Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 413 - The Exploratory Tour of the Black Volcano

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Chapter 413: The Exploratory Tour of the Black Volcano

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The shopkeeper was speaking incessantly when a bystander shouted, “Let us go in! Let us go in! We’re the involved party!”

Cherry was recording the testimony of the eye witness, the boss of a teahouse, when he heard a loud shout. He frowned because it was from a group of citizens from Eternal Kingdom.

A Garrison Guard walked towards them and asked, “You’re the involved party? What involved party?”

“We were killed in the explosion! That was a Gnome terrorist! There must be a conspiracy behind this!” Peasant shouted loudly.

“Cherry! There’s no time! Cherry, there’s no time! Letter! Find the letter!”

In the images, a dark red-skinned Gnome shouted before he exploded. Then, the images stopped.

“Lord Sherlock, this incident isn’t simple.”

Sherlock replayed the images as Bru said, “They’re using suicide bombers. We don’t know the intention of the other party, but they are against us. As they are in the shadows, it isn’t good for us. I suggest we attack Winterfell and occupy a strategic location.”

“I have the opposite viewpoint. From the images, the Gnome was affected by a curse or delayed Mana, and the gamers simply happened to meet him,” Sherlock said.

“Is that so? Winterfell is lucky to escape another calamity. This matter is related to Cherry. Could it be his enemy?” Bru asked curiously.

“I don’t know. We’ll keep the development in view and let those Garrison Guards handle it. Prepare for the trip to the Black Volcano tomorrow. Search for all possible survivors. Don’t forget about the Dungeon Core that might not have been transported out,” Sherlock reminded Bru.

“I understand, Lord Sherlock.”

Lilo sat in the Castle and observed a few Human Knights fleeing. A group of gamers of Victoria City stood at the entrance of the village, watching the Knights leaving.

A few gamers wanted to follow, like Hoodlum, but they were restrained by Lilo’s dominant aura. The Mana of the gamers in Victoria City came from Lilo, so she was able to control them.

“Duchess Lilo, do you know the consequences? I’ve heard about the Duke of York, he’s a cruel Lord Overseer. He’ll do anything to achieve his goals. Though I don’t know why he sent those Knights, before we show our animosity, we should negotiate with them,” Lancelot suggested as he stood before Lilo.

“Sir Lancelot, perhaps you weren’t present during the incursion. Those Knights struck first, and we were restrained in our actions,” Big Boss said from the side.

“We didn’t harm them. Didn’t they leave intact?” Second Boss pointed to the images in the crystal ball. Those fleeing Knights were in their underwear.

“It’s not a matter of being intact…”

Lancelot hesitated for a while, not knowing how to put it.

“Mealtime?” Fat Otaku stood by the side and gazed at his two brothers.

“Wait, did you mention Sir Lancelot just now?” Second Boss didn’t bother with his brother. Instead, he looked at Big Boss.

“Yes,” Big Boss replied.

“According to my understanding, Lancelot can’t be called Sir because there’s no feudal nobility. Lord Sherlock taught us before. Did you forget?”

“But I read some books, and they mentioned Sir here and Sir there. Isn’t a Knight called Sir?”

“It’s not the same. Both concepts are different.”

“A lot of gamers called him Sir Lancelot. Moreover, Sir Lancelot didn’t change their way of addressing him.”

“That’s because of pride.”

Big Boss and Second Boss were arguing over how to address Lancelot, but Lilo stopped her Mana, and the images in the crystal ball vanished.

Big Boss and Second Boss kept quiet as they stood by the side, waiting for Lilo to speak.

“Lancelot, will the Duke of York attack us?” Lilo asked.

“Duchess Lilo, it’s best if we prepare for the Duke of York’s attack.”

Lancelot was very clear in his answer.

“Good, let our citizens prepare for battle.” Lilo nodded and said, “You may all leave.”

Lancelot was dumbstruck, but he followed the three Hamsters out.

Just like Duchess Lilo, those three Hamsters didn’t have the same sense of crisis as him.

Lancelot knew that the citizens of Victoria City had the miraculous revival ability, but was there a limit to this ability? Facing the huge army of the Duke of York, even with unlimited revivals, how long could they persist?

Lancelot didn’t want Victoria City and the Duke of York to be at war because of the consequences. The Duke of York wasn’t a lone Lord Overseer. What if he requested help from the King…

Lancelot shook his head. It wasn’t necessary to worry about the future. It was better for him to deal with his current tasks.

Lancelot walked towards the gamers who were happy every day. They looked like they had no worries. Lancelot was going to increase their training load!

At the foot of the Black Volcano.

“This is the famous Black Volcano,” the Sludge Monster tour guide said to Eggface and Polio.

Behind the Sludge Monster, the Black Volcano erupted violently, and the ground started quaking.

Behind Eggface and Polio were a few thousand chattering gamers.

Eggface explained that they were his bodyguards.

The Sludge Monster wanted to complain, but he was wary of being beaten to death by the Black Dragon. He had never had a Black Dragon tourist. Weren’t Dragons able to flap their wings and fly around?

The Sludge Monster tour guide took Eggface, Polio, and the group of gamers on their Black Volcano exploratory tour.