Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 513 - 513 Prisoners

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513 Prisoners

“By the grace of the Holy Lord, what is that monster?”

George was fighting with an Orc. When he lifted his head, he saw the Gundam landing in the middle of the battlefield. With the appearance of the Gundam, all of the Underworld creatures cheered. There was also an Airship hovering above the Dark Portal. The dark Cannons were aiming at the Victorians below.

George had never seen such terrifying weapons. He could imagine that they were powerful.

“Oh my god, it’s the Gundam! We found reinforcements, and they got the Gundam. That’s unfair!”

“It’s a joke. The Gundam is coming for us. How can we survive?”

“Objection, objection. We’re being forced to give up the Dark Portal to the Eternal pigs!”

George was surprised to find out that the morale of the Victorians tanked when the Gundam appeared.

They complained and were suicidal. Some Victorians even laid down on the ground as though they were sleeping.

They were the minority. Most of the Victorians were still fighting.

Hoodlum, who was about to kill Sylvanas, stopped his plan. He thought he could kill Sylvanas to demoralize the gamers of Eternal Kingdom since Sylvanas was one of the commanders. However, with the appearance of the Gundam, Hoodlum had to retreat.

Sylvanas lifted her head to look at the Gundam cockpit that was slowly opening. Then the gamers saw Arthur and Hemp Rope Technology in the cockpit.

“Arthur Bro!” Sylvanas shouted excitedly at the Gundam, and the gamers cheered for Arthur and Hemp Rope Technology.

The Gundam walked a step forward, and the cockpit was closed. It then unsheathed a gigantic Longsword from its arm.

The Mana on the Longsword shimmered with blue rays.

The Gundam raised its blade and slashed down.

Arthur tried to avoid hitting the areas with soldiers of the Godly Kingdom, focusing on the areas with Victorians. The Victorians were unable to defend against the Gundam’s attack, and hundreds of them perished. Even their equipment was destroyed. That was the most painful part.

Many Victorians started fleeing. It was alright to lose a Battle Campaign. However, it would be a great loss if they lost all of their equipment. If they could make their characters vanish by getting offline, they would have done so. But getting offline would negate their chances of fleeing.

The lines held by the Victorians collapsed, followed by the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom. The generals tried to rally their soldiers, but it was in vain.

“Retreat! Everyone, retreat!”

General Shidan observed the sudden change of the tide. When the Gundam appeared, it was impossible for the Victorians and the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom to defeat the Underworld creatures. To preserve their strength, General Shidan decided to retreat.

When General Shidan proceeded to the Dark Portal, the Gundam ran towards the portal, slashing enemies along the way.

The Gundam blocked the path to the Dark Portal so that the Victorians and the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom were unable to return to the Surface World.

Then the Underworld creatures used all sorts of tools to capture the soldiers. They even pretended not to see the gamers of Victoria City.

All of the gamers of Eternal Kingdom received the System Mission to capture the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom so that they could exchange the soldiers for rewards. The creatures of Eternal Kingdom had won, and they wanted to obtain more rewards. The captured soldiers were sent to the rear. There were many Beetlemons waiting to ferry the soldiers to the crossroad intersection outpost. Then the soldiers would be escorted to Eternal Kingdom via the outpost Teleport Portal.

Those soldiers were worth a lot of Magic Stones. Sherlock would never let the soldiers escape.

Sherlock felt that it was meaningless to kill the soldiers. He could only extract Magic Stones from living Humans.

With the cover of the soldiers, General Shidan was fortunate enough to break through the blockade. When he passed through the Dark Portal, he felt fortunate that he was still alive. The soldiers behind him were all captured. Though they weren’t killed, to General Shidan, it was only a matter of time.

The second Faction War ended with the dramatic appearance of the Gundam. The gamers of Eternal Kingdom overwhelmed the Victorians and the soldiers of the Godly Kingdom. Though there were many powerful soldiers from the Godly Kingdom, the Gundam was too powerful. As the soldiers were unprepared, they followed the Victorians and retreated. If they persisted and made use of the Power of Sacred Light, they could defeat the Gundam.

However, there was no way to turn back time.

George felt dizzy. To protect General Shidan, he was captured together with the soldiers. The gamers of Eternal Kingdom didn’t harm George. Instead, he was tied up before being sent to Eternal Kingdom.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were friendly to George, who appeared for the second time in Eternal Kingdom. They expected George to have a Strange Encounter Mission, so they treated him nicely. Later, if they helped him escape from Eternal Kingdom, they might obtain some generous rewards.

In the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, Sherlock and Bru were discussing how to make arrangements for the Human prisoners.