Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 414 - Prepare for the Meeting

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Chapter 414: Prepare for the Meeting

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At the foot of the Black Volcano, a long trail of creatures was getting ready to go up the mountain.

The Sludge Monster tour guide was at the front, explaining the tourist spot.

“This is the entrance to the Black Volcano tourist spot. It requires an entrance ticket during the dormant period, but as it’s the most dangerous period, for the next two months, a ticket isn’t required. We can enter at any time.”

The Sludge Monster tour guide explained everything as he led the whole tour group forward. After 100 meters, he explained the composition of the nearby soil and rocks.

“Wait a moment. Is there a place that is dangerous and good for hiding?” Sherlock asked the Sludge Monster.

“If there’s such a place, then it’s inside the Black Volcano! The inside of the Black Volcano has a network of caves. Even during the dormant stage, it’s still a dangerous place. It’s even worse during the active stage.”

The Sludge Monster tour guide was surprised, and he said, “So you’re going to kill yourselves en masse? Ah, I mean, finding the true meaning of life.”

“Yes, you’re close.”

Sherlock nodded, not bothering to rebuke. The gamers were in Plot Animation Mode.

“In that case, let me explain in detail…”

The Sludge Monster tour guide cleared his throat and said, “The most special part of the Black Volcano!”

The Black Volcano wasn’t only an important tourist attraction, but it also solved the overpopulation problem of the Northern Underworld.

The famous spots were the Black Volcano lava caves.

The name itself suggested that it was a dangerous place. According to the tour guide, if anyone wanted to hide something, that was the best place.

As the volcano was in the active stage, besides suicidal tourists, no creatures would want to venture inside. The Sludge Monster tour guide was unwilling to enter.

After the Sludge Monster tour guide gave Sherlock a rough map and wished them luck, he dragged his sticky body and left.

The gamers started on their new exploratory tour.

[Mission Title: Explore the Black Volcano

Mission Description: We’ve come to the foot of the Black Volcano. The Void army might be the cause of Winterfell’s missing cargo. You have to overcome obstacles to complete this mission impossible.

Mission Objectives:

Explore the Black Volcano map: 0/1

Explore the lava caves map: 0/1

Mission Reward: After the exploratory mission, gamers who submit information on the maps will receive additional rewards. All full-service gamers will receive standard Reputation Points and game coins.]

When the gamers received the mission, the exploratory tour of the Black Volcano commenced.

Outside the Black Volcano, besides the occasional flow of the lava, there was the danger of losing one’s footing.

It was different in the lava caves.

“Gosh! Finally, there are Elemental Monsters!”

NotWearingPants looked excitedly at a walking fireball with legs.

The lava caves were filled with these strange monsters.

The information on these monsters was updated on the official website.

[Monster Name: Lava Scout]

Monster Introduction: This is a common Elemental Monster in the Underworld. It doesn’t have intelligence and will attack all living creatures with its flames. It appears in active volcanoes. Its attacks consist of scorching. Wearing armor will cause secondary damage.

Level: 20–25

Possible loot: Lava Spar (A widely used material for forging, enchantment, Potion Concoction, and Alchemy).

Note: Most of the loot can be exchanged for coins at the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

[Monster Name: Lava Warriors]

Monster Introduction: A stronger and rarer Elemental Monster. Compared to the brainless Lava Scout, it has some intelligence. Under normal circumstances, they will appear in groups of three. It has a strong fire-based capability, and sometimes, it will release small fireballs to attack all nearby creatures.

Level: 25–30

Possible loot: Lava Spar (A widely used material for forging, enchantment, Potion Concoction, and Alchemy), Lava Crystal (A more refined Lava Spar. A widely used material for forging, enchantment, Potion Concoction, and Alchemy).

Note: Most of the loot can be exchanged for coins at the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

Surveying and mapping the lava caves wasn’t simple. The body of the Black Volcano was filled with cave entrances, and the gamers labeled at least 30 entrances.

