Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 424 - Cherry's Fluid

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Chapter 424: Cherry’s Fluid

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The Lava Scouts and Warriors in the lava caves could regenerate. The gamers weren’t sure whether the BOSS Fire Giant could, as the official website didn’t provide the information. The gamers were used to it. They had to draw out their own maps, so what was the big deal?

The gamers didn’t want to delay. The lead indicated that Cherry had to be brought to the lava cave. After determining the location on the map, they brought Cherry to the place.

Cherry arrived at the designated location on the map.

He was taken aback by what he saw.

There was a huge Phoenix statue, and at its feet was a stone tablet that read, “One of the 72 Devils, Phoenix, is sealed within.”

Cherry’s pupils contracted—this was big news!

That was one of the 72 Devils, Phoenix! There was news that one of the Devils, Polio, who escaped from Bankazia recently, hadn’t been captured. Now, there was Phoenix!

Cherry quickly ran outside, and the gamers followed him. Arthur asked, “Captain, what’s going on?”

“I’m going to inform the Merchant Alliance and the Devil Management Committee! That’s one of the 72 Devils, Phoenix!” Cherry shouted while he ran.

The news of the sealed Phoenix pervaded the forum. All of the gamers of Eternal Kingdom visited the statue to touch it. They asked the NPCs if they knew how to remove the magical seal. Phoenix was one of the 72 Devils, and his title was cool.

“Ha? 72 Devils?” Moroes pondered the question during his rest time and said, “There’s a legend about the Great Devil Michelangelo who almost conquered the Surface World. He controlled the Underworld with his 72 capable Devils. I heard that one of the Devils, Polio, escaped from Bankazia, which is a strange place. I’m not surprised a creature has a title relating to the 72 Devils.”

Some gamers referred to Sherlock’s narration of Michelangelo to Arthur and NotWearingPants. Sherlock didn’t mention the 72 Devils.

Phoenix and the escaped prisoner Polio were mentioned by the interviewed NPCs.

“You discovered Phoenix, meow? Ah, he’s an irritating fellow, meow. He should have died. During the Heavenly War a few thousand years ago, besides the surviving elite Devils like myself, Devils such as Phoenix would have perished, meow.”

The eyes of the gamers lit up when they heard Polio’s answer. When they asked for more Plot development, Polio said, “I can’t divulge more. I don’t know anything, meow!”

Polio used lame excuses to chase the gamers away.

As for Lord Sherlock, the gamers were unable to talk to him!

Besides Eternal Kingdom, Winterfell was also plagued by questioning gamers. The news of Phoenix being sealed in the lava cave of the Black Volcano spread like wildfire, and all of the Winterfell residents were discussing it.

Cherry was busy investigating the sealed Phoenix. His main target was Small Distant Town because that was the only inhabited location at the foot of the mountain. The townsfolk would know about the sealed Phoenix. In the secret files at the Garrison Guard station, he discovered information on Phoenix!

They were ancient scrolls with faint impressions of paintings that depicted the process of sealing Phoenix.

Phoenix, who was in phoenix form, was surrounded by a group of Ogres. The Ogre leader was twice its height. While Phoenix was battling the Ogres, there were some Orcs and Gnomes present. Phoenix created a storm of flames and rocks that killed the Ogres and his helpers.

Phoenix used his years to revive his dead helpers. However, the Ogres didn’t give up. Their most powerful Magician used trickery to trap Phoenix in the Black Volcano, sealing him inside.

On the last scroll were the words, “Only Cherry’s Fluid can awaken Phoenix.”

Cherry was shocked. He knew that he had significant contributions to society, but he didn’t expect to be that important.

According to the scrolls, Phoenix was friendly. He helped the locals defeat the evil Ogres and revived the creatures he accidentally killed. Finally, he was sealed by the Ogres in the Black Volcano… What a pitiful creature.

Cherry made his decision. He grabbed the clothing at the side and walked outside. His colleagues at the entranced asked puzzledly, “Cherry? Where are you going? Are you still investigating? It’s almost after work.”

“Ah, I’m removing the seal on Phoenix. I’m going to be a hero.”

Cherry turned his head and gave a thumbs up.

Cherry had never felt such a heavy responsibility on his shoulders. Only he could rescue Phoenix!

Cherry was at the entrance of the Black Volcano, surveying the patrols of Eternal Kingdom’s gamers. He didn’t discover any lapse in their patrols.

Their patrols were similar to the 24 hours per day patrols at the Sighing Wilderness.

Cherry felt gratified. The warriors from Eternal Kingdom were very responsible.

He walked out, and the gamers discovered him. They surrounded Cherry and asked him for new developments in the Plot.

Cherry replied, “I’m here to remove Phoenix’s seal!”

Gosh, that exciting? They had only discovered Phoenix’s statue that morning, and he was removing the seal that night? They had to get the Magic Cannon or the Ballista! The Bladder Bombs weren’t sufficient for such a large phoenix.

The gamers shouted and prepared the weapons.

Cherry was touched by the gamers’ concern for his safety. They were afraid of Phoenix harming Cherry, so they took up arms to protect him. If there weren’t so many creatures around, he would have bawled.

The gamers followed Cherry as he went into Phoenix’s cave.

Along the way, they encountered regenerated Lava Scouts and Warriors. But the monsters were unable to deter the gamers from developing the Plot.

The gamers used Mana and long-range weapons against the monsters. A few fearless close combat warriors shouted, “Charge, leaping slash!” When they charged forward, they were killed by long-range attacks from friendlies.

Cherry gaped in astonishment. He wanted to stop them from killing their comrades, but he was trapped and pushed towards Phoenix’s cave by the surrounding gamers.

When they arrived at Phoenix’s cave, there were more and more gamers at his side. He even saw Patrick Star, who holding his Magic Recording Device and shooting, the Station Inspector of the Garrison Guard station, his colleagues, the leaders of the town, and the student representatives from the schools.

“Why… why is everyone here?”

Cherry looked at the townsfolk and was befuddled.

Patrick Star put down his Magic Recording Device and looked at the gamers before saying, “I heard them say that you’re going to remove Phoenix’s seal, so I followed them here. I can’t miss such big news!”

“Senior, you told us that you were removing Phoenix’s seal, so we came here to support you!” Cherry’s colleagues shouted from the side.

“Yes, Cherry, buck up!”

“Cherry.” The Station Inspector looked benevolently at Cherry and said, “I’ve always believed that you’re extraordinary. Indeed, I was right. Phoenix’s fate is in your hands!”

“Station Inspector…” Cherry felt something in his eyes. He turned around and walked to the front of Phoenix before bending down.

“I can’t waste the tears. It’s my fluid.”

The tears dripped onto the statue of Phoenix. Then, Cherry backed up two steps and waited for the historic moment.

Everyone held their breaths, and the gamers infused the Magic Cannon with Mana.

Nothing happened.

“What’s the situation? Is it the correct fluid?”

Cherry was taken aback. He walked forward and spat his saliva.

Nothing happened.

He cut his finger and dripped his blood.

Nothing happened.

He exercised intensely and contributed his sweat.

Nothing happened.

He extracted his nasal mucus and rubbed on it.

Nothing happened.

He was at his wit’s end. He looked at the faces of anticipation behind him and pulled down his pants…