Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 473 - Rescue Team

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Chapter 473: Rescue Team

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The gamers didn’t attack. Instead, they tried to sneak into the prison to lock themselves up. That was a good thing, as the guards of the Castle weren’t attacked.

The gamers were busy defecting and sneaking into the Castle in a bid to become famous slave warriors. Who had the time to attack the Castle? The few gamers who wanted to attack the Castle were unable to break the defenses and cause any harm.

The gamers of Victoria City tried all sorts of ways to sneak into the Castle to defect, even at night.

The gamers who got into the Castle weren’t released. The Duke was reluctant to kill these gamers since they were fearless warriors. Where could he find such warriors?

The gamers were locked in cells. Recently, more and more gamers climbed over the walls, swam through the moat, and disguised themselves as commoners in a bid to get into the Castle. Within a week, the prison cells of the Castle were flooded with Victorians.

There were about 500 to 600 Victorians locked up in prison, and the number was increasing. The gamers got to know more methods to get into the Castle on the discussion forum. A gamer made use of the night to sneak into the prison. It was a wonder how the gamer knew the location of the prison.

The next morning, the prison wardens got a fright when they noticed an extra prisoner.

They tried to confirm whether the extra prisoner was previously captured or just recently captured. However, none of the prison wardens had seen the extra prisoner before. It was as though he suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The extra prisoner said, “Please lock me up. I’m willing to be your slave. Let me fight for you, even if I have to do it for a lifetime.”

The prison wardens didn’t expect such a thing to happen. They had no choice but to lock him up in the prison cell.

More and more gamers of Victoria City appeared in the prison cells. They even disguised themselves as female servants and other staff members in the Duke’s Castle so that they could be captured by the Castle guards.

On the tenth day, the small prison cells that could accommodate only 300 prisoners had 1,000 gamers all crammed together. The prison guards suggested that the Duke kill some of the prisoners. Otherwise, the prison might become a dangerous place.

The Duke wanted to fulfill his goals, so he was reluctant to kill these excellent warriors.

The gamers developed a strange relationship with the Duke of York, one Queen Victoria got to know about it. She frowned and asked the three Hamsters, “What are the gamers doing? Are they betraying Victoria City?”

Big Boss Hamster quickly replied, “No, my Lady. I feel it’s one of their schemes. They have successfully infiltrated the Castle, and when we give the order, they can attack from within.”

Second Boss Hamster said, “That’s correct. That’s what I think too. That’s a brilliant scheme. As long as we can take over the Castle, I can accept any of their schemes.”

Fat Otaku said, “Can we have our meal?”

Lilo nodded her head.

“What you’ve said makes sense. Let them infiltrate the Castle. When the time is ripe, we’ll take it over,” Lilo said to the three Hamsters.

Lancelot wasn’t sure what the gamers were up to when they tried to sneak into the Castle. He thought they were infiltrating the Castle to attack the Duke. However, he got to know from the gamers that they were defecting.

As a Knight, it was inconceivable to defect. These gamers were definitely not normal. They weren’t defecting due to fear.

What were the gamers thinking? Were they planning to attack the Castle from within?

From Lancelot’s observation for the past few days, the gamers weren’t planning to attack the Castle from within. Instead, they were defecting to the Duke. It was a serious case of treason, so he informed Queen Lilo, but she was nonchalant. She told Lancelot that the gamers would never betray her and should never betray her.

Lancelot thought that the Queen had a hold over the gamers. From his memories, every time Lilo appeared, the restless gamers would become obedient. They wouldn’t say a word or make any moves. Instead, they would watch the Queen closely.

Lancelot had other problems, such as setting up the defenses of the Stronghold. Due to the mass defection of the gamers, the Duke knew about the Stronghold’s location and sent scouts to conduct surveillance. Once the Duke discovered the Stronghold, he would want to destroy it. Fortunately, Lancelot chose a strategic location. The surrounding sides were protected by high terrain, and there was only a single entrance. It was difficult for the Castle guards to mount an effective attack against the Stronghold.

Moreover, the number of Castle guards was inferior to the number of gamers. Even if 1,000 of the gamers were imprisoned, there were still 3,000 gamers at the Stronghold. The Duke’s scouts conducted surveillance of the Stronghold and never came back.

Occasionally, some guards came to keep watch on the Stronghold to prevent any surprise attacks.

Lancelot knew that the Duke didn’t have the capability to attack, but he didn’t let down his guard.

The Counts were on their way to reinforce the Duke of York and could arrive anytime. Once the Counts arrived with their reinforcements, the gamers of Victoria City would lose their numerical superiority.

Though the gamers wouldn’t be defeated, they would have to spend a lot more effort to take over the Castle. That wasn’t what Lancelot wanted.

Lancelot tried to persuade the Queen to attack the Castle immediately, but she wasn’t in a hurry. She wanted to see what the gamers were up to.

He could only fulfill his responsibility as a subordinate. He ordered the gamers to build Siege Weapons.

The gamers had a new Daily Mission to build Siege Weapons, but they were indifferent to the additional Daily Mission.

