Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 453 - Young Wyvern

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Chapter 453: Young Wyvern

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The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were discussing how to proceed with Polio’s Strange Encounter Mission, while the gamers of Victoria City were concerned about Dragonborn’s Strange Encounter Mission.

Twelve hours after being taken away by the Wyvern, Dragonborn appeared on the discussion forum and created a post.

[I am Dragonborn. I am very nervous.]

“I am Dragonborn. I am very nervous.

I didn’t wish to create a live post, but my friends requested it. They felt I should help advertise our Guild. So, I wrote this post.

I am the Guild Chairman of For that night with Sherlock.

Gamers who need help can approach our Guild Stronghold, which has a sign on the door.

Everyone must be curious to know what happened to me. It was nothing much.

I traveled with the Wyvern for two hours before it rested on a cliff. It didn’t discover my presence, so I took off my Pauldron silently and leaped onto the cliff.

This cliff looked like the Wyvern’s nest. I saw four eggs in its nest.


This is the picture of the nest. I’m as tall as the eggs.

Lying in the nest, I noticed the special wood that the Wyvern likes.


The wood is stacked like this.

This must be his stored food for his young Wyverns that are to be hatched. This must be the reason why the Wyvern is searching and accumulating food. That’s what I’m guessing.

I’m wandering on the cliff and checking out the environment. The large Wyvern only rested for a while before flying off. It hasn’t returned.

I’m not sure what I should do next. I can’t kill myself and return to the Revival Point. I can only stay close to the nest to see if there is any Plot development. If there is, I’ll inform everyone.”

That was all for the post. It was simple.

Dragonborn didn’t respond to the replies of the gamers because he was back in the game, checking for new developments of the Strange Encounter.

He had already waited for tens of hours. He shouldn’t waste time on the discussion forum and miss the important Plot.

Dragonborn was correct. When he returned to the game, he noticed a large figure above his head. The Wyvern descended from the sky and landed next to the nest.

Dragonborn hid in a concave rock, so the Wyvern didn’t discover him.

The Wyvern walked around the nest before checking the eggs. It nudged the eggs with its head as though it was encouraging them to hatch.

The Wyvern appeared nervous, and it nudged the eggs for half an hour.

Suddenly, one of the eggs shook, and cracks appeared on the eggshell. Dragonborn opened his eyes widely. The Wyvern was even more excited. Its mouth touched the eggshell as though it wanted to peel the shell off.

A young Wyvern was hatching.

Dragonborn didn’t expect to witness the hatching of a young Wyvern. He was thinking of how he could steal the eggs.

Then he heard strange sounds from the sky.

Dragonborn lifted his head and saw a dense black mass flying over. He was curious, and the mass flew above his head.

It was a large group of crows.

If he didn’t witness it, it would be hard to believe that a large group of crows flew towards the Wyvern.

The crows flew towards the surprised Wyvern, which breathed fire at them.

Most of the crows dodged to the side. Only a few crows were burnt.

The crows weren’t frightened off by the Wyvern. After dodging, they adjusted their direction and approached the Wyvern.

They used their claws and sharp beaks to attack the Wyvern.

The crows attacked the vulnerable parts of the Wyvern, like its nostrils and eyes.

The parts of the Wyvern that were without scales were attacked by the crows. Even if it was a Wyvern, it couldn’t endure the pain.

The Wyvern bellowed and flapped its wings.

The crows weren’t afraid of the Wyvern, attacking its eyes and other vulnerable parts.

The Wyvern couldn’t bear it as it breathed fire, but the flames didn’t hit any target. The Wyvern flapped its wings, and its body lifted as the Wyvern left the nest.

Dragonborn witnessed the Wyvern and crows leaving. He hesitated as to whether he should grab the opportunity to escape with the hatched Wyvern.

The cliff was too high, and the egg was too large. Dragonborn felt that he had no means to take away the egg.

Dragonborn suddenly recalled that a hatched creature would recognize the first creature it saw as its mother. If he were to dash out now and let the young Wyvern notice him, would it treat him as its mother and follow him? Dragonborn felt that it was highly probable. Perhaps the game was designed this way.

He decided to try it out. What if it was successful?

Dragonborn observed that the crows and the large Wyvern were receding into the distance. He didn’t know when they would return, so he decided not to delay and miss the chance. He quickly dashed towards the rocking egg.

The eggshell was full of cracks, and it emitted knocking sounds. The young Wyvern was about to break its shell.

Dragonborn was thinking of using his weapon to help the young Wyvern when the eggshell was abruptly broken. Before Dragonborn, a turkey-like Wyvern popped its head out of the shell. It didn’t have any scales, and it was bald.

The large turkey looked at Dragonborn and blinked its bulb-sized eyes, then shouted to Dragonborn, “Chirp! Chirp!”

The large turkey shouted at Dragonborn again.

Though the young Wyvern sounded like it was scolding him, its expression was warm.

Dragonborn wasn’t angry, because he knew that his plan was working well. The bald Wyvern was rubbing him intimately, acting as though they were family.

“It’s successful. I’ve succeeded!”

Dragonborn was unable to suppress his joy. But how was he going to escape?

The cliff was so high that the bottom couldn’t be seen, and the sides were steep. It was dangerous for him to scale the cliff and suicidal for him to bring the young Wyvern along.

The game Plot made a decision for him. The crows that followed the large Wyvern returned, and their target was Dragonborn.

The crows formed groups and dove at Dragonborn, who covered his head. He depended on his armor to deflect the crows’ attack, which was like a tornado that wrapped around him.

The newly hatched Wyvern didn’t know what was happening. It looked at the crows attacking Dragonborn and chirped incessantly with worry.

