Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 499 - Sir George's Chivalry

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Chapter 499: Sir George’s Chivalry

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It wasn’t the first time he saw Queen Victoria. During the previous time, George was a prisoner. Thanks to Queen Victoria’s pardon, he didn’t lose his life.

“Your Highness, we meet again,” George said politely to Lilo, who was seated on a throne.

The throne was made of ordinary branches and leaves and had a high support like a royal throne. Lilo had a regal crown on her head. To George, it was like roleplay.

“Golden-haired George? I’ve seen you before. I told you not to enter Victoria Forest, but you are still here. Tell me what supplies you have. How can you help us?” Queen Victoria asked George as she gazed at him.

George already knew the questions she would ask, so he replied calmly, “Your Highness, our army and supplies might be insignificant, but we are bringing hope. The Surface World knows about your war with the Underworld creatures. Though we have had some unpleasant conflict, we now have a common enemy. Please forget about the conflict. We should unite together. Thousands of years ago, our united ancestors defeated Michelangelo’s invasion of the Surface World. Now that the vile creatures are coming back, Victoria City is unable to defeat them alone. Please accept our help. In the future, more Human kingdoms, Elves, Fairies, and Light races will help us. We can be like our ancestors and overcome the crisis.”

Golden-haired George stepped forward, looking very firm in his conviction.

His speech was moving. To Lancelot, Golden-haired George cared for the future of Humans. However, he wasn’t the ruler of Victoria City. He couldn’t make decisions for Lilo.

Whether to accept aid depended on the decision of Lilo. After George’s speech, the Throne Room became quiet. Lilo was wearing a black and white western dress. She tapped her fingers as she looked at George, considering his words.

George became impatient and wanted to speak, but Lilo said, “I see. If I accept your help, there will be more people coming to my territory. Is that correct?”

“That’s correct. Besides Humans, there will be Elves, as they are the allies of the Humans. Thousands of years ago, they stood with us to fight against the Underworld. Now that the vile creatures are back, they’ll help us again. And the Angels from the Heavenly Kingdom…”

Before George could finish his sentence, Lilo interrupted him and said, “I reject your offer.”

“Wait. You reject my offer? When facing the Underworld creatures, don’t you need help? Pardon my frankness, but although the combat willpower of the Victorians is strong, the Underworld creatures have the upper hand. Their combat willpower is as strong as the Victorians, if not better, and far more frightening.”

George tried all ways to persuade Lilo, but she wasn’t moved. Unless he was Sherlock.

Lilo detested the Light races and was eager to attack the Heavenly Kingdom. She couldn’t possibly allow those detestable races to enter her territory.

The gamers of Victoria City were the exception because they were the servants of Sherlock. They would be helping Lilo conquer the Heavenly Kingdom. To Lilo, they were her army.

George was too shocked to say anything. He believed that his offer would be accepted, but Lilo rejected without hesitation. Was Queen Victoria going to sacrifice the Victorians and him to the Underworld creatures? George thought that it was highly possible. If she refused to ally with the other Human kingdoms, the Underworld creatures would occupy the Victoria Forest. Then they would expand their conquest from Victoria City.

“Your Highness, please listen to me…”

George spoke anxiously. Even Lancelot was getting nervous and wanted to persuade Lilo. However, Lilo raised her hand and interrupted both of them before saying, “Though I don’t intend to accept your troops, I won’t decline other sources of aid, such as supplies and equipment. We also welcome a limited number of observers. Large armies are denied entry into Victoria City.”

George was befuddled. Then he asked, “Observers?”

He didn’t understand the meaning, so Lilo explained, “Though your armies can’t enter my territory, I’m willing to accept supplies and equipment and allow some of you to observe the battles. I understand that you aren’t willing to miss such an epic war.”

George was enlightened. Lilo wasn’t very concerned about this war. To Queen Victoria, the war was like a performance between two factions. The observers were like the limited spectators of an arena.

“Your Highness, perhaps you don’t quite understand the feud between the Surface World and the Underworld. If the Underworld creatures break free from the Teleport Portal, they will shred everyone without hesitation. This isn’t your war but a Human war. We aren’t here to help you because we want to take part in an epic war. We are helping ourselves and are here for our salvation. Please don’t be mistaken. We’re not here to appreciate the excitement of war. A few observers aren’t able to turn the tide of war. Are you expecting us to promote the Underworld creatures or the Victorians after watching the battles? Are you still angry with us over our declaration of war?”

George asked several questions in one breath. All Humans would share George’s concerns and nod in agreement. It wasn’t a time to throw tantrums. The Underworld creatures were right at their doorstep. They should be uniting to fight against the Dark forces. That was what George thought.

Golden-haired George had thrown in all his chips. If Queen Victoria was rational, she would be able to identify with his hopes and suggestions.

But Lilo said casually, “The observers are my best offer. There’s no room for discussion. If you wish, you may send some observers. Of course, I hope that you’ll promote the invincibility of the warriors under my leadership. Don’t promote Eternal Kingdom.”

Lilo ordered the three Hamsters to escort George out of Victoria City and inform the generals of the Godly Kingdom’s army. She only allowed a maximum of ten observers.

George felt it was a shame. However, he could only leave Victoria City with regrets. He had failed in his mission, but it wasn’t in vain. At least Victoria City was intact. Those Underworld creatures were only at the boundary of Victoria City. They hadn’t overrun Victoria City. That was the result of the valiant efforts of the Victorians.

George wasn’t optimistic that Victoria City could defeat the Underworld creatures. Queen Victoria had overestimated the abilities of her warriors.

George was escorted back to Goldshire Town by the enthusiastic Victorians. They were expecting supplies and equipment from the Godly Kingdom.

George pondered and wrote a letter. He let the Victorians who were going to Goldshire Town pass the letter to General Shidan. He was going to be one of the ten observers. After all, he wouldn’t be helpful even if he went back. Instead of staying at Goldshire Town, he could stay in Victoria City and observe the war situation.

Lancelot admired the bravery of Golden-haired George. Previously, Lancelot treated George as his enemy. But now, he saw the chivalry of a Knight in George.

Golden-haired George didn’t know if it was worth it, but he wouldn’t regret his decision. When he decided to stay, a few Victorians ran back and shouted excitedly, “The Eternal pigs are flooding out of the Teleport Portal. They are coming to Victoria City!”