Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 449 - Frangipani’s Plan

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Chapter 449: Frangipani’s Plan

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Pit-pattering rain fell on the upturned turf of grass that was kicked up by horses. The scent of fresh soil pervaded the air. An Elf who had green symbols on his head walked over the grass. He lowered his head and grabbed some clay to stuff into his mouth, but he was stopped by his Human comrade. The Human gave him an eye signal and looked at another person who didn’t have green symbols above his head.

“Don’t eat. Be immersive in your role,” the Human with green symbols above his head said.

They were in a long contingent that consisted mostly of Fairies, Humans, and Elves with green symbols above their heads.

They were transporting various materials like metal from Eternal Kingdom.

The destination was Goldshire Town.

Though the gamers didn’t find any traces of the Wyvern, they had a massive breakthrough in forging weapons for fighting it.

Many gamers contributed their knowledge, especially the technically inclined gamers who designed powerful Ballistas.

They said, “Just like the Hobbits in the movies, we can shoot down the Wyvern.”

Nobody knew if the arrows could penetrate the Wyvern’s armor as they hadn’t seen one. The survivors of the Wyvern attack couldn’t provide any information. Besides describing it as Dragon-like, they didn’t have other details. They were terrified by the Wyvern’s appearance, steep diving, and breathing of flames and were just glad that they survived.

The Humans without green symbols above their heads were residents of Goldshire Town who were acting as guides. The gamers didn’t know how to get to Goldshire Town.

Lancelot was leading the contingent while chatting with the guide.

“Nobody expected such a thing to happen. Since my aunt left, I felt that something ominous would happen. The Duke of York sent some Knights to our town. I thought they were levying mandatory taxes. Our town isn’t doing well financially, and the mayor didn’t pay the required taxes. Then the Knights attacked Victoria City. Don’t be mistaken, we aren’t gloating about them attacking you. Do you get my meaning?”

Lancelot was listening intently to the guide who complained about his education and work. As a member of the Church government, he had to revise his homework daily. Lancelot wasn’t interested in such stuff.

While Lancelot was wondering when the guide would stop talking, he heard galloping sounds ahead and saw a horseman.

He screamed, “Wyvern! It’s a Wyvern!”

Lancelot tugged his reins nervously. He was about to ask for the Wyvern’s location when a loud bellow answered his question.

With a shrill shriek, a winged figure of about twenty to thirty meters flew over Lancelot’s head, and the shadow engulfed the convoy.

“Holy cow! What’s that?”

“This is exciting. That’s a Wyvern, It’s a Wyvern!”

“Prepare the long-distance weapons. Everyone disperse!”

The gamers shouted excitedly while the residents of Goldshire Town fled in terror.

The Wyvern observed the convoy while it flew from the start to the end. Then it returned and opened its mouth that was full of sharp teeth.

Fatal flames shot out from his mouth.

The flames engulfed the goods, horses, and gamers, which melted instantly.

This included the gamers’ equipment.

“Shucks! How could I forget? The Wyvern’s flames will melt our equipment!”

“Why are we still fighting? Let’s flee and find some cover!”

“Help, help, help me put out the fire. My Plate Leggings are burning!”

The gamers witnessed the destruction of the flames and panicked, fleeing in all directions. The Wyvern was relishing in the destruction. It came back, flew over the convoy, and breathed more fire.

The long contingent was wrecked by the Wyvern, and the gamers and residents of Goldshire Town fled in panic. As for Lancelot, he was unable to deal with the Wyvern.

He prayed that the flames wouldn’t hit him as he tugged the reins to guide the horse towards the forest. The other gamers also ran towards the forest. Though, a few stray gamers fled to the plains and became live targets for the Wyvern.

The entire convoy was in flames.

Dragonborn walked out of the Revival Point. Many other gamers of Victoria City also walked out naked from the Revival Point. They cursed and swore as they proceeded to their Stronghold.

“What the heck? Why is the Wyvern so strong? It destroyed us with a breath of fire. Not even our equipment was spared.”

“Cool. If we kill this Wyvern, our rewards won’t be less than the rewards received by those silly gamers of Eternal Kingdom.”

