Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 501 - Sherlock's Student Life

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Chapter 501: Sherlock’s Student Life

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When the gamers of Victoria City were about to launch their attack on the Teleport Portal, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom had assembled and set off towards Victoria City from the crossroad intersection outpost. They wanted to make use of the chance to attack Victoria City. After killing the gamers of Victoria City at the city boundary, they wanted to pillage the city. By diminishing the Victorian’s strength, stealing their equipment, and damaging the hot air balloons, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom were confident that they could win the next Faction War.

It wasn’t the first time the two factions gathered in mass numbers and fought with each other. However, it was the first time both factions had NPCs participating in the conflict, and the NPCs were all Strange Encounters. The NPCs of Eternal Kingdom were Patrick Star and Senior Captain Cherry, while the NPC of Victoria City was Golden-haired George. The three NPCs had interacted with the gamers before, and they triggered many Plot missions. The gamers believed the NPCs were responsible for triggering more Strange Encounter Missions.

Both factions were prepared to use this chance to trigger Strange Encounter Missions and kill each other. It was an unavoidable conflict.

A tall figure was walking in the middle of a dark tunnel. The side walls were bare, unlike other tunnels that were crawling with glowing vines. It was an undiscovered location. There weren’t even small animals.

At the end of the tunnel, crimson rays shimmered along the walls, and there were sounds of shooting flames. It was like the lava pool in the heart of a volcano.

The tall figure walked to the crimson flames. Sherlock’s figure was lit with crimson light. He looked as though he was stained with fresh blood.

In front of Sherlock wasn’t a lava pool. It was a pit that looked like the mouth of a volcano. In the pit was a crimson swirling vortex, and wailing voices and thunder could be heard coming from it. Dark shadows tried to break out but were restrained by the vortex. It was like a black hole sucking in the rays of light.

“Lord Sherlock, it’s a critical moment for the Surface World and the Underworld that are locked in a battle. If you don’t return to manage the situation and the two worlds escalate into a full-scale war, how are we going to clean up the mess?” Bru spoke inside Sherlock’s mind as he stood in front of the crimson vortex.

“Don’t worry, Bru. I made arrangements in Eternal Kingdom and Victoria City. There won’t be any problems. I believe that the Surface World and the Underworld won’t fight. We can make use of this chance to legitimize Victoria City. We don’t have to worry about the Surface World using the Teleport Portal to attack Eternal Kingdom. This is a highly beneficial situation. I’m more concerned than you.”

Bru wasn’t convinced. He quickly said, “Lord Sherlock, though you sound confident, I’m worried that you’re not managing the situation in Eternal Kingdom. If the Surface World attacks Eternal Kingdom, what shall we do? The Godly Kingdom’s army is already stationed at Goldshire Town.”

“I didn’t expect you to be worried. You weren’t like this when you were trying to coax me into attacking Winterfell. Do you think that the Godly Kingdom’s army is stronger than Winterfell?”

Sherlock smiled as he said, “Don’t worry, let’s finish up the important matters first.”

“Lord Sherlock, what’s this?” Bru asked curiously.

“Don’t you find it familiar?”

Sherlock walked around the crimson rings and stopped at the side. Bru said, “The previous Michelangelo relic had the same red rings. Perhaps, this is related to Michelangelo?”

“Your memory is good.” Sherlock nodded and said, “This place is one of the locations of a Michelangelo relic, but there is no relic of Michelangelo. This is just a forgotten place.”

“This place is of no interest to us. Why is Lord Sherlock here?” Bru asked bewilderedly.

“It seems there is nothing of value. However, if the fox in Evelynn’s body is the crux for reviving Michelangelo like the Ancient Gods army said, then we can obtain valuable information at this place,” Sherlock said as he looked at the crimson vortex before him.

“I don’t quite understand. This is a discovered relic location, but there is no more relic. How do you intend to obtain information regarding the fox in Evelynn’s body?” Bru asked curiously.

Sherlock took out a bag of powder from his clothes and threw it into the crimson vortex. Then he said, “Because there’s someone here who understands Michelangelo very well. I’m here to find him.”

“Wait, this place was already searched, but there’s someone hidden here? How did you find out about this hidden creature?” Bru asked in surprise.

Sherlock said in a matter-of-fact tone, “I helped him escape the investigation of the Devil Management Committee. When I was in school and training in the wilderness, I discovered this hidden creature. Ah, it’s rather nostalgic.”

As Sherlock recalled the memories, Bru said, “What did you encounter during your school days, Lord Sherlock…”

The crimson vortex erupted with more violent swirling until a human figure was formed. The tall figure emitted a booming voice, “Sherlock… are you here to face your death?”