Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 502 - Fire Giant's Question

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Chapter 502: Fire Giant’s Question

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The Fire Giant twisted his body as though his current posture was draining his energy.

Sherlock stood before the Fire Giant. His tall figure was like a kid before the Giant.

“It has been a long time since we last met, Fire Giant.”

Compared to the Fire Giant’s hostile tone, Sherlock’s tone was cordial. He smiled and removed his hat as a show of respect after speaking.

The Fire Giant punched at Sherlock, but Sherlock was unperturbed. The fist of the Fire Giant stopped in front of Sherlock. It was very close to Sherlock’s face.

The flames on his fist were unable to reach Sherlock. There seemed to be a barrier between Sherlock and the Fire Giant.

“Lord Sherlock, I’m not doubting you, but looking at the Fire Giant’s temper, he doesn’t seem grateful to you. Didn’t you help him avoid the Devil Management Committee’s investigation?”

Bru’s voice appeared in Sherlock’s mind, but Sherlock didn’t respond. The Fire Giant was filled with rage as he shouted, “I’m not called Fire Giant! I’m—Great Overseer, Ragnarok…”

Before the Fire Giant finished speaking, Sherlock nodded and said, “I understand. I’ll tell you my intention for coming. I have a problem. Do you know the Great Devil Michelangelo? The Ancient Gods army intends to revive him. There is a fox or cat trapped in my friend’s body, and he’s the key to Michelangelo’s revival. Now, the Ancient Gods army is going after my friend. I’m troubled by this. Tell me some information about the fox or the revival of Michelangelo.”

Sherlock sounded like he was chatting with a friend and asking questions casually. He ignored the Fire Giant’s attack against him, and his questions infuriated the Fire Giant. The Fire Giant was unable to harm Sherlock, but it didn’t stop him from cursing and hitting wildly.

The Fire Giant shouted things like, “I’m going to shred you like an ant under my shoe” and “I’m going to kill you like killing my son”. He didn’t consider the fact that he neither wore shoes nor had a son.

“I’ll shred you like…”

“I think I can arrange for a member of the Devil Management Committee to come here. If they learn that a Great Overseer who worked for Michelangelo is staying at this location, they’ll be very surprised. Most likely, they’ll come here to take a look.”

The huge body of the Fire Giant shrunk down and became a humanoid Elemental that was the same height as Sherlock. After hesitating for two seconds, he shrunk to a height that was a head shorter than Sherlock. He manifested a flaming table and two chairs and said cordially to Sherlock, “Lord Sherlock, you must be mistaken. I was only joking with you just now. You know I like to joke. How could I harm you? Come, let’s have a cup of lava and a good chat. What’s your question?”

The Fire Giant pointed to a chair, but Sherlock didn’t take the seat. Instead, he smiled and said, “If I walk into the Forbidden Realm, won’t you shred me into pieces?”

“Why would I do that? You must be joking. I’m such a good-natured and cultured creature.”

The Fire Giant showed an expression of disbelief, but Sherlock didn’t believe him. He stood his ground and said, “We’ll discuss your good nature on another day. Let’s discuss important matters. My time is limited.”

Sherlock looked at the Fire Giant and asked, “Answer my previous question. The fox who can revive Michelangelo and lives in my friend’s body, who is he?”

“Uh, if he’s a fox and can revive Michelangelo, let me think… he must be one of the 72 Devils.”

The Fire Giant pondered for a while as he sat in his chair. Then he started recalling and said, “I have a deep impression of that Devil. He’s a capable and favored Devil of Michelangelo. His name is Grape.”


Sherlock took in a deep breath, and Bru said, “It’s horrifying to have such a sinister name. He sounds powerful just by the name!”

Sherlock didn’t respond to Bru. He thought deeply and said, “So, he’s called Grape? Hmm, I have some impressions. How does he have the capability to revive Michelangelo? I remember his power… ah, I know…”

Sherlock was enlightened. He looked at the Fire Giant and said, “Grape’s power is related to souls. If the soul of Michelangelo can be found, then Grape can revive Michelangelo.”

Sherlock nodded his head, stood up, and turned around to leave. The Fire Giant shouted at Sherlock’s back view, “Wait, Lord Sherlock, don’t you want to unlock my Forbidden Realm? There’s only a bit left before it’s broken!”

“You’re making good progress. Buck up. You can unlock it within a few hundred years.”

“Wait, wait! Lord Sherlock!”

The Fire Giant wailed in despair.

George stabbed fiercely into the body of a Goblin, causing green blood to splatter out. An Orc screamed “Wahhhh!” and charged forward but was rammed by an Elf.

George was standing before the Teleport Portal, which was called a Dark Portal. The Dark Portal was the connection between the Surface World and the Underworld. George followed the Victorians to this Dark Portal.

During the journey, there were many terrifying battles, but the battle at the Dark Portal was the most terrifying.

The Underworld creatures of Eternal Kingdom knew about the plans of the Victorians to attack the Dark Portal, so they deployed a massive number of creatures to their current fortifications.