Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 431 - Fanciful Battle

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Chapter 431: Fanciful Battle

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Lancelot sat at the entrance of the Guild For that night with Sherlock with a group of patient gamers. He had sat at the entrance for a few hours.

After treating the young girl, Lancelot felt something change within him.

Lancelot wasn’t a virgin. As a Knight, it wasn’t the first time he touched a woman.

In fact, he was previously exiled because of a woman.

When he was a subordinate of Glamorgan, he stayed in the same room as Count Glamorgan’s wife for a night. When he woke up, he was no longer clothed, and Count Glamorgan’s wife was washing his clothes and flirting with him.

Count Glamorgan came into the room and witnessed everything.

Lancelot swore that it started because he had too much to drink!

When he thought about it, he felt that someone might have framed him.

Lancelot recalled his painful experiences and felt as though he was on the bed and looking at Count Glamorgan’s expression. The ironic thing was that he was now Count Glamorgan, and his territory was circled on the ground by the citizens of Victoria City.

Lilo and the citizens of Victoria City treated the nobles, their titles, and their territory like a game, but he knew they weren’t joking.

How could revival be a joke?

His memories allowed Lancelot to feel the evil of the human heart and gave him a sense of discouragement.

But today, seeing the wounded girl’s innocent face and flat chest, the naive feelings made Lancelot return to his youth and the girl next door…

Lancelot shook his head. It was his first time meeting the young girl. How could he have such thoughts!

The door creaked open. Untouchable cleaned his hands as he walked out.

Lancelot sprung up and asked the Elf nervously, “How is it? The situation inside.”

“Fortunately, you provided first aid. If not, he would have died before I arrived. He’s alright now, I used Mana to treat his wounds. We’ll wait for the young lad to recover consciousness. He’s got tough willpower,” Untouchable said.


Lancelot felt relieved.

A group of gamers was getting ready to dash inside, but Untouchable stopped them and said, “Don’t go inside. The wounded patient needs a lot of rest. If the arrow deviated by a few centimeters, it would have penetrated his heart. It was a great fortune. I arranged for two clean lads to take care of the young lad, so there won’t be any problems.”

The gamers immediately made disgruntled noises. As for Lancelot, he felt as though his head was hammered because of the Elf’s words.

“Wait, did you say young lad?”

“Ah, I know girls are more meticulous. But how do you know that the wounded lad isn’t LGBT? If he’s LGBT, letting girls take care of him is too cruel! Even if he’s not LGBT, he won’t reject being taken care of by guys!” the Elf, Untouchable, said loudly.

The gamers rebuked him immediately.

“No, like a normal person, I reject being taken care of by guys!”

“It has surfaced! Double standards have surfaced!”

“I oppose that. I strongly support LGBT!”

“I feel that he’s right.”

Lancelot couldn’t endure their chatting. He couldn’t believe that the person who made his heart thump faster was a lad.

“Holy cow!”

While it was noisy outside, there was an exclamation shriek coming from inside the house. A gamer ran out and shouted, “That lad said that 3,000 Knights of the Duke of York arrived at Goldshire Town three days ago! They’re coming to attack us!”

“What! That fast?”

Lancelot was shocked. He turned around and ran towards the Castle. There was no reason for the wounded lad to lie. Though it wasn’t known why he was helping Victoria City, the important thing was to defend Victoria City.

Some gamers followed Lancelot, while others stayed put to see if there was any development of the Plot.

Victoria City was filled with a sense of happiness.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

The galloping of horses was heard on a small hill not far from Victoria Forest.

The 3,000 Knights of the York Territory spent a day arriving there, and they quickly chose a location for their battle plan.

The terrain was hilly and suitable for deployment, and there were no trees on either side. Only 500 Knights were required to bait the main forces of Victoria City out. With the Knights charging from high ground and infantry charging forward, it was a sure win situation.

Even if Victoria City had 30,000 troops, they would be defeated.

The golden-haired commander rode his horse and surveyed his Knights. Behind the Knights were about 10,000 foot soldiers who were also the servants of the Knights. They served the Knights when not in battle. During the battle, they became light Cavalry, Infantry, or reserve troops.

