Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 399 - Saving the Little Fairy (Part Two)

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Chapter 399: Saving the Little Fairy (Part Two)Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

[Saving the Little Fairy, Part One

Mission Description: Previously a slave of Lord Sherlock, the Little Fairy has changed her attitude and pledged allegiance to Lord Sherlock. She is currently teaching Potion Concoction. After the advent of Victoria City, the Little Fairy is changing her stance… Lord Sherlock doesn’t trust the Little Fairy and intends to execute her. But she is important to Eternal Kingdom. To save the Little Fairy, you have to do something.

Mission Objectives:

Daily Missions: 0/5,000 (Full service)

Carrying bricks: 0/5,000 (Full service)

Submission of Magic Stones: 0/5,000 (Full service)

Working in the factory: 0/10,000 (Full service)

Assisting the Little Fairy: 0/1 (Personal)

Mission Reward: The Little Fairy’s favorable impression, 1,000 Reputation Points, and a free Potion Concoction class.

Mission Failure Penalty: The mission is to be completed within three days. Otherwise, she will be executed in public by Sherlock! Your Potion Concoction careers will be terminated.]

“This is cheating! What kind of mission is this? The game producers are so unscrupulous! If you can’t think of a good Plot or activity, open up new Instance Dungeons! Or let monsters attack the Dungeon! Why are you using the NPC to blackmail us? Is your brain damaged?”

“Wah, I’m giving up. I’ve played online games for ten years. I haven’t played Tencent games or Angry Birds, but I survived the Tudou network games and the game protagonist flying all over the place in the sky. However, this underhanded mission makes me give up.”

“Die Sherlie! Return the Little Fairy to us!”

“If Sherlie kills the Little Fairy, I’ll kill myself today. I’ll carry out the promise to kill myself daily.”

“All of you are so unhappy. Will you please quit? My friends want to join the game, so please quit.”

The day Sherlock captured the Little Fairy, the gamers were full of unhappiness.

The game and the discussion forum were filled with complaints, and the gamers scolded the game producers for losing their minds. How dare they capture their Life Skill Instructor and make the amiable Sherlie into an evil character? The gamers had cultivated close ties with the Little Fairy, so Sherlie must be an idiot to kill her. The gamers will definitely attack Sherlie for revenge!

It was unclear whether Sherlie could be attacked. But one thing was clear, to the Pioneer Alliance Guild, it was good news.

Due to the controversy of the new Plot, the Raintea attacking posts created by the rumormongers were being pushed down the discussion forum. The screen was full of posts like [Lousy game producers!], [Return us our Little Fairy!], [Down with Sherlie! Save the Little Fairy!], [Whoever scolds my hubby Sherlock, I will fight with them!], [Brainiac isn’t aware of the Little Fairy’s predicament.], [Please don’t ask Simba about the Little Fairy. The infuriated Simba has destroyed two pieces of my equipment. I can’t take a third blow!].

In the Stronghold of the Pioneer Alliance, Arthur and his team were having a meeting.

“The game producers are giving us a boost. When the new Plot was introduced, the attention shifted! The money paid to the rumormongers has gone down the drain!” Peasant said as he lay in a rocking chair, clasping the back of his head while crossing his legs.

This rocking chair was salvaged from Winterfell when Peasant was still a Houndhead Man. The size was perfect for a Gnome or Houndhead Man. However, Peasant was currently an Orc.

An Orc was larger than a Gnome by a scale, so the rocking chair seemed a bit small. But it could still be used.

“The Plot Mission wants us to increase the pace of our development and the frequency of our trips to the road intersection. It will only last for three days. After that, the rumormongers are free to do what they want.”

BurningChestHair sighed as he sat on a small stool and scratched his bald head.

“The three days is a good resting period. Raintea intended to quit the game today, but when the mission was introduced, I saw Raintea taking the public Beetlemon to the road intersection to carry bricks.”

NotWearingPants said, “I wanted to talk to her, but I was stopped by the gay guy Vanas.”

“You’re not a girl, so you don’t know how they think! Though I’m against Raintea, she will think that the rumormongers attacked her and damaged our reputation. She will feel guilty and quit the game. Girls are always afraid of implicating others! If you talk to her, you’ll make her feel worse,” Sylvanas said solemnly as she sat cross-legged on Arthur’s bed.

