Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 456 - Sherlock's Action

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Chapter 456: Sherlock’s Action

After resting for a period of time, Dragonborn logged into the game.

This time he felt abnormal.

He felt his belt being dragged. He panicked as he didn’t know what was pulling him. Once he calmed down, he felt his body being pulled by something.

Was it a beast? What about the young Wyvern? Could it have been eaten by the beast?

Dragonborn started to panic.

“Chirp! Chirp!” the young Wyvern shouted as if it knew that Dragonborn was regaining consciousness.

Dragonborn was relieved to hear the young Wyvern again. Who was pulling him? The young Wyvern?

He wanted to wake up, but he was unable to do so. He could hear sounds, but he was unable to control his body.

He felt his body being placed on a bed, and a creature was sniffing at him. Perhaps it was that young Wyvern.

Dragonborn was trying his best to feel his environment when a strange liquid was poured into his throat.

He felt himself drinking a large cup of fresh orange juice that was without any water dilution.

The stimulating taste made Dragonborn more conscious.

“Is he regaining consciousness?”

He heard voices near his ears.

Dragonborn slowly opened his eyes and saw a huge Wolf’s head.

A gray Wolf stared at Dragonborn with his amber eyes.

Dragonborn was given a fright and jumped instinctively. However, his body hadn’t recovered, and he was unable to exert any strength.

“Don’t worry, this gray Wolf won’t harm you,” a person by the side said upon seeing that Dragonborn was worried he might be bitten by the Wolf.

It was a hunter wearing animal skin who sat in a chair in front of Dragonborn’s bed. Dragonborn was unable to take a look at him, as the gray Wolf blocked his vision.

The man was about 40 years old, had a large beard, a mellow face, and deep eye sockets. He looked like an unkempt but powerful hermit.

At least the fellows in TV series with the same looks were powerful characters.

“Where’s this place? Where’s my young Wyvern?” Dragonborn recovered himself. His young Wyvern was missing, but he had just heard the young Wyvern’s voice.

“If you’re looking for the Wyvern, it’s here.”

The man pointed behind him, where Dragonborn noticed a metal cage that had a naked and scaleless young Wyvern.

“Chirp… chirp… Neema! Neema!” the young Wyvern shouted when it saw Dragonborn looking at it.

The first few words were for Dragonborn, while the last few words were for the hunter.

The hunter was nonchalant about the young Wyvern’s screeching. He looked at Dragonborn and said, “You fell off a cliff, and there were many roasted crows beside you. Please tell me what happened to you if you don’t mind. I’m not interested in you or your young Wyvern. I don’t wish to have trouble,” the hunter said.

In a tower located in a bustling city.

A man with a white beard who was wearing a Magician’s hat and a cloak adorned with a pentagram stood before a crystal ball. He said with servitude, “Please, believe me, Great Magician. I have located the Wyvern’s location and almost captured its child.”

The crystal ball was filled with gray mist, and a chaotic and incoherent voice came from the cloud, “I trusted you, but you’ve disappointed me. You’ve failed completely. An unknown Human was able to wreck our plan and steal our target. You’re of no use, so I’ll have you replaced.”

“Wait, Great Magician, please believe me. Give me another chance. I’ll find the Human who stole the Wyvern, capture him, and bring him to you,” the Magician said with utmost servitude.

The Great Magician in the crystal ball didn’t believe him.

“I have given you too many chances.”

The crystal ball dimmed.

“No! No! No! Listen to me. Listen to me…”

Before he finished speaking, he choked. His body became black, and his fingers started rotting.

Within tens of seconds, he became a pool of dark blood.

A Magician’s hat and cloak, a bunch of keys, a kid’s clay eraser, a disposable diaper, superman brand bubblegum, and a See You There Cafe’s birthday voucher were left by the pool of blood. They were the only pieces of evidence that showed a person existed before.

“What? Dragonborn was taken away?”

“What? The Wyvern is still building its nest nearby? And it laid four eggs?”

“What? A newly hatched young Wyvern fell down the cliff with Dragonborn?”

