Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 454 - The Succubus' Action

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Chapter 454: The Succubus’ Action

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At the Eternal Kingdom Adventurer’s Guild located in Winterfell’s old district.

“It’s like this, we want to recruit 50 warriors to take charge of the conference security. I hope that you can make arrangements as soon as possible. If possible, let them gather at the Winterfell East Gate and report to me.”

A Werewolf in a western suit sat inside the office of the Adventurer’s Guild and spoke to the Succubus.

“Don’t worry, we’ll arrange for suitable warriors to report to you tomorrow.”

Evelynn recorded the details as she asked, “Which category would you like to register? Is it C, B, or A?”

“I haven’t heard of the Adventurer’s Guild’s categories. Hmm, considering the importance of the conference, I think it’s more appropriate to register for A,” the Werewolf nodded and said solemnly.

“Category A? Hmm, the price will be slightly higher. Are you sure?”

Evelynn was taken aback as she didn’t expect the client to choose the category A.

“We’re sure,” the Werewolf nodded and said.

Evelynn confirmed the client’s choice and recorded in her book: Winterfell Annual Hairdresser Association Conference, mission category A.

After the registration procedure, Evelynn stood up and politely bade the Werewolf farewell.

Evelynn went back to the office and took out a small book, recording the registered mission.

Though Evelynn was only a receptionist and the actual mission registrations were made by Bru, she would faithfully record down all accepted missions.

Though it wasn’t really useful, she felt better. Otherwise, she felt like she was sponging off Lord Sherlock.

The newly registered mission appeared on the mission panel, which was only accessible by the gamers.

A few gamers from the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance accepted this category A mission. Evelynn had worked there for a few months, and although she wasn’t fully aware of all of the Guilds and their names, she recognized the familiar faces of the Guild members.

Due to recent events involving Eternal Kingdom, the reputation of the Adventurer’s Guild was spread far and wide. Many Winterfell residents and other Dungeon Lords would visit the Adventurer’s Guild to contract the services of the reliable gamers.

The gamers wouldn’t quit before meeting their goals. The clients of the Adventurer’s Guild said that they had only contracted the services of five to ten warriors, but they felt that they were being serviced by tens to hundreds of warriors.

As the contracted missions were completed all the time by the resilient gamers, a reliable reputation was created for the Adventurer’s Guild.

The gamers not only served as workers for house chores, but they also provided comprehensive services for conferences and ceremonies.

However, the charges remained the same. The Adventurer’s Guild wouldn’t reject clients if there was money to be made.

The gamers didn’t care if the work was meaningful or suitable for their statuses.

While Evelynn was recording the new mission, Brainiac walked in as usual.

He put his briefcase on the table and sat down.

Evelynn looked worriedly at Brainiac and said, “Brainiac, are you alright? We were worried when you went missing.”

“I’m alright. There was a problem, so I went out with Lord Sherlock. Don’t worry about me.”

After the incursion of Frangipani at Specter College was resolved, Brainiac didn’t go back to work at the Adventurer’s Guild immediately. Instead, he was busy concocting the Fireproofing Potions, which were meant for the gamers of Victoria City. They were going to use the Potions when they fought against the Wyvern.

Sherlock gave this task importance because Queen Victoria had requested the Potions.

The Fireproofing Potions were concocted successfully and sent to Victoria City by the gamers. Hence, Brainiac returned to work at the Adventurer’s Guild.

He wouldn’t be staying at the Adventurer’s Guild for long, as he had to work at the Magical Items Creation Workshop and Alchemy Workshop.

After greeting Brainiac, Evelynn continued with her work. Brainiac was reticent and didn’t converse much with Evelynn.

The gamers in front of Evelynn said, “Gosh, we haven’t asked Brainiac and Missy Succubus!”

“What are you asking?”

“It’s about the black kitten, Polio, learning about ballroom etiquette. Yesterday, a gamer triggered Polio’s Strange Encounter Mission. Have you forgotten about it?”

