlock thought.