Dragonborn felt the crows clawing him, and the force made him unsteady. He soon wavered and fell to the side of the cliff.

Dragonborn kept his wits as the crows tried to push him off the cliff.

Dragonborn didn’t know what the crows were up to. It seemed that they were stopping Dragonborn from acquiring the young Wyvern. He had waited tens of hours for a Wyvern to hatch, so how could he let the crows wreck his plan to escape with a young Wyvern?

Dragonborn covered his head with one hand and slashed the Crimson Sword wildly with the other, trying to fend off the crows that surrounded him.

Even the Wyvern was unable to chase the crows off. Dragonborn’s shoulder was badly wounded since it was without a Pauldron.

The other parts of his body that weren’t protected by armor were badly wounded as well. Fortunately, his body wasn’t as big as the Wyvern’s, so the crows were unable to peck at his eyes.

Dragonborn wasn’t concerned about his wounds as long as they weren’t life-threatening.

The gamers were unable to feel pain.

Dragonborn was wary of the nudging of the crows, as they were going to push him off the cliff.

The large Wyvern returned again, releasing a loud shriek that filled the sky above the cliff.

It dove down at Dragonborn, who was harassed by the crows.

The crows dodged, while Dragonborn crouched to avoid the Wyvern’s sharp claws.

The Wyvern flew over Dragonborn’s head, while the remaining crows went after the Wyvern.

Dragonborn fell to the ground. When he saw the crows and Wyvern fly away, he quickly climbed up.

The newly hatched young Wyvern was flapping its bare wings near Dragonborn. It walked unsteadily towards him as it said, “Chirp! Chirp!”

The young Wyvern’s chirping was full of concern.

Though Dragonborn evaded the crows’ attack, he was unable to escape with the young Wyvern.

The turkey-sized Wyvern ran before Dragonborn and pounced into his arms.

The Wyvern mistook Dragonborn for its mother.

“Chirp… chirp…”

Dragonborn thought that the young Wyvern was cute when it rested in his arms playfully.

The young Wyvern was cute, but it was difficult for Dragonborn to escape with it.

A loud shriek rang above him. Dragonborn lifted his head and saw huge claws coming at him, so he hugged the young Wyvern and rolled on the ground. The large Wyvern grasped a handful of soil at Dragonborn’s previous spot.

The large Wyvern’s eyes were hurt, and there was fresh blood flowing from their edges. The crows circled above the Wyvern, waiting for their next attack.

The large Wyvern was furious with the egg thief Dragonborn rather than the pesky crows.

As the large Wyvern was about to attack Dragonborn, it had to abort its plan. The young, naked Wyvern walked unsteadily in front of Dragonborn and opened up its scaleless wings. It screeched, “Neema! Neema!”

Dragonborn thought the young Wyvern was scolding the large Wyvern.

The screeching sounded familiar to what the young Wyvern said to Dragonborn. Was it scolding Dragonborn just now?

Dragonborn didn’t know why he was bothered by these irrelevant questions.

Dragonborn didn’t know how the large Wyvern would feel when the young Wyvern scolded it. However, the large Wyvern must have felt pretty bad.

The large Wyvern was puzzled by the action of the young Wyvern. It shouted twice to its child, but the child screeched, “Neema! Neema!”

The circling crows dove down again. This time, their target was the newly hatched Wyvern.

The large Wyvern wasn’t bothered by Dragonborn since the crows were attacking. It turned its head and flew towards the crows as it breathed fire and flapped its wings furiously. The large Wyvern wanted to chase off those pesky crows who were intent on attacking its child.

Dragonborn noticed that the large Wyvern was distracted by the crows. He wanted to take the chance to escape with the young Wyvern.

The young Wyvern had returned to him.

Dragonborn was curious about what the young Wyvern was doing. It flapped its wings and circled around him as if it was hinting at something.

The young Wyvern flew to Dragonborn’s side and butted its head at Dragonborn’s arms in a bid to raise them. When Dragonborn didn’t respond, the young Wyvern ran to Dragonborn’s front and prompted him with its flapping wings.

Dragonborn understood. The young Wyvern wanted him to learn how to fly. Was the young Wyvern thinking of making Dragonborn escape by flying?

It was impossible, Dragonborn couldn’t fly. Unfortunately, he couldn’t explain that to the young Wyvern.

Dragonborn left his previous spot with the young Wyvern. If he climbed down the cliff, he might have a better chance of surviving than if he stayed.

Dragonborn didn’t want to wait for his death. It wasn’t easy for him to have such a precious Strange Encounter Mission. He would never give up.

He followed the young Wyvern to the side of the cliff, then climbed down while the young Wyvern flapped its wings beside him.

Meanwhile, the large Wyvern was battling the crows in the sky.

Dragonborn felt that he had reached his limit after climbing down a few meters. The side of the cliff was too steep for any creature to climb.

However, he had no other choices. Above him were the pesky crows and the frightening Wyvern.

Though he was in a precarious situation, he was thinking of using a weapon to help him scale the side of the cliff.

Dragonborn grasped his Crimson Sword using a single hand and pierced it into the side of the cliff. Then he unsheathed the Dagger from his waist and pierced it at a lower spot before pulling out the Crimson Sword and repeating the process.

He could succeed!

Dragonborn felt exhausted, but it was a feasible solution to scale down the side of the cliff.

However, things didn’t turn out as planned. The crows and the large Wyvern charged at him.

With the combined attacks of the Wyvern and the crows, Dragonborn was unable to balance himself.

Dragonborn fell and screamed loudly, and the young Wyvern dove steeply towards him…