Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 417 - The Plan of the Duke of York

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Chapter 417: The Plan of the Duke of York

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In the envelope was a Surveillance Diary.

It was written by a Gnome in military service. The cover had the words, “Thank you to my Gnome nanny, who gave me the diary.”

There was a signature, Anthony. The first page read:

“A record of my journey from Winterfell to the Northern Dukedom.”

“On day 56 after I left Winterfell.

We arrived at the tourist spot Black Volcano. There are many creatures here, especially at the mouth of the volcano. Creatures were falling inside like dumplings. It was a spectacular sight.”

“On day 57 after I left Winterfell.

The leader forced me to do things against my will. It was frustrating.”

“Day 62.

We stayed at the Black Volcano for a week. I don’t understand why the leader wants us to stay here. If we don’t leave, the active period of the Black Volcano is going to start.”

“Day 63.

Our leader betrayed us. He poisoned our food, and we were captured. In order to go home, I chose to collude with the leader. There were 2,490 of us who colluded with the leader.”

“Day 64.

Our leader deceived us. He and (the words were blurred by bloodstains) colluded to deceive us! They wanted the Dungeon Core!”

“Day 65.

I have to do something to warn the newcomers. But I’m unable to do anything because I’m dying. If I die, whoever has this diary, please avenge me. The perpetrator is…”

The writing stopped at the crucial part.

“This is making me impatient! Who is the murderer? Where is the Dungeon Core? Why was Cherry’s name mentioned by the Gnome?”

Sylvanas looked frantic. She almost tore the diary to shreds, but NotWearingPants stopped her.

“I don’t know, but at least it’s a lead. Let’s give it to Cherry and see if he can decipher anything.”

Everyone agreed with NotWearingPants, and they noisily took the diary to the Garrison Guard Station.

Tens of gamers were collecting intelligence at the station. A few days ago, this place was a calamity area due to the gamers collecting intelligence.

Cherry was in his office when he saw tens of creatures barging in and shouting.

“Let me see Cherry. We have an item from a Strange Encounter!”

“No, it’s an important lead!”

“This diary… are you sure it’s from one of the lost Winterfell guards?”

Cherry held the diary in his hand and was deep in thought.

“Most likely, it is,” BurningChestHair said confidently.

“Yes, Captain Cherry, did you think of anything?”

“Tell us what we should do next. We will capture all of these traitors and put them behind bars!”

“I can’t restrain myself! Captain Cherry, did you think of anything?”

The gamers chatted wildly, clearly excited.

But Cherry frowned and said, “Things are beyond my expectations. According to my knowledge, the escorts were all elites that were selected with stringent criteria. Most of them were from the Imperial Guards of the old Dungeon Lord, Onionhead. They were very capable.”

The gamers became grave, and Cherry continued speaking, “They had the toughest Shields…”

The gamers raised their brows.

“Their Bows had the greatest range!”

Sylvanas shifted her finger.

“They had the most gorgeous Helmets with the best 360° view.”

Some gamers twisted their heads and discovered that they could, at most, turn 100° left and right. They were getting more excited.

“Pauldrons, Breastplates, and the most comfortable Chain Armor! Believe me, each piece of equipment was forged by a Master Blacksmith!”

The gamers were unable to control themselves and started shouting.

“Where? Where? Tell us, where are they?”

“Stop talking. Give us the location, I’ll kill all of them!”

“I, I, I beg you to tell me!”

“I’m absolutely loyal to Winterfell. After discovering these traitors, I feel the pain. Believe me, if I make my move, all of their equipment will be gone!”

Cherry didn’t expect the gamers to be so resolute and fearless even after hearing about the elite Winterfell guards. He felt a sense of admiration for them.

This must be the brotherhood between Eternal Kingdom and Winterfell. He was originally plotting against the citizens of Eternal Kingdom. However, they were trying hard to help Winterfell. He thought they were after the riches of Winterfell and wanted to obtain death compensation, but he was wrong.

Were they here for a tour? If they were to die, only Eternal Kingdom would pay them death compensation. Without any obvious benefits, why would they be so enthusiastic?

They were faithfully working for the honor of Winterfell!

Tears were welling up in Cherry’s eyes.

“Apologies, I didn’t get any information. But don’t worry. I’ll continue to investigate. If there is news, I’ll tell you immediately!”

“Let us help you with the investigation!”

Sylvanas said solemnly, “My nickname is Master Sleuth Sherlock.”

“I’m Holmes!”

“I’m Kindaichi!”

“I’m Conan Edogawa!”

“Gosh! There’s a corpse in this house! The perpetrator must be within you!”

“Hahahaha! I’m cracking up!”

Cherry gazed at the group of noisy gamers. After serious thought, he nodded.

Cherry wanted to recruit an assistant.

A Garrison Guard couldn’t be successful without a capable assistant. When TinyMeatball was the Winterfell Captain, he had the help of Cherry as his assistant. They cooperated and solved some big cases!

Cherry became nostalgic.

“Captain Cherry, what shall I do?” Arthur, who was standing beside Cherry, asked.

After a selection test, Cherry chose the strongest looking Orc, Arthur.

“According to intelligence, this letter is from the Post Office. Let’s begin our investigation at the Post Office.”

Cherry nodded. He picked up a small notebook and was about to set off when an Orc shouted outside the office, “Captain Cherry! I know about the Post Office. I’ve questioned them! The postman said that the letter was posted in the postbox without any posting details. Because of that, nobody claimed it, and it was placed in the Post Office.”

That Orc was Peasant. As the first gamer to discover the hidden Plot, Peasant went to the Post Office and spent Magic Stones to obtain intelligence. He was feeling heartache from paying the Magic Stones.


Cherry didn’t compliment Peasant. Instead, he scoffed and said to Arthur, “Remember, while we are investigating, we can’t allow external interference. We have to obtain first-hand information. Let’s go to the Post Office!”

Cherry led Arthur to the Post Office.

A large group of gamers followed at a distance. It was a rare Plot. Considering the generous rewards, the gamers weren’t willing to miss it!

While the gamers of Eternal Kingdom were exploring the interior of the Black Volcano, the Knights that were attacked by the gamers of Victoria City found a passing Merchant Band after traveling for a day and a night. After showing their identities and offering generous rewards, they made the Merchant Band travel towards the Castle of the Duke of York.

After five days of travel, the pathetic Knights returned to the Castle of the Duke of York. They met the Duke of York as soon as they could.

“What? How dare they do such a thing!”

The Duke of York wasn’t angry, but his advisor was in a rage.

“Duke of York, this is a great insult to you. We can’t let them humiliate Lion’s clan! We have to hit back!”

The Duke of York sat in his chair and looked at the Knights as he said, “Did you see Hoodlum? And they were protecting Hoodlum? And the mayor of Victoria City didn’t wish to communicate with you?”

“That’s correct. They were brash and arrogant,” the Knight nodded and said.

“I see.” The Duke of York laughed. He had a perfect plan in his mind.

He was going to enslave them all!

Before the Knights returned, the Duke of York had finished interrogating the Slave Merchant and obtained important intelligence. The citizens of Victoria City were all like Hoodlum, having natural fighter instincts!

The Duke of York was going to enslave them all!