Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 468 - Version 0.39 Update Log

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Chapter 468: Version 0.39 Update Log

Marco Polo placed a plate of clay dishes on a table.

His main life skill was cooking, unlike the Blacksmithing and Carpentry that most gamers were interested in.

Both Blacksmithing and Carpentry required lots of time and money. He wasn’t concerned about earning money or upgrading his skills, so he preferred cooking.

If he learned how to cook, he could prepare a delicious dish with a wok, some clay, and materials and sell it for a tidy sum.

Setting up a cafe wasn’t as profitable as becoming a Blacksmith or Carpenter, but it was still profitable.

The most important task was to collect information. Most of the gamers wanted to patronize his cafe and try his food even though there were no BUFFS or benefits. The cafe allowed the gamers to have an immersive experience, and that was an important aspect.

As the number of patrons increased, Marco Polo was able to collect more information. Recently, he gathered a piece of important information.

A new Underground Forest.

The Underground Forest wasn’t discovered by the gamers. Some gamers heard about it from a Winterfell guard who obtained it from a gossip channel. The hidden forest was about a day’s journey from Eternal Kingdom. Though it was a headache to solve math problems and cut down the trees, it was a bigger headache if there were no wooden logs.

If Marco Polo could discover the forest, it would be a huge boost to the game development. It was an irresistible temptation for an explorer such as Marco Polo.

The gamer who provided the information tried to find the forest, but he failed. The gamer didn’t find anything in the direction that the information provided. The tunnels were too narrow for trees to grow.

Marco Polo wanted to verify the information received by the gamer.

He was prepared and could set off at any time.

Rock climbing ropes, hooks, a walking stick, backup boots and gloves, a tent, a sleeping bag, light sticks, a handheld Magic Lantern, a compass, a stove, a thermos flask, and a Potion.

Those were the main items. It wasn’t the first time Marco Polo went on an expedition. He was familiar with his tools. After preparation, he set off towards the location provided by the information.

He had accumulated enough resources because he tutored the NPCs in the old district. Even now, he was giving the kids classes to earn Magic Stones.

He also purchased a Darting Bird from a gamer. The Darting Bird could carry his items and shorten his traveling time.

The Darting Bird could shorten a day’s journey to less than half a day, so Marco Polo soon arrived at the designated location.

Like what the gamer had said, the tunnels were narrow. There were no monsters and no forked road. There was also no forest.

Most of the hidden tunnels weren’t apparent. Marco Polo knew that he would have to put in some effort to find the hidden forest.

In front of him was a long tunnel. There were no complex paths or forked roads. However, if he searched the area, he was sure he could find something.

He stopped the Darting Bird at the tunnel and took out a small hammer. He knocked continuously on the walls to find hidden mechanisms or hidden tunnels.

He searched for a long time, but he didn’t find any hidden locations. However, he didn’t give up and continued searching.

When he hit the wall this time, he heard a crisp echo from within. He was surprised. He took out a small shovel from his bag and started knocking on the wall.

The wall wasn’t thick, it was hollow. When he hit it the third time, there was a hole in the wall. The rest was simple.

Marco Polo continued hitting for half an hour, and soon, the wall was broken down. There was a hidden tunnel behind the wall that he had just cleared.

It was dark inside without any vines that provided illumination. As a precaution, he set up a stake and tied the Darting Bird to it. He then placed most of his items on the Darting Bird. After that, he tied a rope to his waist and took out his handheld Magic Lantern as he walked into the tunnel. The tunnel was pitch black and spacious. He felt around and confirmed that there were no forked paths, then walked along the tunnel for 30 minutes. His horizon widened.

Illumination appeared at the end of the tunnel. The end of the tunnel was a huge cliff that had glowing vines below it. The most important thing was the valley below, which was full of luscious trees that stretched beyond the horizon.

“Gosh! Have I found the forest already?”

Marco Polo was exhilarated. He had to find ways to climb down the cliff to the valley below.

When he was pondering how to get down, a team of Orcs came out from the side.

The Orcs were wearing safety helmets that had Magic Lamps on them, and they were holding ropes in their hands. They were surprised to see Marco Polo, as they didn’t expect to see other creatures there.

Because Marco Polo was focused on finding hidden gameplay and locations, he didn’t upgrade his combat power. He also didn’t go for combat training. Like Hemp Rope Technology, he was focused on his interests.

As such, he was still of the lowly Goblin race.

The Orcs were taken aback at finding a fully armed and equipped Goblin.

The Orcs hesitated before charging at Marco Polo.

“Catch him. Don’t let him escape!” someone shouted. Marco Polo quickly fled so that he could evade capture by the team of Orcs.

But a Goblin was unable to outrun Orcs, especially in such treacherous terrain, where he had nowhere to run. Soon, Marco Polo was captured and tied up with ropes.

“What shall we do? Why is there a Goblin?”

