Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 428 - Sherlock's New Idea

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Chapter 428: Sherlock’s New Idea

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In a dark room, Alexandria held a newspaper with the words “Eternal Kingdom’s Dungeon Lord Sherlock Solved the Merchant Band Robbery” on it.

The newspaper wasn’t the Winterfell Monthly Digest, which was full of advertisements. The newspaper was the Monthly Chronicles of the Northern Dukedom.

“Lord Alexandria, we don’t have news of Phoenix,” the Sludge Monster said as he stood before Alexandria, holding a document holder.

“Hmm, I understand. Find a chance to cut off the tail,” Alexandria said while he looked at the newspaper.

The Sludge Monster awkwardly said, “It may be difficult to get past the security of Bankazia.”

“Settle it before they arrive at Bankazia,” Alexandria said without lifting his head.

“I got it.”

“Yes, I heard that Sherlock has a powerful Lich called Brainiac. Is that correct?”

The Sludge Monster turned around when he heard Alexandria’s question. He opened up the document folder with his wet tentacle and said, “That’s correct. He’s called the once-in-a-thousand-year genius Lich who graduated from Specter College. His mentor was the famous Professor Bacon.”

“Professor Bacon? Do you still have our collaboration plan with Specter College?” Alexandria, who was sitting in his chair, asked the Sludge Monster.

“We still have it.”

“Carry out the plan. The sooner, the better.”

The robbery of the Merchant Band at the Black Volcano was solved. The only regrets were the death of the 2,500 Merchant Band guards and the missing Dungeon Core. Phoenix vanished after his magical seal was removed.

The fortunate thing was that the loss of Winterfell was shouldered by the residents of Small Distant Town since they took part in the robbery.

When the Merchant Alliance sent someone to account for their properties, they discovered that the wealth of Small Distant Town had diminished. Most of the merchandise, furniture, and Magic Stones were missing. The Merchant Alliance suspected that the residents diverted their wealth. However, it was a mystery why the residents shifted their furniture.

The residents still had immovable properties to pay compensation.

Since the magical seal of Phoenix was removed, the Black Volcano erupted incessantly. Therefore, the foot of the volcano was no longer suitable for living.

The Merchant Alliance sent specialized staff to investigate the situation. The conclusion was:

“Due to Phoenix, the elemental power is chaotic, and the volcano has become extremely active. The eruption will last for a long time. It’s suggested that the rating of the tour be increased by a star!”

Though it was a better tourist spot and a piece of good news for the Merchant Alliance, the Elemental Monsters multiplied and created problems.

The Merchant Alliance was fortunate because they had a friendly and helpful neighbor—Eternal Kingdom!

“No problem. My citizens strongly request to guard the lava caves. They want to help the Merchant Alliance maintain order. It’s our duty,” Sherlock said righteously.

Sherlock’s strong request moved Dungeon Lord Nicholas, who reported immediately to the Merchant Alliance. The Merchant Alliance was very grateful to Sherlock since their problems could be solved!

Sherlock was also paid remuneration. Though Sherlock claimed that he didn’t require the remuneration, the Merchant Alliance decided to provide monthly raw materials as remuneration. Raw materials were essential to a developing Dungeon.

The Merchant Alliance didn’t make a loss. As long as the Black Volcano was a tourist attraction, they would be able to earn profits.

To the Merchant Alliance, the incident at the Black Volcano was finally concluded. The compensation to the Northern Dukedom was an issue to be solved by the Merchant Alliance.

As for Sherlock, he had to investigate many things.

“Are there any leads regarding the mastermind who tempted the residents to remove the magical seal of Phoenix?”

Sherlock sat in a luxurious room, which was decorated with bookshelves and books. The room was filled with the decadent scent of knowledge.

Sherlock felt a bit uncomfortable.

In front of him was a Sludge Monster, who was sitting in an executive chair. He provided intelligence to Sherlock on many occasions. He was also managing the illegal tuition business.

