Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 41 - Reward Distribution

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Chapter 41: Reward Distribution

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[Mission Title: Chapter One, Eternal Kingdom Dungeon, Leader of the Houndhead Men, Cramer—Completed]

[Obtaining reward…]

When Cramer’s huge body collapsed with a loud thud in a pool of its own blood, an information cue flashed before all the participating gamers. Even Raintea, who didn’t fight, had a reward because they carried a few rounds of bricks.

Sherlock welcomed pro-life gamers like Raintea who cultivated flowers, looked blankly at the soil, and carried bricks.

He also welcomed other gamers who sought excitement at the risk of death.

To Sherlock, although their suicidal feats were pathetic, their diligent work in constructing the Dungeon was impressive.

After killing Cramer, the gamers dragged their dead comrades and Cramer’s corpse back to the Dungeon.

Sherlock didn’t observe the gamers any longer. Instead, he left the Dungeon Core and looked for Simba.

According to Bru, after defeating the BOSS, the Goblins had to be awarded equipment and huge amounts of money. Sherlock’s Main Plot Mission had large amounts of Reputation Points and money as rewards, but it was lacking in equipment rewards.

Sherlock wouldn’t visit Winterfell to buy good equipment for the gamers. Aside from the Diamond Seam, Eternal Kingdom also had Adamantine Ore.

Diamond Seam was the lowest grade ore, so it didn’t produce quality weapons. Adamantine was good, but before upgrading the Blacksmith Shop, there was no way to refine it. Moreover, Adamantine had great Magical Conductivity, and it would be a waste to use it for weapons and armor.

Sherlock wanted to keep the Adamantine Ore for making an Alchemist Platform or a Teleport Portal Foundation. Otherwise, he could sell it for a good price!

What about the equipment? Sherlock had thought of a good solution.

Cramer’s armor and Hammer were very good candidates! Sherlock didn’t feel any Mana ripples on Cramer’s equipment, so they were made of high-quality ores. Sherlock couldn’t identify the quality, but he had no issues giving them out as a reward.

The huge size of the armor and Hammer weren’t suitable for the gamers, but Simba could modify them. Sherlock looked for Simba because of this.

“I understand Lord Sherlock’s intention. As for how many sets of Goblin equipment I can make, it depends on the equipment size and material,” Simba said after hearing Sherlock’s request.

After informing Simba, Sherlock heard Bru suggest, “Lord Sherlock, I have a suggestion regarding the BOSS reward. Cramer’s equipment is much stronger than our Diamond Seam equipment. Its requirement could be set at Reputation Level 2 and its quality set as superior. But there’s a big problem—equipment loss after death.”

“Is that an issue? To make them work hard, I have to squeeze them dry of their coins so that they have to work to earn money to buy equipment. When they lose equipment after death, they have to work harder. If they have what they want, they won’t work hard.”

Sherlock looked at the nearby Simba preparing meals and said, “What motivates Simba to prepare meals and forge? Besides sleeping, there’s only work. Is it because of love? Responsibility? No, it’s being poor! Poverty is a huge motivator for diligence. Hence, most of the gamers are kept poor to make them work hard.”

“Lord Sherlock, you are right, and it has truth to it, but do consider this. While the gamers are working hard, we have to provide entertainment and ensure their happiness. They are already having a tough and unfair life in their world. In this world, if they lose their hard-earned BOSS reward due to death, that penalty would be too cruel.”

Bru said, “The Diamond Seam weapons can be bought, and coins can be earned, but, if lost, unique equipment will be gone forever. A lot of gamers would stop playing and end their Master-Servant relationship. Even if they don’t escape the Dungeon, it would cause the gamers to fight over the unique equipment. I think Lord Sherlock wouldn’t want such things to happen?”

“The consequences sound serious.” Sherlock nodded and said, “So, your suggestion is to make the unique weapons not easily lost, is that correct?”