The Orcs started talking. One of the Orcs noticed the green symbols above Marco Polo’s head and was dumbstruck. He said, “Wait, this creature is from Eternal Kingdom. Look at the green symbols above his head. The creatures from Eternal Kingdom have the same symbols!”

“Eternal Kingdom? Didn’t they defeat Lord Morgan and Lord Andrew?”

Marco Polo recalled that Morgan and Andrew were both successors to Eternal Fire.

Morgan was Andrew’s brother and the second successor to Eternal Fire, while Andrew was the third successor to Eternal Fire. They were defeated by the valiant gamers.

Were these Orcs related to Eternal Fire? Otherwise, how did they know about Morgan and Andrew? Perhaps Morgan and Andrew were too notorious, so they heard about them.

“We can’t keep him alive. Let’s kill him. We can’t let other creatures know of our Stronghold below. This forest belongs to us!” one of the Orcs said. Marco Polo wanted to explain and make use of his glib tongue, but before he could speak, an Orc placed a knife to his neck. He cut Marco Polo’s throat, killing him.

When he recovered, Marco Polo was at the Revival Interface.

Peering into the darkness, Marco Polo was stunned for a long time. Then he appeared at the Revival Point. He looked bewildered at the bustling Eternal Kingdom.

His Darting Bird and other equipment were lost.

Marco Polo didn’t recover himself for a few minutes. He was overwhelmed with grief.

Marco Polo didn’t like to train in combat techniques or go after combat equipment. It wasn’t easy for him to buy a Darting Bird and equipment for exploration. Now, they were lost. Nobody could understand his sense of loss.

He wailed loudly.

He was going to get some gamers to kill those Orcs!

Sherlock returned to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall from the Winterfell manor. He let Evelynn rest for a week so that she could forget the unpleasant incident at the manor. She wouldn’t be in a good mood after learning that a monster was residing in her body. Especially when she was timid and conservative.

Eggface and the parrot returned to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, but Sherlock didn’t open the cabinet that Polio was locked in.

Sherlock discovered that the gamers had a new goal and plan.

According to the gamers, the game officials had updated new content.

Sherlock tried to recall, but he didn’t know what content he had updated. He was busy dealing with the Merchant Alliance, so he didn’t have time to bother with new gameplay or maps. The current gameplay and maps were sufficient for the gamers. In fact, they didn’t even have enough time to complete their Daily Missions.

Moreover, there was the newly built crossroad intersection outpost that allowed the gamers to work.

There were many factories that required the gamers to work in them. If they didn’t work hard in the factories and earn the Reputation Points of the crossroad intersection outpost to exchange for equipment, then what were they planning?

To motivate the gamers, Sherlock created Mana Skills Books and Legendary Equipment as rewards that could be exchanged for using Reputation Points.

Sherlock accessed the discussion forum and started browsing. He found the content that conveyed the new goal of the gamers.

[I discovered a new Underground Forest.]

A new Underground Forest?

Sherlock was taken aback. He quickly accessed the post and started reading.

“I am Marco Polo, and I’m sharing my adventure with everyone. It’s related to the discovery of a new Underground Forest.

Let me show you my custom-made map.


This is the hidden path that I discovered at the tunnel. I used a small shovel to create a hole. If you discover it, you can enter it. I left a Darting Bird and my equipment at the entrance. However, when I returned to look for them, they were missing. If you find them nearby, please tell me. I will be very grateful.

The important thing that I’m going to say is that there are other creatures at the Underground Forest!

There were seven to eight Orcs who killed me. If you see them, please kill them to avenge me! I’m not sure if they built a Stronghold or if there are other races, as I was captured and killed after entering. That is despicable. From their conversation, I’m guessing that they are related to Eternal Fire.

That’s because they mentioned Morgan and Andrew, who were from Eternal Fire.

I believe that, in the future, Eternal Fire will be our next target. Before that, we have to take over the Underground Forest!

I’m divulging this information without any compensation because I hope that everyone can have new gameplay!”

[yinyy1994: You’re indeed a veteran! You are sharing this information without any compensation!]

[LustyInsaneZhang: Awesome! I’m going there to take a look. If I see those Orcs, I’ll help you kill them!]

[Chen11: Our Guild is ready to set off. XXX Guild is recruiting members!]

[PeacefulPickaxHandle: Hey, previous commenter, is your Guild XXX?]

[NotWearingPants: You’re awesome!]

The post created by Marco Polo wasn’t long. The rest of the posts consisted of pictures. The gamers replied and showed their respect for him for divulging the location of the Underground Forest instead of keeping it to himself.

If the gamers were to discover the Underground Forest, they would cut the trees in secret without letting anyone know. Even if there were hostile monsters, they would kill them repeatedly using revivals.

Marco Polo’s post made the gamers curious and excited. The forest that Eternal Kingdom and Winterfell had signed an agreement on was now barren. The gamers were excited that a new forest had been located. After all, they required the wood for upgrading their equipment and for building furniture and houses.

