Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 506 - All for the Godly Kingdom!

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Chapter 506: All for the Godly Kingdom!

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Nicholas made an announcement about Lord Sherlock’s decision.

The Dungeon Lords praised the power of Eternal Kingdom for fighting the Surface World alone while admonishing Sherlock for being foolish and arrogant.

Everyone knew that the animals on the Surface World could be used to make many products. However, that was only possible if the Surface World monsters were defeated.

Even Michelangelo was unable to conquer the Surface World. Though Lord Sherlock was powerful, he couldn’t be more powerful than the Great Devil who was thousands of years old.

Everyone thought Sherlock was overestimating himself.

The Dungeon Lords were willing to accept the agreement. After all, they had no intention to help Eternal Kingdom fight the Surface World. They would prefer that Eternal Kingdom, the Merchant Alliance, and the Devil Management Committee deal with the mess.

Some diplomatic Dungeon Lords were willing to provide material support. It was like gambling. What if they won on their bets? It wouldn’t take up too much of their resources anyway. Sending aid during a crisis was more effective than giving gifts.

The Dungeon Lords didn’t intend to get involved, but they were still concerned about the invasion of the Surface World. Sherlock allowed them to send observers to Eternal Kingdom. Of course, Sherlock charged exorbitant fees for each observer.

Many Dungeon Lords were still willing to pay to observe the situation at the frontline.

General Shidan stood in a daze on the battlefield. There were signs of a vicious battle and the fallen warriors of the Godly Kingdom around him. However, there were no corpses of the enemy. The bodies were transformed into Mana before vanishing. He had never heard of such a thing happening, but anything could happen to these unknown monsters. General Shidan didn’t feel strange about it.


Before General Shidan came to his senses, a bloodstained soldier came over and shouted, “General, all of the Underworld creatures have been killed. We’re tallying our casualties. From our estimates, it’s not a large number. The Underworld creatures were coming for you. A few generals were discussing the possibility of moles in Goldshire Town.”

The generals had those thoughts because the movement of the Godly Kingdom army had always been discreet. Only the residents of Goldshire Town and the Victorians knew about the army.

It must have been the residents of Goldshire Town or the Victorians who betrayed General Shidan.

Otherwise, how did the Underworld creatures discover that General Shidan was in Goldshire Town? Whatever the case, it wasn’t safe to stay in Goldshire Town.

General Shidan agreed and ordered the army to find a new camp location.

Before the army set off, General Shidan felt it was necessary to inform the King.

In the temporary room of General Shidan in Goldshire Town, there were many items all over the place. The floor was filled with mathematical symbols and numerals, and priests sat on the ground and chanted formulas. The Power of Sacred Light filled the room and formed a screen that depicted blurred images.

The images became clearer, and a solemn Grand Priest gazed at General Shidan.

“General Shidan, are you reporting the situation to us?” the Grand Priest asked.

“I’m not reporting the situation, but I have to speak with the King.” General Shidan wanted to emphasize the seriousness of the matter. He frowned and said, “I have to talk to the King immediately.”

The Grand Priest noticed General Shidan’s grave face and knew that things were getting serious. He nodded and left. Before long, a haggard man appeared on the screen. He looked noble and regal. He must be the King of the Godly Kingdom, King Potato II.

“What are you reporting? General Shidan, I hope it’s good news,” the King said in an intimidating tone.

“Your Highness.” General Shidan looked at King Potato II and said respectfully, “Apologies for imposing on you while you are busy. The situation in Victoria City isn’t optimistic. The number of Underworld creatures is greater than we expected.”

“Are you asking for reinforcements?” King Potato II frowned.

“Your Highness, though the battle was intense and casualties occurred, we don’t need reinforcements. Under my great leadership, we defeated the first wave of attack. I intend to shift our camp location. The Victorians are afraid of the Underworld creatures and betrayed us. But don’t worry, everything is under control!” General Shidan said solemnly. During the attack launched by the gamers of Eternal Kingdom, less than a hundred of General Shidan’s men were killed. Most of them were simply injured. However, General Shidan exaggerated the numbers of the enemy and described the conflict as a difficult but great battle.

Moreover, General Shidan’s armor was bloodstained, and he looked exhausted. So his words were rather convincing.

King Potato II believed General Shidan.

King Potato II nodded and said, “I didn’t expect the Victorians to be so strong as to defend against the Underworld creatures for so long. You have done well. I’ll remember your contributions!”

General Shidan said excitedly, “All for the Godly Kingdom!”