“That’s correct! Lord Sherlock, you can use me to bind the equipment and gamers together, like Soul Binding. Other gamers will then be unable to use the equipment, so they won’t fight among themselves to obtain the equipment. Devils who are adept in contracts could achieve this as well. We can make equipment that won’t be easily lost. This will improve the gamers’ sense of belonging to Eternal Kingdom, elevate their mood, and cause them to work extremely hard in the Dungeon.”

“You make sense. Though it will consume my Mana to bind the equipment and gamers, if they work hard to carry bricks, I think it’s worthwhile.” Sherlock nodded.

“As for making equipment that won’t be easily lost, I can spend some money to buy small items for a dual Teleport Spell. One would be put in the Dungeon and the other imprinted on the equipment. When doing the Soul Binding, I can do an explanation for the agreement, and that would prevent the equipment from being lost after the gamers perish.”

“That’s great Lord Sherlock. If you do that, we will be able to announce the game upgrade patch on the official website and give notice of this new equipment capability. The gamers will be overjoyed by your grand design.”

Bru spoke as though he was making a solemn vow. Sherlock wasn’t looking forward to the gamers’ joy. He was concerned about whether the gamers would work hard without pay and supervision.

To obtain such an effect, he had to let the gamers yearn for metal coins and Reputation Points, especially metal coins. He had to keep them poor so that they would work hard to earn money while feeling happy.

Sherlock would be very pleased.

Sherlock thought of a good idea to achieve his goal of becoming the greatest Devil King and building the grandest Dungeon.

“Bru, since I will be spending effort and Mana for this unique equipment, I would like to make a profit from it. Using the game upgrade announcement, I thought of a good way to obtain their metal coins!”

“Lord Sherlock’s intention is?”

“We’ll hold a full-service auction of the equipment, then I’ll impose a 20%, no, 30% tax. The remaining bronze coins will be equally distributed to the gamers who participated in the battle.”

Bru remained silent for a while and understood Sherlock’s intention.

“Lord Sherlock, are you a Devil?”

“Yes, a superior Devil.”

The gamers happily brought back Cramer’s corpse to the Dungeon. They stripped him of all items, which included an unfinished steak, tattered underwear, nail files, mysterious lipstick, and a “Houndhead Mistress” novel and other trash.

Why were they called trash? Because Lord Sherlock said so. The most valuable items were Cramer’s armor and huge Hammer. Even the gamers knew they were awesome equipment!

This was because their attacks weren’t able to damage the armor’s defenses and because the Hammer could easily crush their Diamond Seam armor!

The gamers placed the weapon and armor in front of Sherlock as they looked in anticipation at the great Devil Lord who would be appraising the equipment. They were expecting their rewards for defeating the BOSS.

The gamers escorted Sherlock to Simba’s Blacksmith Shop. Simba looked at the equipment and gave an “OK” hand gesture as he said, “This is a weapon made of Mithril. I can produce two sets of armor and weapons suitable for Goblins, but I need a day. What weapons should I make? Should I start now, Lord Sherlock?”

The gamers broke into wild chatters.

“Gosh! The reward isn’t instantly made?”

“It’s so real. I thought it would be like opening a treasure chest.”

“Can I choose my own weapon? I want a Green Dragon Crescent Blade!”

“Forget about it. This weapon isn’t for you. The rich will have paid for it.”

“With such good equipment, the rich won’t dare step outside the Dungeon. Hahaha. The equipment will be lost if one dies.”

“I think it might be like that.”

Sherlock exerted his dominance to silence the chatting Goblins and gestured for Simba to wait for a while. As Simba stared wide-eyed, Sherlock opened up his cloak and spoke loudly.

“My loyal citizens of Eternal Kingdom, your bravery shocked the entire Underworld. The notorious and feared Cramer will no longer threaten us! To reward your excellent feats, I, Dungeon Lord Sherlock, shall reward you handsomely!”

After Sherlock finished his passionate speech, Bru announced a full-service notice:

[Details of the reward will be published on the official website and discussion forum.]

Before the gamers had the chance to cheer, Simba crushed Cramer’s head like a mosaic with his Hammer. He blew his beard and shouted, “D*mn! So you’re Cramer!”