Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 484 - Victoria City's Secret Weapon

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Chapter 484: Victoria City’s Secret Weapon

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At the entrance of the crossroad intersection outpost, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom used various items to seal off the tunnels to the interior of the outpost.

They used the shortest time and the hardest rocks to create bunkers that could deflect long-range attacks. They also sharpened wooden stakes to make chevaux de frise that were placed at the entrance to stop cavalry attacks. The gamers of Victoria City had obtained many horses during their recent battles. From the posts on the discussion forum, the gamers of Victoria City were forming a cavalry unit.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom didn’t know whether the Victorians were willing to sacrifice their horses, considering they only had a single life. However, it was better for the gamers of Eternal Kingdom to make preparations. The battlefield looked better with the chevaux de frise too.

“Members of the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance, come here to fill up the gaps!”

“There are fewer people on the left-hand side. Deploy some troops over there, including unaffiliated gamers!”

“Unaffiliated gamers, harass the gamers of Victoria City at the Underworld entrance for as long as possible!”

The gamers at the crowded crossroad intersection outpost shouted chaotically. They were deployed in defensive formations.

The gamers who were at loggerheads put aside their differences for the Faction War and campaign rewards. They worked hand-in-hand to defend the outpost that they had occupied with great effort.

Even the MysteryMan Guild and the Pioneer Alliance had called a truce. Their common enemy was the powerful Victoria City, and every weakness would be exploited by the enemy. Though they made use of the terrain and distance advantage to occupy the crossroad intersection outpost, the gamers of Victoria City wouldn’t give up the outpost easily. Moreover, this was the first Faction War Battle Campaign with great rewards.

The gamers of Victoria City gathered their forces. During the day, they harassed the gamers of Eternal Kingdom by deploying their Guild members.

During the night, around eight o’clock, when the number of gamers reached the peak, the gamers deployed three battalions that were led by famous gamers as the commanders. Each of the commanders had a legendary past and was a hero.

There were only three of these famous commanders in Victoria City. Eternal Kingdom also had the same commanders. These commanders were the darlings that the Guilds wanted. Good warriors could be trained, but excellent strategists and commanders had to be talented.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were prepared for the offensive of Victoria City. There were only two entrances to the crossroad intersection outpost. In order for the gamers of Victoria City to enter the outpost, they had to use the two entrances. Hence, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom only needed to guard the two entrances to achieve victory. The Teleport Portals were deactivated at the start of the Faction War, meaning both factions were unable to enter the crossroad intersection outpost via Teleport Portals.

This diminished the revival tactics used by the gamers, as the gamers had to travel for many hours to reach the outpost. Therefore, if the gamers were killed, they were unable to rejoin the battle. It wasn’t a problem if the gamers perished at the start of the battle.

It was eight at night, and it was four hours from the end of the Battle Campaign. All of the lives of the gamers were precious. They wouldn’t act rashly and die. After all, they wouldn’t be able to rejoin the battle before it ended.

The gamers of Victoria City launched their attacks on the gamers of Eternal Kingdom at the two entrances.

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were well prepared. Their equipment, physical states, and fortifications were very well maintained. The Victorians were unable to penetrate the defenses of the gamers of Eternal Kingdom.

The gamers of Victoria City had already planned to enter the outpost using the third alternative.

That was the sky.

When the battle became intense, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom started to celebrate their victory. Then, a huge balloon appeared in the sky above the crossroad intersection outpost.

Everyone recognized the hot air balloon.

It was slightly different from the normal hot air balloons. Behind the huge balloon was a propeller and a control rudder.

The hot air balloon was like a simplified Magical Airship. It didn’t have a Magical Core. Instead, it used the principle of hot air to elevate and the propeller and control rudder to control directions.

These technological breakthroughs gave the gamers of Victoria City the offensive initiative.

When hundreds of simplified Airships arrived at the crossroad intersection outpost, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom didn’t discover them until they were very close. Though the tunnels were crawling with glowing vines, they weren’t able to illuminate the sky above.

The gamers of Victoria City arrived at the top of the tunnel in their Airships. All of them were equipped with a simple parachute.

Nobody tested the reliability of the parachutes. To ensure that their sky attack was kept a secret, they kept their activities secret. Hence, they didn’t test the parachutes.

All of these technological breakthroughs were created by a Victorian called University of Science and Technology of China. He was supported by the top three Guilds of Victoria City and the top ten rich gamers.

Currently, the aerial attack of the Victorians seemed to be working.