Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 476 - Victoria City Is Cool

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Chapter 476: Victoria City Is Cool

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Steamed Dumpling rode on his horse and shouted frantically to rally his troops. Still, his Knights descended into chaos when the unlimited warriors of Victoria City charged out from the Teleport Portal, the Castle, and the forest. Nobody knew where the warriors of Victoria City would come from.

They were like ghosts.

The Stronghold that was destroyed by his three Cannons was like a trap that ensnared Steamed Dumpling and his Knights.

He wanted to lead his Knights to escape, but the Knights dwindled rapidly. Finally, he abandoned his plan and rode his horse towards the boundary of the York Territory in a bid to escape. The gamers of Victoria City didn’t let him escape. They rode horses that belonged to his Knights to pursue him.

They screamed as they pursued Steamed Dumpling, gazing intensely at Steamed Dumpling’s armor, weapon, and his white Warhorse.

From their vicious looks, Steamed Dumpling was sure he would have a horrible death if he was caught.

While he was fleeing, he saw a golden-haired horseman near the Castle Gate. He recognized the Knight of the Duke. George was the most notable Knight in the Dukedom, and he was being pursued by the Victorians. The Victorians were terrifying.

Not long ago, Steamed Dumpling thought about defeating the Victorians. But now, he had become pathetic.

Steamed Dumpling had no time to fret. He had to escape. He rode his fast horse and galloped into the distance.

The York Territory was finally occupied by the gamers. The Guild members of the Hoodlum Yoga Association tried their best to escort the Duke of York to another location so that he could start all over again. However, the Guild lost to the Teleport Portal and the Revival Mana Formation. The unaffiliated gamers controlled the Revival Point, detaining the members of the Hoodlum Yoga Association that revived. Hence, the members of the Hoodlum Yoga Association dwindled after fighting.

That was the reason the gamers were unable to betray Victoria City. The Duke couldn’t provide a Revival Point for them, but Victoria City had a Revival Point.

It was a good try. The gamers tried to see if they could join the NPC faction, and it was possible.

If Hoodlum and his members were able to flee with the Duke and became his subordinates, they could possibly obtain certain benefits.

Even if they couldn’t join the faction, they could operate as mercenaries to help a certain noble and obtain rewards. That was what the gamers learned from the current Plot. The Guilds were thinking about how they could work for the various noble factions.

The Duke of York was sentenced to death by Queen Victoria. Under the supervision of the gamers, Lancelot gave the Duke of York a push, and he was hanged from a crooked tree. It was an honorable death since a Knight mete out the punishment. Guinevere became the new Duke of York. Whether the other Counts and Barons were willing to recognize Guinevere as the Duke of York would depend on future diplomacy.

Guinevere was from the blood lineage of the Lion’s Clan, and he was the successor to the York Territory. The previous Duke of York usurped his Dukedom for many years. Now, Guinevere had taken back what he deserved.

Things weren’t simple. As the new Duke of York, he had a master, Queen Victoria.

According to the laws of ascension, Guinevere was the wife of Lancelot, otherwise known as Count Glamorgan, and also a subordinate of Queen Victoria. After Guinevere became the Duke of York, the York Territory became a fief of Victoria City.

That was how the nobles in the medieval ages made use of marriages to consolidate land. If a subject were to marry a princess and then resort to assassinations to kill off all of the successors to the throne, he could become a King.

The York Territory was previously a fief of the Godly Kingdom that was ruled by King Potato II. But now, the York Territory was a fief of Victoria City. King Potato II couldn’t take it lying down.

He was very furious and gathered all of his ministers, announcing this matter during his court meeting.

“You are all trash! Why didn’t anyone inform me about the invasion of the York Territory? Now, the York Territory has been conquered by Victoria City, a place that was unheard of previously. That King, no, Queen Victoria, was she ordained during a coronation by a Bishop?”

King Potato II was trying to find the weaknesses of Queen Victoria’s identity, but a minister replied, “A Bishop ordained the coronation. It was Grand Priest Baldhead, who was previously the Church Bishop.”

“What? Grand Priest Baldhead?”

“I’ve heard of him before. He is a devout believer of the Holy Lord and Sacred Light!”

“Who is this Queen Victoria that Grand Priest Baldhead ordained?”

The ministers shouted out in astonishment. Grand Priest Baldhead was a noble, but King Potato II wasn’t interested in the Grand Priest that ordained the coronation for Queen Victoria. He was only interested in getting back the York Territory.

“What shall we do? Come up with a good plan,” King Potato II asked his ministers.

A minister immediately replied, “Your Highness, I have a good plan. I knew the father of Duke Guinevere. I can write a letter to Guinevere to persuade him to defect to us. I’m sure he will know who is stronger and defect to us!”

The other ministers nodded. Compared to the Godly Kingdom, Victoria City was far inferior. It was only the size of a small forest that could only accommodate tens of thousands of citizens. Victoria City made use of sneak attacks to occupy a Dukedom and had the law on their side.

As long as Guinevere defected to King Potato II, the law would be on the side of the Godly Kingdom.

With the approval of other ministers, King Potato II nodded and ordered the minister to write a letter to Guinevere.

On the third day after the gamers occupied the Duke’s Castle, the King’s letter arrived.

Guinevere received the letter and read it. A person who was a good friend of his father persuaded him to defect to King Potato II and surrender the York Territory to the Godly Kingdom.

Under normal circumstances, Guinevere might consider joining the Godly Kingdom. However, after witnessing the battle of the Victorians, he couldn’t overlook the courageous warriors of Victoria City that had unlimited revivals. They were like Holy Warriors blessed by God. Only an Angel could have such capability. He suspected many times that Queen Victoria could be an Angel from the Heavenly Kingdom. Otherwise, how could her subjects have unlimited revivals?

He passed the King’s letter to Queen Victoria, who asked Big Boss Hamster to write a letter in return.

The content of the letter would definitely be full of insults.

King Potato II wrote a reply letter directly to Queen Victoria.

The gamers got to know the content. It was simple, a declaration of war.

After diplomacy failed, King Potato II decided to use his military might to get back the York Territory.

Would the gamers of Victoria City be fearful of war? Of course not. They were preparing diligently for war with the Godly Kingdom.

They were exhilarated.

“I’m so envious. I regret not joining Victoria City. Do you see how happy the Victorians are? They can train under NPCs, partake in wars, and pillage other NPCs. That’s so cool,” Peasant said with envy.

NotWearingPants smiled and said, “You are speaking as if you haven’t pillaged Winterfell before. You’ve pillaged Winterfell a few times. There’s no need to be envious. Don’t we have many things to do?”

They had a new mission, to go to the Surface World and build a new Stronghold