The golden-haired commander didn’t bring along any steam-powered weapons. It was going to be a massacre, so there was no need to bring along the big toys.

“John!” the golden-haired commander shouted at a black-haired Knight who rode his horse forward and looked at the commander.

“You’ll deploy here. I’ll lead the 500 Knights to bait them!”

“Sir George! You’re a commander. It’s too dangerous to be bait. Let me go instead!” John said righteously. Before he finished speaking, a few nearby Knights ran over and shouted, “Commander! There’s a large group of enemies charging from the forest!”

“What? What did you say?” George couldn’t believe his ears. More and more Knights ran out from the forest, and birds took flight from the fright. Indeed, there was a large group of people moving in the woods.

“Everyone, prepare for battle!”

George gave the order to the Knights who were resting behind them.

The Knights were fast. At the same time, the servants pulled out their long-range weapons. The warriors of Victoria City would be met with the raining of arrows.

The Duke of York’s order was to enslave the citizens of Victoria City. But from the viewpoint of a battle, they had to defeat and intimidate the enemy before capturing them.

The Knights spent little time getting into their formation.

The servants pulled out their Short Bows and stood in the front row. The back rows were made up of foot soldiers, while the middle rows and the flanks were made up of 1,000 Knights.

When the battle commenced, the Knights would attack the enemy from different directions and timing. Of course, that was only if the enemy was the main force.

George wasn’t afraid of the battle with Victoria City. His fear was letting the enemy escape. The enemy struck first because they received information. The fortunate thing was that the chance of the enemy fleeing was slim since they attacked preemptively.

Back at the camp, the advisor came out of his tent when he heard the commotion. A few servants immediately guided a horse to his location. The advisor was present to survey the Knights, not to participate in the battle. Therefore, he immediately reined his horse and left the camp.

John rode his horse and walked beside George. He looked at the movement in the woods and smiled as he said, “They are a group of daredevils. They dared to attack us first. I didn’t expect them to have intelligence. It must be the work of a resident of Goldshire Town.”

“We’ll capture the mole later on. There are lots of enemies. Be prepared for battle, John,” George said.

John nodded and pulled down his golden mask, then rode his horse towards the left flank Knights.

Before them, sounds of charging screams were heard from Victoria Forest. A group of barbarians with mashed-up armor and messy hair dashed out. They were handsome with proportionate figures. Some were tall, some were short, and there were even those who were ugly and deformed. Some were horse riders, but most of them couldn’t run very fast.

Looking at such hilarious troops, it was unbelievable that they were charging at George’s well-trained army.

George couldn’t help looking at the advisor behind him who was leaving. He was full of disdain for the advisor. He was wary of Victoria City when the advisor fled back to the Castle of York in fear. However, looking at the haphazard enemy maneuvers, he knew that his troop formations were going to massacre them.

When the enemy was getting close, George waved his hand, and the signaling officer shouted loudly, “Ready the Bows! Prepare—!”

The neat sounds of pulled bowstrings rang out beside George. Then there was a shout, “Fire—!”


Thousands of arrows flew past the horizon before raining down on the charging enemies.

A portion of the enemies fell to the ground, while the rest of them charged with arrows sticking out of their bodies. Under normal circumstances, should they not be writhing in pain on the ground?

George didn’t expect their combat willpower to be that strong. The signaling officer gave the order for the second volley. This time, more enemies fell to the ground. But the enemies continued charging while being shot.

George even witnessed a charging enemy who had multiple arrows lodged in him.

As the signaling officer was about to order the third volley, George lifted his hand to stop him. He wanted to have more slaves instead of killing them. The enemies who were shot by arrows would die after the battle ended. If all of the enemies were to die, how could George return with only a few hundred slaves?

“Prepare to follow me!”

The golden-haired George rode majestically on his muscular stallion and came before the Knights, lifting his Longsword and rallying them.

The Knights had high morale. George pulled down his mask and charged in the front, and the Knights followed him. The ground soon shook with the galloping of horses.

