Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 482 - Version 0.39 Update Log

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Chapter 482: Version 0.39 Update Log

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“Have you read the news on the discussion forum? The latest Plot videos of Victoria City.”

“I watched them. The game visuals are awesome. Sherlie’s a bit weak. He retreated the moment Lilo appeared. That’s embarrassing. I’ll definitely massacre the Victorians.”

“That’s pretty awesome. A few hundred gamers of Victoria City who were watching by the side died instantly. Fortunately, their equipment was left intact.”

“The Plot in Victoria City is exciting. I feel like going to Victoria City.”

“Don’t think about it before the Open Beta. The quota for Victoria City is full. You can’t change your faction.”

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were discussing the Plot in Victoria City.

The game official published a new announcement.

[Version 0.39 Update Log]

“After three rounds of Beta Testing, we have refined the various manners of gameplay and improved the gaming experience. We are updating to version 0.39. In this version, gamers can experience new gameplay and experiences.

We are introducing the much anticipated Faction War.

Faction War isn’t the conflict among gamers in the wilderness. There will be many missions and many NPCs joining the battle campaign. Gamers of Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom will be fighting for their factions and interests, and the gamers of the winning faction will obtain generous rewards.

We have created the new scene map, the York Territory: The gamers of Victoria City have occupied the York Territory. They can enter the territory via the Teleport Portal. We have created ample space, towns, and interactive NPCs. Gamers can experience new gameplay in the territory.

We updated new gameplay, Commerce System: Gamers can now obtain Commerce Missions to transport goods to designated locations. There will be Reputation Points and game currency for rewards.

We updated new equipment, Set Equipment of Duke of York: We created the set equipment from the Duke’s Knights and warriors. There are three-item sets, six-item sets, and nine-item sets of equipment, each with different effects. Gamers can try out the effects in the game.

We updated a new NPC, golden-haired George: He was a powerful Knight of the Duke of York. He was defeated by the gamers of Victoria City. His confidence is greatly shaken. He is the likely candidate for the development of the Faction War.

We updated a new NPC, Count Steamed Dumpling: He was a Count under the Duke of York. He fought against Victoria City, so he is now exiled, and a bounty was placed on his head by the current Duke. Due to the Faction War, Victoria City will most likely dismiss the bounty placed on his head. He is like the candidate for developing the Faction War.

We updated a new power, Godly Kingdom: We don’t know much about this kingdom. The Duke of York of the Godly Kingdom was killed by the warriors of Victoria City. As such, there is great animosity between Victoria City and the Godly Kingdom. Due to the battle between Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom, it is likely that the Godly Kingdom will support Victoria City. How long can such a fragile alliance last? Nobody knows. Gamers have to find out more about the Godly Kingdom themselves.

We updated a new NPC, Tomato: The previous Chief Imperial Guard of the Godly Kingdom, who is now a fugitive. He is the NPC who provided Dragonborn with the Strange Encounter Mission and is now Dragonborn’s teacher. Tomato and Dragonborn are now imprisoned in the Fairies’ Forest. The Yggdrasill was discovered during Dragonborn’s Strange Encounter Mission.

We updated a new NPC, the new Duke of York, Guinevere: The previous Duke of York was defeated by the gamers of Victoria City. Guinevere is now the Duke of York.

We updated a new crisis, Faction War: The current crisis level is 0%. As both factions start to prepare for conflict, the crisis level will escalate to 100%. Then, a full-scale Faction War will break out.

We updated a new bug: Both Steamed Dumpling and George can’t be attacked. Gamers who try to stop them will be disappointed.

We have provided a wild card. If you notice any new updates that we haven’t covered, feel free to create update posts on the discussion forum. Thank you for your support.

In the future, we will provide more gameplay. In the coming Open Beta, gamers can participate in more competitive tournaments. We are still looking for suitable companies for collaboration. If you want to recommend yourself, leave a message on the official discussion forum. Our administrator will give you a reply immediately.”

The gamers supported the new updates. Every time there were new updates, the gamers would be happy as though they were celebrating a festival. The gamers were anticipating the start of the Faction War.

In order to start the Faction War campaign, the gamers from both sides tried their best to harm each other. Arthur’s Stronghold on the Surface World was attacked by the gamers of Victoria City. More and more gamers of Victoria City built their Strongholds in the Underworld so that they could attack Eternal Kingdom with ease.

The whole situation became very chaotic, but the gamers were having fun. After doing their Daily Missions, they could choose to challenge an Instance Dungeon or participate in PK fights. They could also obtain equipment from PK fights, so the rewards were similar to challenging an Instance Dungeon. A rich gamer of Eternal Kingdom was killed by many gamers of Victoria City, and all of his Blue Superior equipment was lost.

If he wasn’t rich, he would have quit the game in despair.