“What? Dragonborn and the young Wyvern were rescued by a hunter hermit in the forest, and the hunter has two gray Forest Wolves?”

“What? You have the photographs of the hunter, the layout of the house, and the Forest Wolves?”

Lancelot was unable to suppress his astonishment. Did they take him as a fool?

“No, no, no. The photographs were uploaded to the discussion forum. We only drew out pictures according to the photographs. There are many talented artists among the gamers,” TakeASpearHit said to Lancelot.

The gamers handed two hand-drawn pictures to Lancelot.

Lancelot raised the pictures to examine them. One of the pictures showed the interior of the room. At the center was a cage with the young Wyvern.

The second picture depicted a man with two huge Forest Wolves by his side.

That was the hunter who captured Dragonborn.

“Lancelot, do you know him? Can you speak to the Queen and lead us to rescue Dragonborn?” SealHeadLingChong said to Lancelot.

“Yes, we want to have a young Wyvern. Bring us there immediately.”

Though the citizens of Victoria City were full of anticipation, Lancelot wasn’t able to help them. He didn’t recognize the hunter and was doubtful that the hunter existed.

Since Dragonborn was missing, how could he convey this detailed information to them?

However, the gamers had exhibited too many miracles, so it wasn’t surprising to hear about more miracles.

As Lancelot examined the pictures, a resident who was passing by saw the picture in Lancelot’s hand and said, “I know him. He was the King’s Chief Imperial Guard, but he was made a fugitive two years ago. The streets were filled with his arrest warrants then, and this picture looks like him. Are you going after this fugitive?”

“What King? Do you know where he lives?” the gamers asked excitedly.

The passerby shook his head and said, “How could I know his whereabouts? If I knew, I would have reported his location for a reward. You are now in the territory of King Potato II, the Godly Kingdom.”

The passerby left after replying. He had no intention of chatting with the gamers.

“At least we have some information.”

Lancelot shrugged his shoulders and put away the pictures. He said, “I have received your important information and will inform Queen Lilo about it. Dragonborn isn’t only your companion, he’s also my comrade, so I’ll find him at all costs. Don’t worry.”

The gamers nodded in disappointment before leaving.

“I’ve told you that this is a Strange Encounter Mission. We can’t find the mission location that easily.”

“That’s a young Wyvern that can be kept as a pet. When it grows up, it can be used as a ride. That would be so cool. I’d like to have such a Strange Encounter Mission too.”

“Let’s find the location of the Chief Imperial Guard. He’s together with Dragonborn, so if we find him, won’t we find Dragonborn too?”

“There are three Wyvern eggs. If we climb up the cliff, we can steal three more eggs.”

“I agree, I agree. Let’s hurry.”

The gamers left excitedly.

Lancelot didn’t know what happened, but he decided to inform Queen Victoria about the pictures and Dragonborn. The Queen would decide what to do.

They would continue to search for the Wyvern since it was an order from the Queen. He had to carry out the Queen’s order as a Knight.

The Merchant Alliance Collaboration Ball was held at a luxurious manor.

As the largest neutral and profit-making organization in the Underworld, the Merchant Alliance had many collaborating merchants from all over the Underworld.

The merchants consisted of nobles, superior Devils who set up their Dungeons, and the chiefs of desolate tribes. They all created trading relations with the Merchant Alliance.

Not all of the collaborating merchants would have the chance to attend this Ball. Those who were able to attend the Ball had to be capable, influential, and have close working relationships with the Merchant Alliance. Eternal Kingdom’s Dungeon Lord Sherlock was a good example.

“Ah! Lord Sherlock, I finally get to meet you! I’ve heard your name in the headquarters, but I haven’t had the chance to see you in person. It’s my honor to meet you,” an obese Gnome said excitedly to Sherlock as he took off his hat and revealed his punk-styled bald head.

“This is the Public Relations Official of the Merchant Alliance Headquarters. All of the compensations and rewards are handled by him,” Nicholas explained to Sherlock.