“It’s difficult. Our lives are difficult. We can’t hit the Wyvern in the sky. If only we had an Airship or a seventy to eighty meters tall Gundam. I’d slash the Wyvern to bits.”

Dragonborn proceeded to his Stronghold. During the Wyvern’s attack, Dragonborn was killed by the Wyvern’s flames.

When Dragonborn passed by Lord Lilo’s Castle, he noticed many gamers gathered at the entrance.

“What happened?” Dragonborn asked a gamer.

“Someone stood at the entrance and shouted to the Queen that the Wyvern killed her citizens. It was meant as a joke, but the Queen appeared and asked for the details. We are now waiting for new developments in the Plot,” the gamer explained excitedly.

“What’s there to be excited about? Is this the first time you’re playing this game? Isn’t it normal for the gamers to develop the Plot? A lot of Plots are developed by us,” another gamer said.

An excited gamer walked out of the Castle. He was followed by two Hamsters and Queen Victoria.

“The Plot is starting. Everyone be quiet!” a gamer shouted. There was no need for a reminder. When Queen Victoria appeared, the gamers went into Plot Animation Mode.

“I heard that you discovered a Wyvern. Our priority is to attack the Duke of York. As a Queen, it’s not appropriate for me to venture outside without a proper ride. After discussing with my advisors, Second Boss and Fat Otaku, I decided to let you, my citizens, capture the Wyvern and give you generous rewards. Second Boss and Fat Otaku will provide appropriate assistance as it’s hard for you to defend against the Wyvern’s flame attacks. That’s all. Disperse.”

Queen Lilo went back into the Castle after speaking.

The gamers started chatting once the Plot Animation Mode was deactivated.

“I said there’s a Plot Mission. It’s great. We have the gold from Goldshire Town and the Queen’s reward. I guess it’s Legendary Equipment.”

“She can’t possibly give Legendary Equipment to everyone. The rewards will be allocated according to contribution. There might not be any Legendary Equipment. Perhaps, it’s just Reputation Points and gold coins. That’s what Eternal Kingdom is doing.”

“Is Victoria City the same as Eternal Kingdom? Their missions are exploiting them. We only have to spend gold coins to buy powerful equipment, while they have to spend Magic Stones.”

The gamers discussed enthusiastically. They were thrilled by the latest Plot.

That was after the Queen returned to her Castle.

Two Hamsters stood at the entrance and looked at the gamers. Second Boss shouted, “Warriors of Victoria City, we’ll provide fireproofing materials for your equipment. This will require three days and some materials. Let me take a look…”

The Hamster took out a piece of paper and read the words from it.

The mission notice appeared before the gamers.

[Mission Title: Preparation For Hunting The Wyvern

Mission Description: The Wyvern attacked the citizens of Victoria City. Queen Victoria is enraged. She has decided to capture it and use it as her personal ride. Warriors, we have to capture the destructive Wyvern. Preparations are needed for hunting the Wyvern.

Mission Objective:

Work at the Stronghold at the road intersection: 0/50,000 hours (Full-service mission)

Submit various materials: 0/100,000 (Full-service mission)

Mission Reward: Queen Victoria will obtain her ride, while the gamers will obtain Reputation Points and the Queen’s reward. We aren’t sure what reward that is.

Mission Penalty: Queen Victoria will be unhappy and will hunt for the Wyvern for a long time. The gamers will be unable to attack the York Territory.]

The gamers weren’t sure what effects the Mission Penalty had on them. However, to allow the Plot to progress, the gamers would work diligently and submit the required materials. The gamers were used to being exploited anyway.

Dragonborn returned to his Stronghold to retrieve new equipment after watching the Plot Animation. Unlike Arthur, he didn’t have Legendary Equipment that wouldn’t be destroyed. He only had a Legendary Weapon that was Soulbound to him.

“Dragonborn Bro!”

When he entered the Stronghold, he saw a female character approaching him. It was Softie.

“Wah, she’s sweet when greeting Dragonborn. We don’t receive such good treatment,” a Guild member teased Softie.

Softie showed her clenched fist and punched the member who teased her, then pushed him away.

She wanted him to bug off so that he wouldn’t interrupt the private conversation between Dragonborn and herself.