The Duke was extremely happy. He thought he was doomed when he saw his Castle being sieged by the great number of Victorians. He even thought of fleeing his Castle. However, he didn’t expect the Victorians to defect to him en masse.

The Duke was overjoyed when he heard that the Counts bringing reinforcements had arrived at the boundary of the York Territory.

The plains at the boundary of the York Territory were filled tents, Knights, and their squires who were busy preparing meals.

The Counts were resting in the tents. Their responsibilities included governing their lands, enjoying life, and fighting for their Lord during wartime. Fighting a battle was dangerous, so the noble Counts tried to enjoy themselves as much as possible.

There were five Counts that came to reinforce the Duke. The most capable Count was called Steamed Dumpling, and he was the leader of the reinforcements.

Before they entered the York Territory, they held a war conference.

“I believe that all of you are aware that there are 5,000 enemies sieging the Duke’s Castle,” Steamed Dumpling said.

Another Count asked, “I heard they were only farmers without complete equipment. How are the farmers a threat to us?”

Another Count smiled and said, “These farmers are sieging our respectable Duke in his Castle. It seems like the Duke is too kindhearted towards the farmers.”

All of the Counts laughed, as they knew that the Duke wasn’t kindhearted. The Duke was besieged because his 3,000 Knights were killed by the farmers. This was a piece of astonishing news.

The Duke wanted to have a strong reason to attack Victoria City, so he spread the news of his humiliation. After attacking Victoria City, his Knights were annihilated. Only a handful of survivors returned to the Duke of York.

This was a piece of incredible news. After the initial shock, they laughed at the previously domineering Duke.

Due to his defeat, the Duke’s reputation was badly tarnished. Even his subordinate Counts were in contempt of the Duke.

However, they had to fulfill their responsibilities as subordinates. Steamed Dumpling tapped the table lightly and said, “Gentlemen, you must be thinking that the warriors of Victoria City are weak. Don’t forget that these weaklings defeated 3,000 Knights of the Duke. I’m sure you know how strong the Duke’s Knights were. Don’t underestimate the enemy, as they aren’t as simple as we thought.”

The other Counts became solemn. They had become too complacent.

As Steamed Dumpling was about to discuss their war plans in detail, a scout ran hurriedly into the tent and said, “Great Counts, the warriors of Victoria City are closing in on our camp!”

The Counts and Barons broke into a loud discussion in the tents.

They couldn’t believe it. They furiously discussed it at length. They felt it was an insult that the farmers of Victoria City dared to launch an attack.

Steamed Dumpling ordered the Counts and Barons to lead their armies and fight against the Victorians.

When they deployed their formation outside their tents, they discovered that there were only 100 Victorians, and they weren’t in formation. They weren’t on horses, wore no clothes, and held inferior clubs.

They didn’t look like scouts. Perhaps they were emissaries? The Counts and Barons didn’t order an attack, as they were confused. The Victorians stopped at a distance of three minutes of horse riding from the camp.

The Victorians pointed at the camp and chatted, but it was too far to make out what they were saying.

Steamed Dumpling was getting impatient when the Victorians stood their ground. He ordered his squire to ride towards the 100-strong group of enemies with his flag.

The gamers became excited when they saw a squire on horseback coming towards them.

The Counts thought the farmers of Victoria City were fearful.

“I feel that the prowess of the farmers from Victoria City was overrated. They became fearful after seeing our camp. When the battle starts, they’ll surely flee. I can’t imagine why the Duke was besieged and requested our help. He must have been complacent,” a Baron commented condescendingly, and the other Barons laughed. The 100 gamers rushed towards the squire and knocked him unconscious. Then, they stripped his clothing and stole his horse.

After a discussion, one of the gamers rode the horse and left happily. How could the Counts endure such humiliation?

They rode out with their horses. Soon, 400 to 500 horsemen dashed towards the gamers.

The gamers saw the approaching horsemen and panicked. They started to flee from the cavalry.

How could the gamers outrun the cavalry? The horsemen swung their weapons and massacred the gamers who were cursing, swearing in anger, and laughing. They didn’t hear any gamers beg for mercy. Just like what they heard in the legends, the gamers had no intention to surrender. Steamed Dumpling was deeply shocked and became silent. He had never encountered warriors with such superior willpower. There were only 100 enemies. He could imagine how terrifying it would be to fight against 5,000 of them.

He realized that the legendary Victorians weren’t overrated.

Steamed Dumpling trembled, not in fear but in anticipation of an impending vicious battle. He had a strong desire to defeat such a worthy opponent!

Steamed Dumpling turned his horse around and shouted to his Counts and Barons, “Prepare yourselves, we’ll launch an attack on Victoria’s Stronghold. We can’t let them besiege the Duke’s Castle. We have to diminish their arrogance.”

Everyone roared with excitement, and a large group of horsemen set off from the camp towards Victoria’s Stronghold.

The massacred gamers appeared at the Revival Point. They cursed and swore, then spread the news of new horsemen arriving at the boundary of the Duke’s Castle and attacking them. However, the gamers didn’t mention their deeds of robbing the squire’s armor and horse. To them, it was their normal affairs. What was there to talk about?