“Wah, since you’ve said so, I’m sure you’re a guy. Because you don’t mind implicating us,” NotWearingPants said firmly as he pointed at Sylvanas.

“What the heck…”

Sylvanas extended her hand to pull out her weapon, but she discovered that she had no weapon. Everyone removed their equipment when entering the Guild. The room wasn’t cleaned and was full of blood stench. It was better not to bring equipment into the secret room.

“Three days is more than enough time.”

As Sylvanas was about to stand up and wrestle NotWearingPants to the ground, Arthur said, “Yesterday night, I arranged for people to negotiate with the rumormonger companies. The investigation was conducted. Though there’s not sufficient evidence to confirm it, this rumormongering was instigated by the Changan City Guild.”

“Changan City? Isn’t that the Guild with the chairman named MysteryMan that has 500 members? Gosh, I thought it was Dragon Raja who instigated the troubles…” NotWearingPants said in surprise.

“Why did you think that it was Dragon Raja?” BurningChestHair asked, puzzled.

“Because Dragon Raja has been high profile. The Guild was filling the discussion forum with posts concerning the recruitment of elite members, impromptu stalls, and auction bids. There were even members standing outside the Instance Dungeon advertising for Dragon Raja! The Guild claims to be in the top ten online Guilds in the country,” NotWearingPants explained casually.

“Impossible. Dragon Raja’s chairman, btkangren, knows me. His dad and my dad are business partners. He has been playing Legend of Mir since he was young. His most unscrupulous methods were blocking the Revival Point while scolding people and feigning a city siege to keep people awake throughout the night,” said BurningChestHair.

After BurningChestHair finished speaking, Peasant shouted in astonishment, “Gosh! ChestHair Bro, how come you never mentioned it!”

“I had a meal with the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance’s chairman, Stir-fried Vegetable Rice. Should I be telling everyone? It’s normal to have a meal. We all know each other in this small circle. Do you think our world is huge?”

Arthur raised his hand to interrupt their idle chat.

“I’m going to the Changan City Guild to talk to their chairman. If the Guild is willing to shoulder the responsibility, apologize to Raintea, and restore our reputation, I won’t deal with them. Otherwise, I’ll make sure their Guild is destroyed,” Arthur said viciously.

Peasant sighed and said, “Arthur Bro, you’re steady. Do you want to get some men to harass them in real life? Arthur Bro, see if you can find their location, I’ll go and confront them! Though I’m smaller in size, my combat skills are invincible. Nobody in school can defeat me.”

“Playing the game has made you number one in the school.” NotWearingPants teased Sylvanas.

“Let’s be logical, Arthur. Even if Changan City is willing to apologize, the situation is already awkward. I feel that Raintea will still leave. Do you have any way to make Raintea stay?”

BurningChestHair looked worried. He noticed that Arthur was keeping quiet and sighed.

“Ai, I thought by having such a powerful Potion Maker in our Guild, we would have cheaper Potions. But now, it’s all for naught. The 300 Minor Healing Potions won’t last us more than a few days.”

“Don’t worry about the Potions. It’s easily solved with money. If Raintea quits for good, our Guild will have one less pretty gal. That’s a great loss!” NotWearingPants pat BurningChestHair on the shoulder.

“I’m still around! I’m a pretty gal!” Sylvanas shouted loudly.

However, NotWearingPants rebuked, “Impossible. If you’re a pretty gal, I’m your big-breasted sister.”

“What! Repeat that again!”

“Forget it, Sylvanas. Don’t hold it against NotWearingPants.”

“Fight him! Fight him!”

The room became rowdy. Though Raintea was being attacked by rumormongers and they were infuriated, they weren’t that depressed. Raintea wasn’t a core member of their group and was only a friend. They would just help as much as possible.

However, they wished for a good resolution.

Arthur turned his head and looked out the window. He noticed Lord Sherlock standing on the street.

He felt that Lord Sherlock was also observing him. When he recovered from his thoughts, Lord Sherlock had continued walking with a long trail of curious gamers…