The charging warriors of Victoria City became excited when they saw the handsome horses and the well-equipped Knights. They roared like wild beasts, but George wasn’t bothered by it. He was confident that the barbarians wouldn’t survive the first wave of attack!

It was just as George expected.

The Knights sliced through the Victorian warriors. It was a massacre.

The strong willpower of the Victorian warriors was unable to withstand the impact of the Warhorses and the rapid slashing of the weapons.

But the gamers’ combat willpower wasn’t ordinary willpower.

George charged through the paper-like resistance, but his speed gradually slowed down as he waded through the Victorian warriors. He felt a strange feeling while the horse was galloping.

As a commander, his combat wisdom, bravery, fighting techniques, and battle experience were excellent. What kind of battle had he not encountered? When he lowered his head, he gasped in shock.

He had never seen such a situation before!

He saw a figure hanging onto his horse’s leg!

It was an Elf!

The Elf had strange symbols above his head, and he grabbed tightly onto the horse’s leg. When the horse galloped, it dragged the Elf along, leaving behind a grotesque and bloody mess.

The Elf didn’t die and was muttering, “This horse is mine, this horse is mine…”

If he wasn’t in the midst of a battle, George would have dismounted and ended the life of this crazy Elf.

When George glanced at his horse, another Human grabbed onto the horse’s hind leg.

The Human was like the Elf. He had strange green symbols above his head and was shouting, “Gosh! This horse is very cool!”

He was indifferent to the fact that his body was being dragged along the ground and causing fatal injuries.

George’s horse was still able to gallop with difficulty after an Elf grabbed onto one of its legs. But with a Human also grabbing its hind leg, the horse was unable to run.

George’s Warhorse tripped and fell to the ground, forcing George to release the reins and jump off. He didn’t panic, though, because his comrades were behind him!

George turned his head and saw many Knights being pulled off of their horses. However, it was only a small number, and there were many Knights still mounted.

At this moment, the left and right flank Knights attacked, and the foot soldiers behind also charged. However, George didn’t know this since he was deep in the enemy ranks. He unsheathed his Longsword, which reflected the sunlight. The shiny reflection of his precious Sword was normally enough to instill fear in his enemies, but the gamers at his sides didn’t show any fear. Instead, their eyes lit up with greediness.

An eagle flapped its wings while its eyes glimmered with Mana rays. It flew over the boundary of Victoria Forest. Over there, there was a black and dense mass. A vicious battle was occurring.

The three-pronged attack of the Warhorses cornered the Victorian warriors, while the tens of thousands of foot soldiers charged forward and overwhelmed the numerically inferior Victorian warriors.

The Victorian warriors perished, but reinforcements kept coming out of the forest. Some were alone, some were in tens, while some were in hundreds. However, they were enough to prevent the Victorian warriors from being annihilated.

John was killed during the battle. When George discovered his dead body, his equipment was all stripped, and his horse was missing. A noble Knight suffered such a humiliating death.

There was no compassion in battle. The Knights were prepared to be killed in battle. That was the truth of war.

George had no time to grieve over the death of his old friend. At the side, one of his Knights was using a rope to tie up a struggling Victorian. His hands were cut off before he was subdued.

George pushed the Knight away and shouted, “Don’t capture them, kill them! They have a massive amount of reinforcements!”

The Knight was stunned, but he quickly pulled out his weapon and aimed it at the restrained prisoner who was looking hopeless. When the prisoner saw the weapon, he shouted excitedly, “Gosh! Kill me immediately! I’ve been tied up for ten minutes!”

The Knight killed him without mercy.

George witnessed the killing. Such a Victorian was too terrifying.

George was lost in thought when he saw a black figure flash by. He threw himself to the side to evade. Then, he saw a deformed Human. It was Hoodlum!

George recognized the man who was prominent in the Gladiator Arena. Hoodlum was armed with two Short Swords, and he had a Short Sword in his mouth too.

With three swords, Hoodlum’s swordsmanship was on a divine level.