Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 408 - I Want an Online Relationship

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Chapter 408: I Want an Online Relationship

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[SmilingNangong: Added new function: In-game recording. You can record a 3-minute video in the game and upload it to the discussion forum or other places. This function has been available for quite some time. I’m informing all gamers and helping the game officials add a forgotten update.]

[White Blue Sky: The previous poster is awesome.]

[If_I_can_be_eaten: Is the customer service representative on leave?]

[Who_is_not_afraid_of_female_bandit: Updates? The update frequency is high recently!]

[DoctorA: The game producers updated with a new crisis. That’s awesome]

[RockCandyFruit: Are they forcing Changan City gamers to quit?]

The content of the discussion forum was shown in the shimmering liquid crystal display. A gamer in loose hip-hop pajamas was typing while gazing at the computer screen. She paused and pondered for a while before typing a few words and hitting enter.

[Softie: It’s an Eternal Kingdom update. When is Victoria City going to get an update? I hope to have more updates for Victoria City! @[emailxa0protected]@SealHeadLingChong]

After typing, she hugged her knees and swayed on the stool while giggling.

“Softie, it’s bedtime! Stop playing computer games.”

The voice of a young lady was heard coming from outside the room.

“Okay, Mom, I’m going to sleep!”

Softie switched off the lights and her computer, then groped in the dark to find a long gaming capsule. Under the moonlight, the silhouette of a young lass was seen.

The young lass opened the gaming capsule stealthily and laid down inside. She then saw the login screen of “Dungeon” before her eyes.

After logging in, a beautiful female Human awoke in a house that was about 20 square meters.

It was dark outside, and sounds of Cicadas mixed with chatting voices could be heard.

The Human with the words “Softie” and “For that night with Sherlock” above her head pushed open the door to the room and stretched her body.

Though it wasn’t necessary to stretch, it was good for being immersive. She had just gone offline half an hour ago.

“Yo, Softie, you look great today!”

A gamer was pushing a cart full of logs. He had the words “For that night with Sherlock” above his head. He was in the same Guild.

“Where is Brother Dragonborn?” Softie asked the gamer.

“He’s right in front of the improvised stall selling goods.”

Softie proceeded to the improvised stall area.

Victoria City was demarcated into different zones, just like Eternal Kingdom. There were Living Quarters, a Commercial Area, and an Industrial Area.

The improvised stall area was within the Commercial Area.

With experience from the Dungeon, the gamers increased the space for the improvised stalls. The space of a stall in Eternal Kingdom was three meters by two meters, while that of Victoria City was three meters by three meters.

The gamers in Victoria City were able to display more goods.

The small size of the stall didn’t limit the gamers’ creativity. A goods shelf appeared in both Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom!

The stall space was small, but there was no height restriction. A few carpenter gamers bought wooden planks and produced goods shelves that could display more goods. It was better than displaying goods on the ground.

Dragonborn used these shelves to display Spider Meat, Spider Legs, Dire Wolf Skin, plant seeds, and bonsai.

TakeASpearHit asked Dragonborn to sell the bonsai as he was skilled in bonsai. TakeASpearHit said, “My mom and dad are in the bonsai business, so I know a bit!”

The most popular merchandise was bonsai. There weren’t many furnishings that the gamers could buy to decorate their homes.

When Softie arrived, Dragonborn was sitting cross-legged on the ground. He didn’t shout to promote his goods. Instead, he placed a wooden board with the prices and discounts of all the goods. When the gamers strolled past his stall, they could look at the pricing.

Dragonborn stood up when he saw the approaching Softie, who said, “Brother Dragonborn, what are you selling? What’s the price of the cute bonsai? Did you make it?”

“No, TakeASpearHit made them,” Dragonborn quickly replied.

Softie nodded and said, “Hmm, besides the bonsai, I’m buying all of your goods.”


“I’m joking, I’m joking. When are you closing your stall? Do you want to hunt for Spiders at the Spiders’ Lair?”

Softie placed both of her hands behind her back like the female protagonist in a Japanese anime. Dragonborn felt that it was strange because a girl wouldn’t normally do that. It wasn’t nice to talk about it in front of others, so he replied, “It’s dangerous to hunt for Spiders now. It’s almost midnight, and the gamers are going offline. The monsters at the Spiders’ Lair are getting larger in numbers.”

