Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 420 - Fire Giant

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Chapter 420: Fire Giant

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“You’re asking me why I’m so strong? I don’t know. An NPC in a Strange Encounter trained me. I created posts on the forum. You may search for my name on it. The posts are only theory. Even if you use Baidu, you can search for similar information. After fighting and being on the verge of death, the body remembers how to fight. Practice makes perfect.”

At the entrance of Victoria City, a group of gamers was beaten by a deformed Hoodlum.

The gamers were in awe of Hoodlum’s fighting techniques. Hoodlum said, “My bare hands are stronger than wielding weapons.”

The gamers weren’t sure of that. They only knew that Hoodlum was humble. Even a highly-skilled fighter was afraid of the Cleaver.

Hoodlum was explaining PVP to the gamers and the essence of each weapon when a group of Knights arrived.

There were about 100 Knights. The horses kicked up a storm of dust, and they looked overbearing.

The leading Knight held a flag with the side view of a standing golden lion.

That was the insignia of the Duke of York.

The Knight stopped right before the gamers.

The gamers stared at the Knights. A man without armor walked out from the Knights.

The man didn’t have a beard. His face was very clean. He was the advisor of the Duke of York.

The advisor looked at the gamers, and nobody knew what he was thinking.

Most of the citizens of Victoria City were handsome guys and beautiful ladies with good proportions. There were also some citizens with common faces, as well as those who were deformed and ugly. This included Humans, Fairies, and Elves.

It was reasonable to see Fairies, but why were there Elves in such a desolate and trashy place like Victoria City?

Elves were lone rangers with very unique characteristics. How could they get used to living with Humans?

Even within the Castle of the Duke of York, there were few Elves.

The advisor noticed the handsome guys and beautiful gals and suppressed his strange jealousy and impatience. He braced his chest and shouted to the gamers, “We are servants of the noble Duke of York. I’m the advisor of the Duke. You have committed violence against the Knights of the Duke of York and infuriated the Duke, but he has magnanimously decided to give you a chance to repent! Kneel before me and eat the clay underneath the hooves. The Duke of York will accept your sincere apology!”

The advisor lifted his head proudly and looked in disdain at the citizens of Victoria City.

He was confident that a dignified person wouldn’t accede to such a request. Even if the Humans were afraid of the power of the Duke of York, the Elves wouldn’t do such a thing!

They showed animosity because it was the Duke’s intention to use his humiliation for declaring war. Previously, his Knights were humiliated. However, there were only tens of them, and they were capturing an escaped slave. It wasn’t good for the reputation of the Duke of York, and his opponents would make use of the incident to diminish the Duke.

The Duke was going to incite the citizens of Victoria City. This time, he would let the Victorians attack them first!

That was what the advisor thought. The advisor wasn’t worried about not being able to escape because he had 100 Knights, so he was confident.

The advisor was riding on a horse. He held the reins tightly and had no intention to relax.

He wasn’t bothered by the few citizens of Victoria City who fell to the ground. He thought they had passed out from fear.

The advisor waited for these boorish people to attack them, then he saw an angry Elf walk forward.

Elf? That would work too! As long as he was a citizen of Victoria City, it was alright!

Good! Be angry! Attack! They could then declare war!

The advisor almost laughed when the angry Elf walked before him. But the Elf knelt down and shoved a handful of clay into his mouth, shouting, “What’s next? What’s the next mission?”


The advisor couldn’t believe his eyes. Before he recovered himself, a Fairy ran out and kicked the kneeling Elf. The Fairy shouted furiously, “Trash! Do you think you will receive a Strange Encounter Mission? If you do what the NPC tells you to do, then there won’t be any conflict!”

The Fairy lifted both of his hands and placed them in front of the advisor. His comrades took out a rope and tied his hands. The Fairy said to the advisor, “I won’t yield! Even if you capture me, sell me as a slave warrior, whip me every day, curse at and humiliate me, find a teacher to train me, make me train 24 hours per day, and hurt me, I won’t yield!”

His hands were tied. He lifted both of his tied hands and stood before the advisor as he said, “Even if you take me away, I won’t yield!”

More gamers stepped forward and squeezed in front of the advisor’s horse.

“Capture me, capture me! Look at me, I’m the best candidate for a slave warrior!”

“Me! Me! Me! I’m the only one who is loyal to the Duke of York! Bring me back! I’m willing to do anything!”

“My Weapon Level is 3! Bring me back. I’m more awesome than these beginners!”

The advisor noticed a familiar figure, Hoodlum.

The advisor panicked when the gamers rushed forward. He turned his horse to retreat, and the Knights formed a shield around the advisor. The situation became chaotic.

The panicked advisor shouted, “What are you doing? Give way! Get your Lord Overseer out here! The Lord Overseer has to kneel down and apologize to us personally!”

A Knight at the side touched the arm of the advisor.

The Knight was wearing armor, so the advisor felt a bit of pain. He turned his head and saw the Knight pointing to their back.

Behind them, a group of boorish looking Humans, Fairies, and Elves stood in the forest.

They were wearing tattered clothing or armor and wielded curved blades. A small group of them had nice costumes. Even the weapons were shiny as though they were enchanted.

Wait, since when did they surround them?

The advisor was bewildered. Due to his nervousness, he tugged his reins, and his horse neighed as it stomped restlessly in place.

A man who had green symbols above his head held the advisor’s reins. He looked emotionlessly at the advisor, as though the advisor wasn’t a person but a toy. That man said, “It’s too late to bring us back as slave warriors. We are taking your horses and equipment!”

The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were diligently exploring the lava caves.

At the entrance of the lava caves, the power of the Fire Elementals was strong. New Elemental Monsters appeared out of the lava.

To the gamers, it looked like new monsters were generated.

The First and Second Beta Gamers had high Weapon Levels, so they were unable to obtain training at the Spiders’ Lair.

The gamers couldn’t obtain proper training by fighting with the Underground Spiders, but they could obtain training by fighting with the Ogres. However, the criteria for entering the Ogre Fortress was too stringent. Few gamers could enter the Ogre Fortress, and it was too difficult to fight an Ogre with a 5-member team.

The lava caves didn’t have any criteria for entering, and there were no limits on the number of gamers. Tens of gamers would surround and fight a Lava Scout or Warrior.

Though the Lava Scouts and Warriors would damage their equipment, the gamers found a way to avoid equipment damage—not wearing armor. They fought naked with the monsters!

It was common to see naked gamers who wielded weapons.

The gamers were enthusiastic about exploring the lava caves. Within a few days, they had completed the mapping of the outer boundary of the lava caves. As gamers ventured deeper into the caves, Fire Elementals that they had never seen before appeared. For example, Marco Polo discovered a huge monster.

“What’s that!” Marco Polo shouted as he gazed at a Fire Giant that was forty to fifty meters tall.