Sherlock and Evelynn attended the Ball. On Sherlock’s shoulder was a parrot, and behind him was Eggface, who was dressed as a secretary.

Nicholas was Sherlock’s host, so he was busy introducing Sherlock to all of the related officials of the Merchant Alliance and important merchants of raw materials. Sherlock was going to build factories at the crossroad intersection outpost, so he was going to need some business contacts.

Sherlock nodded at Nicholas and extended his hand towards the Gnome in front of him.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you. I’m sorry to have caused you trouble. I hope we can have good collaborations.”

Evelynn looked nervously at the important guests. She was previously working in Winterfell as part of the Merchant Alliance. She heard of these legendary guests when she chatted with her colleagues. Now that they were standing right before her, she felt that it was a bit unreal.

Evelynn thought that Lord Sherlock was able to hold his ground very well.

After a series of introductions, Nicholas brought Sherlock to a buffet area and said, “Lord Sherlock, I’m going to the Merchant Alliance Headquarters to report on my progress. You may have something to eat or walk around. I look forward to your dance with Miss Evelynn.”

“It’s alright, please go ahead.”

Sherlock smiled at Nicholas while Evelynn was blushing. An evening dance? She hadn’t done such a dance before.

Nicholas bowed to Sherlock and left the Ball.

Sherlock looked around casually as he picked up a fried piece of clay. Inside the clay was a red bean-like paste. It looked very delicious.

He took one piece of the pastry and put it into his mouth. Then he went for the second, third, and fourth pieces…

Eggface walked to a wooden barrel that had the words “Bloody chrysanthemum tea” on it. There were disposable cups beside the barrel, but Eggface didn’t use them. Instead, he opened his mouth at the tap and gulped the contents.

“Lord Sherlock, who is your actual target? Is it the Merchant Alliance Chairman or another character?” the sharp-eyed parrot that was on Sherlock’s shoulder asked.

“Are you aware of something that I don’t know about?” Sherlock asked the parrot as he helped himself to the desserts.

“I’m correct. A great Devil like you wouldn’t possibly participate in such a meaningless Ball. Don’t underestimate my capability! This Ball is our first step in conquering the world. Is that correct?” the parrot said excitedly.

“Polio, Eggface, and Phoenix.”

Sherlock chewed on his food as he said, “Go and find Alexandria. Inform me once you find him.”

“Alexandria? Is that the superior Devil from the picture that you showed us last time? Lord Sherlock, if you want, I’ll kill him. I’ll only need a single flaming attack to get rid of that effeminate superior Devil,” the parrot said to Sherlock.

“I don’t mind if you can do that.”

The parrot opened up his wings and flew towards the crowd.

Eggface didn’t move. He continued to open his mouth at the barrel that was full of bloody chrysanthemum tea.

However, his eyes were looking around attentively. He was also looking for Lord Alexandria.

Evelynn knew about Alexandria, but she didn’t have a deep impression of him. She had only seen him once or twice during her time working in Winterfell, which was quite some time back, so how could she remember him?

Evelynn couldn’t say it out loud, though, as she was disguising herself as the black kitten Polio.

Evelynn walked to the side and looked for Alexandria. She had to pretend she was doing something.

After Evelynn left, Bru said to Sherlock, “Lord Sherlock, why are you looking for Alexandria? Have you had enough of his plotting behind your back?”

“He seems to know a lot about Michelangelo. I’m curious, so I want to ask him directly,” Sherlock replied.

“If that’s the case, you could have written to Alexandria. He’s the successor of the Northern Dukedom, so he should be easy to find.”

“I tried all sorts of ways and means to contact him. I even invited him to Eternal Kingdom, but there was no response,” Sherlock replied to Bru as he took more desserts.

“Is he so insolent as to ignore your letters? If I was him, I’d definitely ask you for forgiveness,” Bru said indignantly.

Sherlock didn’t respond to Bru. He looked in the direction of Evelynn and said, “Alexandria is moving in the crowd. Let’s go.”

As he spoke, Sherlock patted Eggface.