“Ah, what about the Sighing Wilderness? There aren’t that many monsters over there,” Softie pondered for a while before speaking excitedly.

“There aren’t many monsters, but there are lots of Gnomes and Orcs…”

Dragonborn was referring to the gamers of Eternal Kingdom. The two Factions were opposing forces. In the wilderness, their names would be highlighted in red. After killing each other, they could obtain Reputation Points as a reward. During the day, there were many gamers, so it was safer. During the night, the Victoria City Faction was at a disadvantage because there were fewer gamers. The gamers of Eternal Kingdom were stronger. It would take the gamers of Victoria City some time to catch up.

“Ah, Victoria City doesn’t have an Instance Dungeons. If only we had two Instance Dungeons at Specter College, we could challenge the Instance Dungeons at night,” Softie said with disappointment.

“We can’t help it. We’re only at the Third Beta Test. The content will only be updated gradually. Someone on the discussion forum revealed that the customer service representative Black Dragon said that Sherlie was in negotiation with Specter College to set up an Instance Dungeon for Victoria City,” Dragonborn smiled and said.

“Wait, Sherlie’s negotiating with Specter College? Aren’t Specter College and Sherlie at loggerheads?” Softie was surprised. She pondered for a while and said, “Ah, I understand. The customer service representative must be joking. He’s saying that Victoria City will soon have a Specter College Instance Dungeon, isn’t he?”

“Yes, we can actually enter the Specter College Instance Dungeon. The Teleport Portal is at Eternal Kingdom. If only we could go to Eternal Kingdom and use the Teleport Portal to enter the Specter College Instance Dungeon. It’s only a Teleport Portal, so I don’t think it matters,” Dragonborn said solemnly.

“Ai? That’s a good plan! However, there are a lot of gamers in Eternal Kingdom. Most importantly, we can’t get through the Spiders’ Lair.”

Softie pointed out the shortcoming of the plan.

“We’ll go by the Sighing Wilderness! There’s a Teleport Portal at the Sighing Wilderness. How do we know we can’t get there if we don’t try? Eternal Kingdom has a new Battle Campaign Scenario, and it looks like all of them are going to the Black Volcano. There will be few gamers at the Sighing Wilderness and Eternal Kingdom, so we can try to sneak into Specter College using this method.”

“We can visit Winterfell!” Softie suggested enthusiastically.

“Hmm, it’s worth a try. But it’s only a plan, and the possibility isn’t high.”

Dragonborn smiled, but Softie grabbed Dragonborn’s arms solemnly. She was blushing as she said, “Let’s do it!”


“Let’s carry out this plan! I’ll gather the members and inform everyone. I’m sure they’ll be interested! I’ll make use of our Guild and your name to recruit them. Isn’t Hoodlum pretty popular? We can recruit him so that we can form an alliance with the Hoodlum Yoga Association. With two powerful characters, we can dominate Victoria City! You can be on par with Eternal Kingdom’s Arthur and be Victoria City’s top gamer. During the Faction War, you can stand out and raise up your hand while shouting…” Softie said excitedly while she grasped Dragonborn’s arms.

While they were chatting, two other gamers were spying in secret.

“Tsk, tsk, take a look. Those two are behaving intimately while at the public stall. Dragonborn is a public figure. He doesn’t have a sense of propriety. The gamers at the side are capturing screenshots and recording videos.”

TakeASpearHit shook his head and sighed.

“Are you jealous, you lousy bachelor? Go and have an online relationship!” SealHeadLingChong said while he patted TakeASpearHit.

“I’m not interested in that! Even if I die in the Sighing Wilderness and get eaten by the Dire Wolves, I won’t be involved in an online relationship!”

SealHeadLingChong looked at TakeASpearHit in disdain before turning his head and leaving. He said, “I’m going offline first. Enjoy your spying. I’m going to chat with my dream girl on Wechat.”

“Gosh! What dreamgirl?”

“That’s my online romance target, you silly dude!”

Looking at SealHeadLingChong’s receding figure, TakeASpearHit clasped his fists.

I want an online relationship!