The wood provided by Victoria City was limited and expensive.

That was the new content update that the gamers were talking about.

“Marco Polo discovered a new Underground Forest, and it’s close to Eternal Kingdom. Yet, we didn’t know about it.”

Sherlock muttered to himself, and Bru replied, “I didn’t expect it either, Lord Sherlock. I calculated the area of the Underground Forest. We can’t demark the Underground Forest within the radius of the Dungeon Core unless I upgrade two levels.”

After Bru assimilated several Dungeon Cores, he had attained Level 4. As Sherlock was unable to provide enough Mana, the Fourth Beta Testing, also known as the Open Beta, wasn’t implemented.

Sherlock had to solve the Mana shortage problem before implementing the Open Beta. Otherwise, Sherlock and Lilo would be sucked dry by the numerous gamers who were going to join the game.

The current solution was to find a mature Yggdrasill, which was discovered by Dragonborn. Sherlock hadn’t found a way to link up the Yggdrasill and his Dungeon Core secretly. If he took over Yggdrasill by force, it would create a world war. Even if he depended on the gamers’ power, they would be unable to stop the attacks from all over the world.

“Lord Sherlock, I feel that it’s a good chance to take over the Underground Forest. Though we are unable to extend the radius of the Dungeon Core, nobody owns the Underground Forest. As we’re the closest Dungeon, it’s unlikely that there are other Dungeons around.”

Sherlock nodded in agreement. He ordered Bru, “Prepare a new Daily Mission to direct the gamers to build a Stronghold and Teleport Portal at the Underground Forest. I’ll arrange for new Beetlemon routes to the forest. I feel it’s time for a content update.”

Sherlock started editing the official update post.

[Version 0.39 Update Announcement]

“Dear gamers, after half a year, it’s now time for version 0.39. We will introduce the detailed contents of version 0.39 to all gamers.

We updated the new Stronghold, crossroad intersection outpost: A new complete city. All gamers of Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom can carry out their daily activities without any harm. It’s a safety zone in which gamers cannot attack other gamers, including opposing factions. Gamers can also receive special crossroad intersection outpost Daily Missions and corresponding Reputation Points upon completion. The Reputation Points can be exchanged for Mana Skills Books and Legendary Equipment. However, a longer time is required to complete the Daily Missions at the crossroad intersection outpost.

We added new gameplay, working in factories: There are new factories at the crossroad intersection outpost. They belong to Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom and not other Dungeons or contractors. All gamers who work in the factories can obtain Reputation Points. We provide support for fixed long-term work systems, such as working from 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday. This is the future of our work system.

We added a new NPC, Frangipani: Though the name is the same as the Ancient Gods army commander, he’s not the same commander. He’s a pet tortoise purchased by Lord Sherlock. His function is unknown, but he’s going to be an important NPC in the future.

We updated a new map, Unknown Forest: This is an Underground Forest hidden in the dark tunnels. We aren’t sure of the name. The forest’s location was determined by Marco Polo. Gamers can explore the forest and gain generous rewards.

We updated new content, Victoria City’s Wyvern: This was the Wyvern that attacked the gamers of Victoria City. We don’t know the location of the Wyvern, but we hope you can capture it. The possibility of capturing it is pretty low.

We updated new content, Goldshire Town: This is a small town on the Surface World. It belongs to the Duke of York. The mayor of Goldshire Town has a close relationship with Lancelot’s wife, Guinevere. Goldshire Town seems to be allied with Victoria City instead of the cruel Duke of York. This is a good chance to diminish the power of the Duke of York.

We updated Healing Mana Skill: After Raintea’s Strange Encounter Mission, we are providing an exchange system for the Healing Mana Skill. All gamers of Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom can exchange for this skill using Mana Skills Books.

We updated with a new usage of the Power of Sacred Light: The Power of Sacred Light can be used to heal the wounds of Victorians, but it can’t be used to heal gamers of Eternal Kingdom. The gamers of Eternal Kingdom can only be healed by using Potions or Healing Mana Skills.

We updated with a new BUG: If you reveal the location of the newly discovered Underground Forest to other NPCs, your character will die suddenly, and all of your equipment will be destroyed. This isn’t a joke.

I’m leaving a wild card. If you find any new content that I didn’t write, feel free to add it.”

Sherlock checked through the post. After some pondering, he added a few more words.

“I will give a preview of the coming Open Beta.

We have released the two factions, Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom, and created the Plot and gameplay. The current game isn’t the final game version. We will implement various changes in the Open Beta. If you have any good suggestions, feel free to post them in the forum. We welcome all discussions.

The crux of the Open Beta rests on the result of Dragonborn’s Strange Encounter. Yggdrasill is an important factor that can speed up the start of the Open Beta. We will release more content about Yggdrasill. All gamers should be well prepared.

Your main goal will be to develop the Plot for the start of the Open Beta.

I hope that everyone has a fun time. Love from the game producer, Sherlie.”