After entering, the lava caves were like Labyrinths.

Normal creatures would fear losing their way, but the gamers weren’t worried.

After the first group of gamers entered the caves, in less than an hour, all of the cave entrances were labeled. There were various Labyrinth Strategy Guides on the discussion forum. Losing their way? Impossible.

“Let me try taunting them.”

There were close to 30 Guild members of the Pioneer Alliance near Peasant. They were wary of the new Fire Elementals. The highest level monster that they had encountered was the Level 25 Ogre. The Lava Scouts were on par with the Ogres, though their build was smaller.

“Grandsons!” Peasant shouted at the nearby Lava Scouts, but they didn’t respond.

“Taunting is useless against them.” Sylvanas lifted her Short Bow and looked at her comrades as she asked, “What shall we do? Shall I shoot at them from a distance?”

“It’s the only way. Let’s fire an arrow from a distance.”

The other gamers agreed with Sylvanas’ suggestion.

“Prepare yourselves! I’m firing the first volley!” Sylvanas shouted and readied her Short Bow. The other gamers retreated and prepared their weapons and Shields.

Sylvanas pulled the bowstring, and the arrow flew out. It landed accurately on the Lava Scout, but the arrow started burning. The Lava Scout was intact, and it charged at the gamers.

“Get ready!” Arthur shouted, and the other gamers were already prepped.

The flames on the Lava Scout became larger, and a small fireball flew towards one of the gamers, who didn’t evade in time. The fireball smacked into his body, and the gamer fell to the ground. After a moment, the corpse disappeared, leaving only burning equipment.

A gamer took off his clothing in a bid to douse the flames burning the equipment, but it was in vain. He could only see the equipment being damaged by the flames.

The equipment wasn’t molten, but it would incur high repair costs.

“Sh*t! What kind of a monster is that?”

“Special damage against equipment?”

“D*mn, the game producers are going to cheat us of our equipment!”

“It’s too difficult!”

The gamers complained, but they were running out of time as fireballs flew at them.

Soon, balls of flame started burning in the cave tunnels.

Simba forged with his hammer. There was an unusually large number of gamers there to repair their equipment.

Their equipment was mostly damaged by fire. It wasn’t technically difficult to repair, but the repetition made Simba unhappy.

Simba frowned, exasperated by the heavy workload.

Those gamers who wanted to improve their equipment were dissuaded by Simba’s fierce expression. It would be better for them to improve their equipment the next day.

Simba repaired the last equipment. Seeing the long queue outside, he closed the Blacksmith Shop and said, “I’m knocking off. Come tomorrow.”

“Repairing equipment! Repairing equipment! Elementary level Blacksmith repairing equipment! The result of the forging depends on your looks! Find me if you want your equipment repaired! The price is affordable, and the benefits are plentiful!”

“I have repaired ten pieces of equipment without damage! One hundred bronze coins per piece of equipment. One silver coin for full body armor!”

After Simba closed his Blacksmith Shop, the gamers started shouting outside of his shop.

Apprentice Blacksmith gamers knew how to repair equipment, but their efficiency wasn’t as high as Simba’s. When Simba was available, the gamers were willing to queue up because there was a 100% success rate, unlike the improvement of equipment, which depended on Simba’s mood.

The Apprentice Blacksmiths wanted to improve their forging skills by making new equipment and repairing it.

When Simba knocked off, the Apprentice Blacksmiths dared to shout and solicit business from impatient gamers who couldn’t wait for the next day.

Some of the gamers belonged to the impatient category.

Simba didn’t care about the Apprentice Blacksmiths. He was packing his things to go home. As he was leaving, he saw Mufasa running towards him. Mufasa panted while he said, “Cousin, make haste. The Dungeon Lord is calling us for a meeting!”

Meeting? Salary time? It wasn’t the time for salary payment. Simba was puzzled, and Mufasa had no idea. They went to the Dungeon Lord Main Hall to find out from Sherlock.