Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 505 - Sherlock's Monopoly Plan

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Chapter 505: Sherlock’s Monopoly Plan

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In the dark tunnel, the sound of dripping water could be heard. In a cube room, a metal railing separated the room into two. Behind the railing was a short fox who had red-hot fur. He was slowly using his tongue to lick his fur. On the other side of the railing was a tall superior Devil.

“I’m doing a self-introduction. I’m called Sherlock, the Dungeon Lord of Eternal Kingdom. Perhaps you haven’t heard about me, but it’s alright. We can get to know each other.”

The fox called Grape combed his own fur and looked at Sherlock. The fox ignored the shy Evelynn behind Sherlock and narrowed his eyes as he said, “You must have figured out my background. Your efficiency is high.”

“It’s alright. Your tone reminds me of my pets.”

Grape asked bewilderedly, “What pets?”

“They are a black kitten called Polio and a parrot called Phoenix. You should know them well. The other one is an old turtle called Frangipani. This could be unfamiliar to you.”

Grape frowned and said, “Since you know my identity, you should know the consequences of being insolent. Though Phoenix and Polio are fools, they are my comrades. What are you trying to hint at?”

“It’s not a hint, I’m just informing you.” Sherlock smiled and said, “If you’re obedient before I find a way to extract you, I can grant you a status higher than that of a pet. Or you can choose to become a pet like them.”

“Is there a third choice?” Grape tilted his head and asked.

“Yes.” Sherlock nodded and said, “Death.”

Evelynn grabbed her dress as she walked out of the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. She looked helpless.

The warriors of Eternal Kingdom pointed at her and chatted. Evelynn had just come out of a Mana Formation, so she didn’t know what happened. Her memories were blanked out. She entered a Mana Formation and followed Lord Sherlock into her inner world, but she only remembered seeing a fox who was staying in her body. She didn’t know what the fox and Sherlock talked about.

It was something important related to her, but she wasn’t sure.

Lord Sherlock had Eggface take Evelynn back to her room. He knew that she would be in a daze.

Eggface talked incessantly along the way to comfort Evelynn.

“Don’t worry, it’s only a strange creature. Take a look at my huge body, there are lots of strange things in my body.”

“What? Are there things in your body?” Evelynn asked in surprise. Eggface looked normal to Evelynn. It didn’t seem like there were things inside Eggface’s body.

“My body is host to the Master of Hades and the Grim Reaper. Don’t look at me like that. When I’m serious, even Lord Sherlock is afraid,” Eggface said confidently and continued to give the power in his body various titles.

Evelynn didn’t listen to Eggface. She was brooding over Lord Sherlock’s words.

“Don’t worry, I have reached an agreement with the fox in your body.”

She didn’t know about the agreement, but she believed in Lord Sherlock unconditionally.

Nicholas paced back and forth in his office. He was troubled, not knowing how to make those Dungeon Lords help Eternal Kingdom fight against the Surface World monsters. More and more Dungeon Lords decided to just watch first before making any decisions.

Nicholas felt troubled. If only Lord Sherlock was there, things would be easier.

An Orc assistant stumbled as he dashed in and shouted to Nicholas, “Dungeon Lord! Dungeon Lord! Lord Sherlock is back! Lord Sherlock is back!”

“What? Lord Sherlock is back? Where is he? Isn’t he on a tour? Didn’t he look for a female tour guide?” Nicholas asked a series of questions.

The Orc panted and said, “Yes… the warriors of Eternal Kingdom informed me that Lord Sherlock has returned!”

Nicholas shouted, “Which warrior? Where is the warrior who told you that?”

“He’s outside. I brought him back.”

Nicholas immediately said, “Bring him in immediately!”

A shifty-looking Gnome came in. He had green symbols above his head and was a typical warrior of Eternal Kingdom.

“Is Lord Sherlock back in Eternal Kingdom?” Nicholas asked as he gazed excitedly at the Gnome.

“That’s correct. Lord Sherlock has returned to Eternal Kingdom. I came here immediately to inform you. Can I obtain my rewards for completing the mission?” the Gnome asked in anticipation.

“No problem!” Nicholas said excitedly. He grabbed his overcoat and walked out. He was going to Eternal Kingdom to look for Lord Sherlock. It was hard to discuss the matter using letters. As he was about to leave the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, he heard footsteps outside. A Sludge Monster came in with Lord Sherlock behind him.

“It has been a long time since we met, Dungeon Lord Nicholas.” Sherlock was wearing dusty clothing. He looked at Nicholas and smiled as he said, “I know you’re looking for me. I would like to make some announcements regarding the Surface World monsters. I don’t think I need any reinforcements. Eternal Kingdom is willing to fight against the frightening Surface World monsters to maintain the peace of the Underworld. If the Dungeon Lords are willing, they may provide material support. However, it’s alright if they don’t want to provide any material support. I just hope they can sign an agreement with me, stating that they won’t contend with me over the benefits from the Surface World. If they refuse, I don’t mind them declaring war on me beforehand.”

Nicholas was shocked. He hesitated before saying, “Wait, wait a moment, Lord Sherlock. Do you want to make such an announcement now? I think it’s better to obtain the support of the Dungeon Lords. The support from the Merchant Alliance is very limited. We can only help you shut down the Dark Portal. With your capability, you’ll be able to defeat the Surface World monsters. I trust you, but you might have to pay a high price.”

Nicholas spoke with concern, and Sherlock sighed and looked solemn. He then nodded and said, “That’s correct. We’ll pay a heavy price, and my warriors may even sacrifice their lives, but this is the responsibility of Eternal Kingdom. I don’t believe in those Dungeon Lords. They have no intention of sending reinforcements or providing any aid. They want to make use of the chance to weaken Eternal Kingdom and obtain benefits from this conflict. I think you can see that very well.”

Nicholas was welling with tears as he said, “Lord Sherlock, are you going to suffer all these losses? Let’s ask the Devil Management Committee to deal with it!”

“It’s not that serious.”

Sherlock said, “It might not be a bad thing for me. I can make use of the chance to let the other Dungeon Lords give up on plotting against Eternal Kingdom.”

If Eternal Kingdom was the bulwark against the Surface World monsters, the other Dungeons had no reason to declare war on Eternal Kingdom.

If the Dungeon Lords attacked Eternal Kingdom, their Dungeons would be connected to Eternal Kingdom. Then the Surface World monsters would attack their Dungeons.

That would give the Surface World monsters a chance to attack other Dungeons!

Sherlock wanted to make use of this opportunity to block the other Dungeons from gaining the benefits from the Surface World.

That was correct. Sherlock was going to have a monopoly!