Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 496 - Brave George

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Chapter 496: Brave George

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“I know you’re all tired. It’s early morning, and you’re not allowed to go offline to work, study, and contribute to society. Instead, you’re supposed to gather at Goldshire Town. We shouldn’t be doing this…”

At the plaza of Goldshire Town, a group of Humans, Elves, and Fairies with green symbols above their heads were gathering at a simple wooden platform. A tall, handsome Elf shouted to the Victorians below the platform. His voice was amplified by Mana enchantment, and it reverberated in the sky above the town.

“But now, an entire NPC army is stuck in Goldshire Town because of the Eternal pigs. We can’t proceed with our mission. So, I’m gathering everybody to escort the NPC army to Victoria City! We have other Guild members here. You might have had grudges or conflicts before, but at this critical juncture, we have to unite. We can’t afford to lose the crossroad intersection outpost. The equipment and assistance of the NPC army are critical to us!” the Elf on the platform shouted as General Shidan walked to the plaza, following the voice.

The warriors below the platform weren’t nervous about the impending battle. Instead, they were chatting and wandering around without any discipline. If that was the standard of the Victorian army, he was confident of conquering Victoria City without much effort.

General Shidan wasn’t optimistic about Victoria City defeating Eternal Kingdom. From his assessment of the discipline of Victorians, he thought Eternal Kingdom could easily occupy Victoria City. If his army followed the Victorians into the forest, it would be suicidal.

Previously, General Shidan was excited when he heard that thousands of Victorians were gathering to enter the forest. But he wasn’t enthusiastic after seeing the ill-disciplined Victorians. As a commander of the Godly Kingdom, he couldn’t let his army take the risk of following the Victorians into the forest.

“Sir George, if the Victorians are so ill-disciplined, I think it’s better we stay in Goldshire Town. It’s safer for the army,” General Shidan said to George. The generals beside General Shidan nodded in agreement.

George looked worried, and he said to General Shidan, “General, you don’t seem to understand these Victorians. They are ill-disciplined, but during battle, they are brave and fearless. They are the strongest warriors that I’ve ever seen. We can definitely break through Victoria Forest. The Underworld creatures are attacking Victoria City. We have to stop the Underworld creatures before Victoria City falls.”

George spoke boldly, but none of the generals believed him. The generals had never seen the Victorians in battle and thought that George and Steamed Dumpling were trying to shirk their responsibilities by overrating the enemy.

Was it possible to have a powerful army that was ill-disciplined? It was impossible.

General Shidan wouldn’t speak the truth in front of George. He hesitated for a moment and thought of a solution.

“Since Sir George said so, let’s do it this way. Sir George will be the vanguard and follow these Victorians into the Victoria Forest!”

George understood General Shidan’s intention. After all, he wasn’t a fool. General Shidan didn’t trust the Victorians, so he was sending George to survey the situation.

George was unhappy with General Shidan’s wariness, but he understood the concerns of a commander. General Shidan hadn’t witnessed the power of the Victorians. It was time for General Shidan to take a look at the Victorians’ strength.

“I understand, General Shidan, I’ll complete the mission and enter Victoria City with the Victorians. Then, I’ll tell Queen Victoria about our reinforcements!” George said loudly. Everyone was moved and full of respect for George’s braveness, but nobody was willing to accompany him into the forest.

Everyone was moved, but they weren’t moving. They had sent out many teams into the forest, but none of them survived. Could George be lucky this time?

As General Shidan was about to decline the Victorian’s offer, a Victorian representative walked over. He was a tall and handsome Human who made George jealous.

He had the green words “SealHeadLingChong” above his head.

“Friends from the Godly Kingdom, you’re aware of our plan to help you traverse Victoria Forest safely and enter Victoria City. We are done preparing for the escort mission! Are you ready?”

When the Human was speaking, George felt that he had seen him before and had slashed the Human with his sword.

“Apologies, we can’t mobilize the entire army to follow you, as they have a mission in Goldshire Town. Don’t worry, I’ll follow you!” George stepped forward and said valiantly. Because George had fought with them before and they were now friends, he had trust in the Victorians.

The gamers were disappointed, but at least an NPC was following them. It was the start of a Strange Encounter Mission!