“The mastermind is slick, unlike in Bankazia, where we have many moles for collecting intelligence. I speculate that it’s Alexandria. His recent activities have been related to finding the locations of the 72 Devils. It’s still a mystery where these unlucky blokes are.”

The red parrot perched on Sherlock’s shoulder said threateningly, “Ha? What are you talking about, Sludge Monster?”


The Sludge Monster didn’t expect Sherlock’s pet to speak and was stunned.

Sherlock knocked on the parrot’s head with his finger, then smiled and said, “My new pet. He has learned many strange languages. Please don’t mind him.”

The parrot became more restrained.

“It’s nothing. It’s an intelligent pet,” the Sludge Monster replied, then said, “I’ll keep a close watch on the Northern Dukedom.”

“I’ll have to depend on you. This is the payment for intelligence.” Sherlock threw out an Adamantine rock, and the Sludge Monster put it into his hand. When Mana was infused into it, images appeared around the room. It was mathematical formulas and symbols surrounding the Sludge Monster, who was extremely pleased.

“What a decadent creature.”

Sherlock put on his hat and left the room with his parrot.

As Sherlock was leaving the room, Phoenix asked, “Is someone searching for the 72 Devils? What does he want? Is he recruiting Devils like Michelangelo?”

“Did Michelangelo have this hobby?” Sherlock was puzzled and asked.

“Why not? To make up the 72 Devils, he also recruited some weak fellows. We are the superior Devils, unlike Polio, who doesn’t seem like an elite. He was like a gas that wandered around and showed off his mental control gimmicks. It’s a disgrace to our identities. It’s awesome to be one of the 72 Devils, but we had such a lousy fellow. Yes, the black kitten Polio that you are keeping is like that trash,” Phoenix said bluntly.

“He is Polio, the gas that wandered around and showed off his mental control gimmicks,” Sherlock said to Phoenix.

“Ah-ha. This is an interesting joke. That’s what the Black Dragon said too.”

Phoenix laughed heartily, finding it funny. But when he saw Sherlock’s solemn face, his laughter stopped.

“Really? That fellow… Polio?”


“How could it be? Does that peeping tom have a physical body? A stupid black kitten? Impossible, I don’t believe it. Unless I become a parrot… Hahaha… ha… ha…” the parrot Phoenix said and started to bawl.

A bawling parrot wasn’t pretty to look at. In fact, it was hilarious.

“Lord Sherlock, I’m unable to understand why you don’t let Phoenix be in his true form instead of a parrot. A phoenix is much more powerful than a parrot,” Bru said to Sherlock while Phoenix was bawling.

“Hmm? Do you wish Eternal Kingdom to be an inferno? If other creatures come to know that Phoenix is with me, there will be serious consequences. The Devil Management Committee will impose a hefty penalty on me.”

Sherlock asked Bru, “Have you assimilated the Dungeon Core?”

“Of course, it’s delicious. I’m even having indigestion. I can upgrade to a Level 4 Dungeon Core anytime and expand the capacity to 50,000 gamers!”

Bru said immediately, “But if I do that, you and Miss Lilo will be the first superior Devils in history to be Mana-drained to death.”

“We won’t be drained to death. More like malnutrition.”

Sherlock corrected Bru and said, “We have to find a replacement for Mana.”

“How about making a Mana Storage Pool?” Bru suggested.

“It’s of no use. There’s no Mana Storage Pool that can sustain so many gamers unless it’s the Yggdrasill.”

Bru shouted, “Ai? Isn’t there a Yggdrasill in our flowerbed?”

“Are you referring to the tree planted by Raintea? It’s too small. If it were a hundred years older, it might just suffice.”

Sherlock waved his hand.

“It’s a pity.”

“Wait… I have a bold idea,” Sherlock abruptly said.

“For your bold idea, we have a comprehensive criminal law.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s nothing, I’m just fooling around. Lord Sherlock, what’s your idea?”

“How about speeding up the growth of the Yggdrasill?”