Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 518 - 518 Plan Succeeded!

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518 Plan Succeeded!

The other gamers used various channels to obtain information on Peasant’s Strange Encounter Mission after he discussed it on Wechat. This rebellion could have been stopped, but the gamers weren’t able to stop him, as the Dungeon was a safe zone! They couldn’t do anything except watch. It was useless to inform Sherlock, as he didn’t care. They wanted to inform Eggface, but they couldn’t enter. Moreover, Eggface was playing computer games with earphones. Even if they hollered, Eggface couldn’t hear them.

Peasant’s mission was successful. Under the watchful gazes and obstruction of other gamers, he destroyed a critical portion of the barrier. When he encountered problems, he coincidentally met Brainiac, who happened to pass by. The aloof Brainiac even changed his attitude and gave him a few pointers so that Peasant could complete his mission.

Peasant felt very lucky. There were many difficult parts of the mission that he couldn’t complete, but they were resolved quickly. Even Lord Sherlock had complete trust in him and believed that he wouldn’t damage the reputation of Eternal Kingdom. Peasant didn’t think of that.

Peasant went to look for Frangipani after completing his mission. Frangipani was already waiting for Peasant at the designated time and place.

“Is the mission complete?”

Frangipani was hidden in the shadows. Their previous meeting place was where they were meeting again.

“Hmm, I followed your instructions and destroyed the critical portion of the barrier!”

As though being affected by Frangipani, Peasant’s voice became softer, and he looked warily at the surroundings.

“Good, you’ve done well. Very soon, I’ll fulfill your wish and rescue your relatives and friends! But…”

Before Frangipani finished speaking, Peasant interrupted and asked, “But what? I did everything according to what you told me! Yes, you haven’t told me about the rewards. It’s difficult for me to continue helping you!”

“Rewards? What rewards? I asked you not to tell anyone!” Frangipani said impatiently as he dashed to Peasant and used his claw to press on Peasant’s head. Then, he pulled Peasant’s head back and asked, “Look at the creatures behind you. Is that how you keep a secret? Why are they looking at us from outside the room?”

Peasant smiled and explained, “Oh, don’t worry. They’re my friends. They helped me complete this mission!”

Frangipani was worried. The gamers behind Peasant shouted.

“Peasant is correct, we’re here to help!”

“Don’t worry, we won’t make trouble, we want to participate in your plan!”

“We are brothers with Peasant. His problems are our problems!”

“Can we share the rewards?”

The gamers were excited and were greedy for the rewards. Frangipani was sure he could make use of the gamers. After all, they weren’t completely loyal to Sherlock!

Frangipani was excited. He didn’t suspect that the gamers colluded with Sherlock to harm him. That was because the powerful Sherlock didn’t need these gamers. If he discovered Frangipani’s plan, he would definitely punish Frangipani straightaway and wreck his plan. It wouldn’t be the first time Sherlock punished him. His shell had been broken many times. If not for the strong willpower of Frangipani and the power of the primordial Devil, he could have died.

His life as the commander of the Ancient Gods army was too difficult.

Since many gamers were willing to help him, Frangipani wouldn’t decline their offers. He was prepared to subvert these gamers to deal with the superior Devil Sherlock.

“Good, you’re all enlightened. Work for me, and you’ll be blessed by the Ancient Gods!”

Frangipani attempted to stand up and open his arms in a hugging gesture. However, he forgot that he was a tortoise and was unable to change his form. Hence, he failed to achieve that difficult pose.

The gamers shouted Frangipani’s name excitedly while screaming to overthrow Sherlock.

Frangipani felt exhilarated.

He knew that Sherlock had left the Dungeon, so he wasn’t worried. Frangipani walked towards the prison that was holding the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom. More and more gamers came to support him and chanted slogans for his cause. Frangipani felt unrestrained. Even if Sherlock were to appear, with the elite warriors of Eternal Kingdom, he could defeat Sherlock decisively.

Blinded by his own belief. Frangipani walked into the prison with his supporters.

He had already planned to use a speedy method to kill the stupid Black Dragon, Eggface. Frangipani was confident that he could kill Eggface within 10 minutes without making any sound. Then he could destroy the barrier completely before letting the prisoners go.

Moreover, he had a group of supporters. He was going to be successful!

After killing Sherlock, he could use the resources of Eternal Kingdom to rescue the sealed Ancient Gods and the imprisoned Ancient Gods army.

Then he would regain his status as the Ancient Gods army commander before he conquered the Underworld. The Ancient Gods would be at the pinnacle of the Underworld.

Frangipani saw Sherlock sitting in front of the notebook computer while using the mouse and typing furiously.

Sherlock was supposed to be outside the Dungeon.

“Ah, you’ve come,” Sherlock said as he clicked on the mouse.

“Your rebellion is botched. I’m surprised. When did you remove the prohibitions that I placed on you?”