“Wasn’t the mission aborted as discussed on the forum? Is it still valid? If so, it won’t be a Strange Encounter Mission anymore!”

“Of course, the mission is still valid. If you can tell Polio how to be a qualified dance partner, he’ll give you a reward. Anyway, he’ll say that you’re fooling him, and the reward will be denied. It’s a mystery how this mission is to be completed!”

Evelynn overhead the gamers’ complaints and pondered hard.

Evelynn remembered that Polio was Lord Sherlock’s pet. Why did Polio ask the gamers about ballroom etiquette?

Her intuition told her that things weren’t that simple.

“Can you tell me what happened? Why is Polio learning ballroom etiquette? I attended Winterfell’s Ball with Lord Sherlock, so I’m able to help him,” Evelynn said softly.

The eye sockets of Brainiac lit up when Evelynn was talking to the gamers. Brainiac took out his journal and observed intently while taking notes.

The gamers weren’t interested in Brainiac’s behavior. Instead, they were curious about the strange behavior of Evelynn.

Evelynn seemed interested in the Ball. Perhaps it was a series of Strange Encounter Missions?

“Of course, we know about it. We’ll tell you!” a gamer said immediately. Before he finished speaking, Evelynn took out an item from her pocket and passed it to him.

That was Evelynn’s titbit for afternoon tea. As a girl, it was hard to work without titbits.

The gamers didn’t have to receive Magic Stones as a reward as long as they were compensated. Evelynn knew that they would be just as happy.

The gamers took Evelynn’s titbit and started talking.

“Lord Sherlock is going to Winterfell for a Ball. I heard this from the customer service Black Dragon.”

“He chose Polio to accompany him, but Polio doesn’t know anything about ballroom etiquette.”

“It was difficult for us. We thought for a day on how to teach him.”

Evelynn was dumbstruck.

“Wait, doesn’t Lord Sherlock require a female dance partner? Why did he choose a black kitten?” Evelynn asked.

“Perhaps it’s Sherlie’s special interest. He’s special and has many interests. Sometimes, I wonder how his character was designed.”

“It’s hilarious. You speak as if you know about Sherlock’s character. Even now, we have no idea of Sherlock’s character.”

“At the very least, he’s an animal lover. Look at the number of pets he owns.”

“He’s a philanthropist and a kind Devil. If he hadn’t set up those factories, we wouldn’t have any jobs.”

“You’re cracking me up.”

“Don’t say anymore. Anyway, Sherlie’s awesome. Awesome is the word.”

The gamers discussed Sherlock enthusiastically, but Evelynn was lost in thought.

Sherlock was participating in a Ball and was only bringing that black kitten. The black kitten Polio could be a female cat or other female creature. She was in the guise of a black kitten so that she could be by Lord Sherlock’s side!

That was infuriating. If Evelynn wasn’t careful, a sinful cat would sneak to Lord Sherlock’s side.

That was what Evelynn thought.

She had to find out more. Nobody could obstruct her progress with Lord Sherlock, not a black kitten and not a decadent troublemaking Angel.

Evelynn had to act now.

Polio was in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. He was thinking over the information provided by the gamers. Some of the information was weird. For example, he had to take off his pants while dancing in the Ball.

He felt it was strange, but he didn’t have any reason to rebuke. He thought that dancing was for a couple to emit hormones, shake their heads, and do silly things.

If there was time for dancing, why was money not given? How could there be love without money?

Polio was still undecided whether he was going to take off his pants while dancing with Lord Sherlock. His life was at stake. If he made any mistakes, he could be killed by Lord Sherlock.

He heard a knock at the door. Was it the Lich?

Polio didn’t know. He was lying in his dwelling and had no intention of getting up.

“Aren’t you on duty today? Like opening the door and brewing tea?” the parrot said to Polio.

