Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 422 - Battle With the Fire Giant

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Chapter 422: Battle With the Fire Giant

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Small Distant Town wasn’t very big. Cherry didn’t spend much effort to find the 1+1 Hotel.

It was an inconspicuous location, but Cherry suspected that it was the hiding location for the 2,000 Merchant Band guards that revolted!

Cherry brought along Arthur and searched the location, but they didn’t find anything.

They didn’t find any secret basement that could hide 2,000 creatures. Just like that, their investigation stalled once again.

Why was that? Where was the location that the letter indicated?

“Why don’t we ask the shopkeepers?” Arthur suggested to Cherry.

“Ask the shopkeepers? Hehe, Arthur, you’re too young.”

Cherry, who was wearing a coffee-colored windbreaker and a coffee-colored deerstalker, lit up a metal stick and placed it into his mouth. It sizzled, and he puffed out smoke that smelled like burnt protein. He said, “The letter said that there is a problem with this shop. According to my speculation, the 2,000 mutinous guards could be hiding inside the shop, making the shop assistant and the shopkeeper potential suspects. Therefore, they can’t possibly provide any leads!”

“But, they have already asked.”

Arthur pointed to the gamers who surrounded the shopkeeper and bombarded him with questions.

Cherry quickly walked towards the shopkeeper as he complained about the unprofessional gamers.

The gamers gave way to Cherry, giving the panicked shopkeeper a breather. When he saw Cherry, he immediately said, “Are you the new Inspector, Cherry? Thank you. These creatures are making me out of breath.”

The shopkeeper was referring to the concerned gamers.

“You know me?”

Cherry was surprised. He kept his composure when he saw the gamers at the side. He spoke in a low voice as he placed one of his hands on the counter and puffed out smoke. He lowered his deerstalker and looked like a profound detective.

“You are the rare immigrant of this town. We were all talking about you.”

The shopkeeper looked friendly as he said to Cherry, “Yes, I have some information that your assistants were asking for.”

“No, they’re not…”

Cherry wanted to refute, but he noticed the tense aura of the gamers. He lowered his tone and deerstalker and said in a deep voice, “So, what information do you have?”

“Ah…” The shopkeeper observed that the deerstalker was almost covering Cherry’s face. He wanted to maintain eye contact as a form of courtesy, but he was unable to do so. He said, “As the Merchant Band passed by our Small Distant Town, a creature gave me a slip of paper, requesting help.”

The shopkeeper took out a creased piece of paper and passed it to Cherry.

Cherry unfolded the paper and saw the distorted words, “The leader is rebelling. Please save me.”

The words were almost illegible, but it contained critical information.

It confirmed the contents of the diary. The leader of the Merchant Band’s guards was the leader that revolted!

“Thank you for your cooperation. After solving the case, I will give you a good citizen award.”

Cherry said to Arthur, “Let’s go. We have a new lead. Let’s investigate the new lead!”

“Wait, Captain.” Arthur frowned and asked, “What lead?”

Arthur’s question stunned Cherry. The paper only confirmed the validity of the diary, but it didn’t indicate the next target for investigation!

“Captain, I have another piece of paper!” the shopkeeper shouted to Cherry awkwardly.

“Ah-ha, I knew it. This is the lead I’m talking about.”

Cherry looked at Arthur, who was befuddled.

Cherry took the piece of paper from the shopkeeper and saw the words, “Go to the lava caves. The map is in the bank private deposit box 008!”

“Let’s go! To the bank!”

Cherry immediately walked outside.

“So, Cherry obtained the map?”

Sherlock browsed the discussion forum that had screenshots and videos. He examined the map that Cherry obtained from the private deposit box.

Though Cherry labeled the map as confidential, after Arthur posted the content on the discussion forum, it was no longer confidential.

“Bru, what do you think?”

“Lord Sherlock, this is a very good chance. There’s a map left by a loyal Winterfell resident. It’s very likely that the cargo was placed at the marked location. We have to get there before Cherry. The Dungeon Core must be at that location! We can then upgrade the Dungeon, improve the gamers’ experience, increase the gamer’s count, attack Winterfell, and use it as the springboard…”

While Bru was going on about his “Winterfell Occupation Plan Version N”, Sherlock was focused on the map. He opened up another map provided by the gamers after their exploration.

The gamers’ map was more accurate and presentable than the one Cherry obtained.

“Bru, what did you discover about the two maps?” Sherlock interrupted Bru’s plan of occupying Winterfell and asked.

“Hmm? The standard of the gamers is higher,” Bru nodded and said as he examined the maps.

“No, take a look here.”

Sherlock pointed at the two maps and said, “From Cherry’s map, to reach the destination, the gamers have to go through the cave of the Fire Giant.”

“Yes! Tsk, how did the Merchant Band’s guards pass through the cave of the Fire Giant? We don’t have a way to deal with the Fire Giant!” Bru said with regret.

Sherlock took out a crystal ball that showed the gamers charging at the Fire Giant. While they were distracting the Fire Giant, they created the Mana Formation.

Brainiac was supervising the gamers’ work, while Eggface and Polio were playing with the cat ball.

The Mana Formation took two days to be completed.

The official website updated the Monster Bestiary. This was the BOSS bestiary.

[BOSS Name: Fire Giant (Leader)]

Level: Leader Level

Description: Only at locations with concentrated elemental power will there be powerful Elemental Monsters. There are no details regarding the Fire Giant. He can manipulate flames and has the power to destroy the world.

Loot: Unknown

After the gamers completed the Mana Formation, the Monster Bestiary was updated. The gamers guessed that they were about to battle the BOSS.

The information on the BOSS was scarce, giving the gamers no useful information.

That didn’t deter the gamers from preparing for their battle against the Fire Giant.

Brainiac infused the Mana Formation with his Mana, and a strange liquid seeped out from the formation.

The liquid wasn’t water. It was a cold and sticky liquid that moved according to the Mana Formation. The liquid stuck to the Fire Giant’s body and transformed into a mist because of the high temperature.

The flames on the Fire Giant diminished. It looked as though its fur was cut, and even the temperature of the lava cave fell.

“Take action now! Charge!”

Brainiac didn’t have to give the command. A gamer shouted, and they flooded towards the Fire Giant.

The impatient gamers didn’t wait for the Tanks to pull the aggro of the BOSS before inflicting damage. Arrows, frozen Arrows, Hurricanes, and even Fireballs were used against the Fire Giant.

The gamers who used Fireballs were stopped by other gamers, as the Fire Giant looked more energetic after being hit by Fireballs.

Thousands of gamers battled the BOSS.

“They look energetic, meow,” Polio said as he fondled the ball in his hand and watched the gamers charging at the Fire Giant.

“The Fire Giant is my servant. I’m the Master of Dark Flames!”

Eggface also fondled a ball with his claws as he watched the battle with great interest.

“Meow, as long as they’re happy,” Polio said before disregarding the battle between the gamers and the BOSS.

On the Surface World.

The gamers of Victoria City, who were having their Strange Encounter, were ready to set off on their journey as slave warriors.