Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 519 - 519 The Third Generation Magic Stones Extraction Device

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519 The Third Generation Magic Stones Extraction Device

Frangipani didn’t expect Sherlock to appear. Perhaps, Peasant wasn’t under his spell? Was his plan exposed at the start? Why did Sherlock not beat him to death?

Frangipani could only think of a possibility. Sherlock purposely wanted to humiliate him!

Frangipani became angry. He released all of the Mana that he had secretly accumulated from Sherlock’s prohibition. Though his Mana was still weak, if he could break free from Sherlock’s prohibition, then he could defeat Sherlock!

He would exact vengeance for his humiliation over the past few days!

Frangipani focused all the Mana in his body and felt the power becoming stronger. He was regaining the feelings of confidence and comfort. He recalled the memories of becoming the highest commander of the Ancient Gods army…


Frangipani felt his shell being hit with great force before he lost consciousness.

Frangipani had a long dream. In the dream, he was tied to a chair by Sherlock, who interrogated him intensely. Then Polio, Eggface, and Phoenix appeared with distorted faces and made fun of him viciously.

He was used to being bullied in the office. However, if he was being bullied in his subconscious mind, then he was too pitiful.

He didn’t remain in this hazy state for long. Frangipani opened his eyes and discovered he was in a room.

The square room was filled with various posters. It looked simple and clean, but the question was…

Where was he? Who was he? Why was he there?

Frangipani remained silent. Then he felt he was being fed strange memories. He had a strange name and was studying in a weird place. Why did he have to go to school? Frangipani didn’t understand.

He stood up in a daze, his body telling him to make haste! He had to start his wonderful learning experience!

What the heck…

“Lord Sherlock, the Magic Stones Extraction Device is working well.”

Yoda stood before Sherlock and looked at the huge device which was hauled back from Winterfell by Sherlock.

“Hmm, Mana Engineering technology is progressing very fast. Isn’t this the third generation Magic Stones Extraction Device? We haven’t had Surface World races to extract from for thousands of years.”

Sherlock nodded and looked at the working device with satisfaction.

“Lord Sherlock, Magic Stone extraction has always been an important area in Mana Engineering. Even if we can’t use it now, the advancement of technology is still proceeding,” Yoda explained to Sherlock professionally.

Behind them were Brainiac, Polio, Eggface, Phoenix, and other workers of Eternal Kingdom.

The Magic Stones Extraction Device looked like a huge jar filled with liquid. It had various Runes, Mana components, and a large Magical Core.

There was an old turtle floating in the liquid. It was Frangipani.

Sherlock caught Frangipani in the prison. Now, he was using Frangipani to test out the latest Magic Stones Extraction Device.

As it was a new prototype, if something went wrong, it might cause the death of his prisoners and a great loss of Magic Stones. Though he had no attachment to the Surface World races, he wasn’t a sadistic killer. Only the primordial Devils would do such a thing.

This was a new age. Who would do things that were of no benefit?

“From Frangipani’s condition, those Humans can withstand the new generation Magic Stones Extraction Device. Don’t worry, Lord Sherlock!”

After checking the data, Yoda reassured Sherlock.

“Lord Sherlock’s awesome. Very soon, we’ll be the first Dungeon in a few thousand years to make use of the Humans to extract Magic Stones,” Evelynn said excitedly.

Brainiac asked without emotion, “What kind of experience did Lord Sherlock give to Frangipani? He’s getting very emotional.”

“Ah, nothing much. I’m sending him to nine years of compulsory education that includes sciences and the university law modules.”

Nobody understood Sherlock. Did a superior Devil not have to go through 90 years of compulsory education? What was a law module?

Though they didn’t understand, it sounded impressive.

“If there’s no problem, I’m relieved. Purchase 100 sets of the device and test them first.”

Sherlock turned his head and said to Brainiac, “Make arrangements to extract Magic Stones from 100 Humans. Don’t set the intensity level too high. I don’t intend to kill the Humans. They only need to provide their Mana and help me produce Magic Stones.”

Brainiac nodded and left to do his work.

The Magic Stone Extraction Device stopped. Yoda noticed it and said, “Ah, Lord Sherlock, the first cycle is completed. As Frangipani doesn’t belong to the Light races, there are no Magic Stones.”

Sherlock nodded and looked at the dying Frangipani, who was muttering, “I can’t do it. I really can’t do it. Don’t come over. Get lost, Huanggang examination!”

Sherlock hesitated for a while before turning his head to ask, “Is it really safe? Will it cause any deaths?”

Golden-haired George sat in the dim cave. Though he wasn’t wearing any clothes, the temperature changes weren’t as large as on the Surface World. It was quite cozy.

He was thinking of how to escape. He never once gave up.

George was only imprisoned for a short while before he came up with an escape plan!