“Aren’t these chores taken care of by the small Black Dragon?” Polio was lying lazily in his dwelling as he said, “He’s a secretary, while I’m Lord Sherlock’s pet. Have you seen a pet open the door, meow?”

“You’ve accepted your fate as a pet? Oh my god, that’s the reason why you’re a disgrace to the 72 Devils.”

The parrot shook his head. Eggface had his headphones on while playing a computer game, so he didn’t hear the knock.

Even if Eggface was aware, he wouldn’t open the door since it was Polio’s duty today.

Finally, the parrot flew to the door and used his claws to open it.

It wasn’t the Lich at the door, it was the rare appearance of Evelynn.

“Er… Is Miss Polio in?” Evelynn asked timidly at the door.

“Pfff… Miss Polio… hahahaha!”

Evelynn didn’t know why the parrot was laughing so hard.

A black kitten walked over to Evelynn and said, “Miss Polio, what a graceful name. Take a look at me. How am I a Miss, meow?”

“Aren’t you Miss Polio? I heard that Lord Sherlock is taking you to participate in the Ball.” Evelynn asked curiously.

“I don’t wish to talk about it, meow,” Polio said firmly.

“If there’s nothing else, please go back and continue with your work. This is the Dungeon Lord Main Hall. If there are no special reasons, please don’t come here, meow.”

Polio was sick of hearing about the Ball.

“Apologies, you’ve misunderstood me. I’m here to help,” Evelynn smiled and said.

“Are you saying that you can help me, meow? Anything related to the Ball?” Polio sat at the door of Evelynn’s house and asked Evelynn.

“Yes, I’d like to help you,” Evelynn replied.

Polio asked curiously, “Why? We haven’t spoken before, meow.”

“I’m not really helping you. I’m only thinking of helping Lord Sherlock,” Evelynn replied honestly.

She then took out some cat food and poured the contents into a box as she said, “Apologies, I don’t have any good food for you.”

“Cat food! What do you take me for? You’re giving me cat food, meow?”

Polio was agitated, but his expression betrayed him.

He sniffed hard and walked towards the cat food.

He wanted to resist, but as a kitten, he was instinctively drawn to the cat food.

The kitten’s instinct was engraved into his soul.

Polio approached the cat food.

“How are you going to be a dance partner? As a kitten, you’re unable to be a dance partner.”

Evelynn asked while she watched Polio enjoy the cat food.

“I have my ways. Do you think I’m only a black kitten? I’m not a simple black kitten. I can transform into anything I want. And that includes you. I have specially created a dance partner in the image of the Ancient Gods!”

Polio chewed the cat food as he took out a picture.

The picture depicted a vicious monster with frightening fangs and claws. Even the Underworld creatures would be fearful of this monster.

“What’s this?” Evelynn asked as she examined the picture.

“This is the appearance of the dance partner for Lord Sherlock. Don’t you think it’s cool? It was designed by the citizens of Eternal Kingdom.”

Polio said, “They said that if Lord Sherlock’s partner looks like the picture, he’ll be very happy, meow.”

“I don’t think so,” Evelynn said in disbelief.

“Really? But I feel that Lord Sherlock will like it, meow.” Polio smiled and said, “He’s such an evil Devil, and his soul is rotten to the core, meow…”

“When is the Ball?”

“Why do you have so many questions? It’s tonight. I’ll leave with Lord Sherlock in the afternoon, meow.”

Polio was enjoying his cat food, so he didn’t notice that Evelynn was behind him holding a wooden club and getting close to him.

With a swing of the club, Polio fell to the ground.

Evelynn trembled as she held the wooden club.

“Apologies, but this is the only way I can help. You’ll be fine.”

Evelynn dragged Polio into a cabinet in her room.

After putting sufficient water and cat food inside, she locked the cabinet. Then she apologized silently in front of the cabinet.

After that, she left the room.

Soon after Evelynn left, Polio opened his eyes and muttered to himself, “Don’t blame me, the Succubus has to shoulder all of the responsibility.”