Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 43 - Version 0.02 Update Log

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Chapter 43: Version 0.02 Update Log

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The beds had to be placed in the Rest Chambers. Sherlock intended to follow the common Dungeon arrangements and have rows and rows of beds for the gamers to rest.

According to Bru, this was a good chance to earn large amounts of coins. How could he miss it?

After Sherlock talked with Bru about the arrangements of the beds in the Rest Chambers, BOSS rewards, and the equipment binding issues, he edited his latest updates.

[“Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom” Version 0.02 Update Log]

“‘Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom’ Version 0.02 is officially updated. The new contents are online:

Added new BOSS reward distribution: After the gamers defeated the BOSS, they handed over the loot to Lord Sherlock to appraise. The loot will be exhibited for a day before being auctioned. Gamers can use the auction interface at 12 o’clock to bid for each individual item. There will be a 30% tax on the final bid price. The proceeds will be distributed to those gamers who defeated Cramer according to their contributions. (Refer to the official distribution ratio)

Added new equipment characteristic, Legendary Quality: Some appraised equipment can have Legendary quality.

Added new function, Soul Binding: Legendary and higher quality equipment can be Soulbound by Lord Sherlock after paying certain fees. The fees are charged according to equipment Reputation level. After Soul Binding, only the owner can use the equipment. Soulbound equipment can be exchanged for Reputation Points with Lord Sherlock. The equipment will then be auctioned and the proceeds distributed to the gamers.

Added new function, Equipment Insurance: Worried that you will lose your favorite equipment after death? After a month of hard work by the game producer, a new function, Equipment Insurance, is being introduced. Legendary and higher quality equipment which is Soulbound can be insured by Lord Sherlock for a fee within the perimeter of the Dungeon. If the gamer perishes, the insured equipment will return to the designated location.

Added new area, Resource Warehouse: For storing Diamond Seam Ore, beds, and other resources. The new area is not open to the public, and those without assigned missions cannot enter.

Added new area, Equipment Warehouse: Used for storing equipment produced in Eternal Kingdom. The new area is not open to the public, and those without assigned missions cannot enter.

Added new function, Housing System: Gamers can pay ten silver coins to purchase two square meters of private land in the Rest Chambers. Owners are to set up their own walls, doors, and locks. The doors and locks can be obtained from Simba for a fee. Building materials, such as Diamond Seam bricks, can be exchanged with Reputation and coins at the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

Added new furniture, Bed: Gamers with private land can purchase a 1.5 square meters bed from Lord Sherlock for a silver coin. The bed is to be placed in private land. Everyone is limited to one bed. Gamers sleeping on the bed receive 100% energy restoration rate, reduced hunger pangs, and maintain the dignity of a Goblin!

Added new Carpenter, Mufasa: A Carpenter from Winterfell. He’s a Blackiron Dwarf with excellent Carpentry skills. He has a New Western Advanced Chef Certificate and is the cousin of Simba. He’s currently on probation.

Added new building, Carpenter Workshop: Please do not enter the Carpenter Workshop casually and do not steal the property within. Offenders will be put on a blacklist and will not receive help from the NPC.

Added new Dungeon construction missions: Gamers will be assigned to construct Mufasa’s private Rest Chamber. Please do not enter the NPC’s Rest Chamber or steal his property. Offenders will be put on a blacklist and will not receive help from the NPC.”

Sherlock checked the contents before publishing the updates.

Once the [“Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom” Version 0.02 Update Log] was published, the effect on the discussion forum was like a nuclear detonation. Within a minute, the clicks breached 10,000 times. Sherlock was shocked. Could there be more than 10,000 users on the forum?

Even the replies were increasing exponentially.

[Sky Pimp: Dragon Throne (◓Д◒)✄╰⋃╯]

[I’m A Fence-sitter: Updates again. The producers are efficient.]

[Equipment Metal: Front row, squeeze a bit. This is the first time that I’m close. I’m excited.]

[Durex Dreamscape: I knew Mufasa and Simba were cousins the first time I saw them…Σ(°△°)]

[SellingDriedTofuInDestitution: Wait for a scar-faced Dwarf with a barbaric Hammer.]

[Sixth Dawn: Blacksmith Simba, Carpenter Mufasa, complete with Timon, Pumbaa, and Sarabi.]

[Bald Monster: Wait, does everyone feel that all the updates require fees?]

[Quanshan Priest: Am I the only one to think the bed effects puzzling? The damage rating is improved after sleeping? The design is too sloppy!]

[Killer 33: Am I the only one to mind the full-service auction function? What about the poor gamers?]

[PonyNa: Think about it, will you become stronger without paying?]

[Lost Feeling: We are slaves to house mortgage in reality, are we going to be mortgage slaves in the game as well?]

[Yu WenXiao: After seeing the update content, I feel my liver hardening.]

[Round Bamboo: I don’t know if Beta Gamers are also Minecraft gamers. I’m curious how they are going to build grand palaces in an area of two square meters.]

[Witness the Emperor with Prostitute: I feel the equipment auction will cost the rich gamers lots of money.]

[May all lovers become brothers and sisters: You are exaggerating. There aren’t many rich gamers. When it’s an Open Beta, then the real rich gamers will have a field day. We’ll just cheer with 666.]

Sherlock sat in the chair, pressing F5 and clicking the mouse as he read the posts happily. He was reading the gamers’ feedback.

The Beta Gamers got news of the updates, and the reaction was the inflation of the bronze coins.

All the updates required money, especially silver coins! One silver coin was equivalent to a thousand bronze coins. Carrying bricks for half a day only earned 100 bronze coins.

Rich gamers like NotWearingPants, Arthur, and BurningChestHair shouted at the Training Ground as they accumulated bronze coins at high prices. Poor gamers carried bricks diligently. A bronze coin was inflated from 5-10 Renminbi to 50 Renminbi.

A few gamers sold their bronze coins at high prices, while some gamers tried to accumulate them at low prices or carried bricks diligently to earn and stockpile bronze coins.

The rich gamers didn’t shout for long before they joined the rest to carry bricks. Everyone carried bricks diligently and excavated Sherlock’s designated space. Some gamers even took up missions to transport goods like ores and beds to the warehouse.

Sherlock thought that the gamers would buy private land and beds, but he waited for half a day in vain. All the gamers were stockpiling bronze coins with the intention to sell them during the auction. At that time, the rich gamers would have the fiercest bidding, and the bronze coins would cost the most.

Sherlock understood their intentions. Unless they were in need of money, normal gamers would stockpile the bronze coins. There were only a hundred Beta Gamers. How many gamers were in serious need of money?

Sherlock was able to relax for a while.

Sherlock placed his hands behind his back and walked by the hasty gamers, who were either mining or carrying bricks. He walked towards the Blacksmith Shop. The gamers glanced at Sherlock before they continued their tasks.

Sherlock was pleased that his plan was a success. If only the gamers would work this hard daily. Sherlock felt his goal was a step closer.

While the gamers were busy, the Blackiron Dwarves were busy forging a Mithril weapon, which was smelted from Cramer’s armor and Hammer.

Why was a Carpenter forging a weapon? This wasn’t a big deal in the Underworld.

How could a Blacksmith who couldn’t prepare meals be a good Carpenter?