That Guild member left, but Dragonborn didn’t talk much to Softie. It wasn’t because he was cold to Softie, it was because a few gamers were waiting outside the Guild Stronghold.

“Is Dragonborn in? Where’s your Guild Chairman?”

Dragonborn heard the voices and walked out. He noticed a few Humans and Elves, and Hoodlum was standing in front. He was prominent due to his deformed spine.

“What is it?” Dragonborn asked, bewildered. He felt that they weren’t there to create trouble since their Guilds had a good relationship. They cooperated in previous battles. Compared to Eternal Kingdom, the gamers of Victoria City were more united.

“We’re here to discuss the hunting of the Wyvern.”

Hoodlum said solemnly, “We have a bold plan.”

Sherlock was busy recently, and not because of playing computer games or browsing the discussion forum. It was because of the rewards and compensation from the Specter Committee and the Merchant Alliance.

Sherlock had taken great losses during the battle with Frangipani, and he was unable to get back all of his lost Magic Stones. At least he could obtain around 20 to 30 million Magic Stones.

The price tag of 20 to 30 million Magic Stones was too high for both Specter Committee and the Merchant Alliance, despite Eternal Kingdom getting rid of the Ancient Gods army commander.

After a series of negotiations, the Merchant Alliance and the Specter Committee decided to share the reward and damage compensation of 5 million Magic Stones. The remaining 2 million Magic Stones were for death compensation.

Alchemy materials, food, and equipment worth 1.5 million Magic Stones were also paid for by the Merchant Alliance and the Specter Committee.

Sherlock preferred cash, but he was agreeable to the terms of the final negotiation.

The compensation wouldn’t be paid immediately. Instead, the payments would be settled over a period of time.

Though Sherlock was busy, he was in a good mood. He managed to change the water for his pet tortoise.

Sherlock hummed a tune as he held a basin of boiling liquid and poured it into a glass tank in the Dungeon Lord Main Hall.

Sherlock wasn’t torturing the tortoise. As a commander of the Ancient Gods army, Frangipani required such a liquid environment to help him recuperate. Frangipani couldn’t possibly live in ordinary water.

Sherlock left the Dungeon Lord Main Hall after changing the liquid in the tortoise tank.

An hour later, a black kitten and a parrot walked in, exhausted.

“Wah, you’re pretty high class. I haven’t enjoyed such services before.”

The black kitten stood before the glass tank and looked enviously at Frangipani.

Frangipani didn’t respond. He looked fierce. If the black kitten was placed in the glass tank, he would bite him to death.

“Don’t waste your effort, this tortoise can’t speak. I haven’t heard him say a single word,” the parrot who was perched on a platform said to the black kitten Polio.

“What are you doing here? Go and work. Lord Sherlock assigned both of you to prepare fireproofing materials that are to be delivered to Victoria City in a few days. Brainiac is unable to cope.”

A Black Dragon came in and pushed open the door. He moved to the shelf and grabbed a huge teapot before brewing some bloody chrysanthemum tea.

Eggface wasn’t afraid of the water temperature. He put his claws in the teapot and stirred to make the tea even, then poured the contents into his mouth.

Goo loo, goo loo…

Eggface finished all of the tea. When he was about to brew another pot of bloody chrysanthemum tea, the parrot ran to the cover of the bloody chrysanthemum tea can. He used his claws to fasten the tea can and said to Eggface, “No, Lord Sherlock said that you can only drink a single pot of bloody chrysanthemum tea. Look at your weight. As a Black Dragon, you can’t even fly.”

The parrot scoffed at Eggface.

Eggface frowned and looked fiercely at the parrot, making threatening “Hoo loo, hoo loo” sounds.

But the unyielding parrot wasn’t afraid.

“Let’s go. If Lord Sherlock finds out we’re idling, we’ll be in deep soup.”

Polio stopped Eggface and Phoenix from bickering and left the room. Phoenix flapped his wings and followed Polio.

Eggface left subsequently, leaving the tortoise alone in the tank.

The eyes of the tortoise lit up as he looked at the ajar door and the busy gamers outside. “I, Frangipani, want to leave this place.”

“To do that, I thought very hard for a few days before coming up with a plan.”

1: Leave the glass tank.

2: Leave Eternal Kingdom.

3: Kill Sherlock.