Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 394 - Winterfell Is in Danger

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Chapter 394: Winterfell Is in Danger

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The flowerbed was full of gamers who were attending the Potion and Cultivation class. After the Little Fairy made an agreement with Sherlock because of Raintea, the flowerbed had become the Little Fairy’s classroom.

Though Sherlock’s flowerbed was big enough, after the number of gamers increased to 5,000, it looked a bit small.

There were various plants cultivated in the flowerbed, and in the middle of the flowerbed was a huge tree with a thick trunk that would require four Orcs to hug its diameter.

Everyone knew that the tree was grown by Raintea, though nobody knew why the tree grew so fast and so large.

Even the Little Fairy, who was reluctant to shift her bed, shifted her bed to the treehouse that she constructed in the tree.

The Little Fairy was teaching the gamers Basic Cultivation. Even though Arthur was far away, he could hear the Little Fairy shouting.

“Ha? Did I teach you to grow such things? Mana! Use your Mana! Fools! Without Mana, plants are unable to grow in the Underworld!”

The Little Fairy was used to being with the gamers and had changed from the initial fear to her current relaxed manner. The only thing that hadn’t changed was her saliva spitting habit.


When a gamer was about to touch her, the Little Fairy spat at the gamer’s head and sent him flying. It wasn’t known whether he survived.

Such a troublesome gamer was rare. At such proximity, a gamer would die if not maimed after being spat on by the Little Fairy.

Arthur wasn’t there for the class. He merely observed the students in the class and then left, going to find his target. His target was Raintea, who was in the flowerbed taking care of a Sharp-clawed Sunflower.

After finding her, Arthur walked towards Raintea.

Behind Arthur, NotWearingPants and Sylvanas pushed aside the Creature-eating Flower, which provided cover for them. Sylvanas bit her collar and said viciously, “It’s indeed Raintea! I knew that Raintea was up to no good! She’s competing with me for Arthur Bro! Previously, the rumors were rife, and you consoled me, saying that there was nothing between Arthur and Raintea…”

“Ah? I didn’t console you. I’ve been saying that Arthur and Raintea are a perfect match.”

NotWearingPants looked bewildered at Sylvanas, who took out a Dagger to cut his throat. Arthur turned his head, and both of them ducked.

Arthur looked left and right behind his back. Besides the gamers who were attending the class and the wavering Creature-eating Flower, there was nothing unusual.

Some gamers noticed Arthur and came over to greet him since he was the top gamer.

Arthur replied politely and then walked beside Raintea.

“Ah, Raintea,” Arthur said without emotion. Raintea, who was humming a tune and taking care of the plants, lifted her head, smiling widely when she saw Arthur.

“Arthur? What’s the matter? Are you buying Minor Healing Potions? Apologies, there are many gamers buying recently. Tell me how many you need, and I’ll send them to you after I finish making them.”

Raintea knelt on the ground and placed her hands on her knees. The picture looked like a male Orc standing beside a young female Goblin with a sunny disposition.

“It’s frustrating! Why is that Goblin so pretty? That wily gamer. Why did she make such a beautiful face? Who is she seducing?” Sylvanas bit her collar into pieces with her sharp Orc fangs.

“Ha? Have you played too much ‘Mount & Blade’? You can’t be a vulnerable girl! A ‘Mount & Blade’ gamer can’t possibly be a vulnerable girl!”

Sylvanas decided to charge out, but NotWearingPants pulled her back and said, “Hey, what are you doing? If you charge out now, won’t Arthur know that we followed him? He’ll end our friendship!”

Upon hearing NotWearingPants’ reminder, Sylvanas immediately went into hiding, continuing to chew on her collar.

Arthur turned his head back. He felt as though he was being watched.


“Ah, it’s nothing.”

Arthur turned back to look at Raintea, then took out a Mana Skills Book and said, “I’ll order a hundred potions. Don’t hurry. Complete the other orders first. This is the reward.”

“Wait, Arthur Bro, a Mana Skills Book is very expensive! The price of a Minor Healing Potion isn’t as high as before. Instead of exchanging the Mana Skills Book for Minor Healing Potions, isn’t it better to learn from the Mana Skills Book? Or sell it for Magic Stones…” Raintea said quickly.

“Did the price drop? Then I’ll exchange this for the equivalent amount of potions. I saw on the discussion forum that there is a Mana Skill that can simulate Sunlight, which will improve the growth rate of the plants. You can learn the Mana Skill using this book and produce more Magic Potions. The Guilds are developing, and we need a lot of Magic Potions, so if you increase your productivity, it’ll be beneficial for our Guilds.”

Arthur said firmly, “I’m investing in you as a Guild chairman, so don’t feel bad about it.”

“I see… I understand. I’ll prepare myself.”

Raintea accepted Arthur’s Mana Skills Book and bowed to show her gratitude.

Arthur didn’t stay. He turned and left.

NotWearingPants said to Sylvanas, “What did I say? I told you that there’s nothing between them. Arthur is here to make an order. Most of our Minor Healing Potions are ordered from Raintea.”

“I feel that it’s not that simple… No, I’ll ask Dragonborn what happened at the hospital that night. Arthur and Raintea must be together. Then Arthur gave Dragonborn 100 Magic Stones to change factions! It must be like that!”

Sylvanas stamped her foot angrily, but NotWearingPants said, “Wah, don’t you know the character of Arthur? He said he didn’t make Dragonborn change factions. He didn’t lie to us, and he said he didn’t want to talk about that night again. If you ask Dragonborn and Arthur learns about it, you won’t have a chance.”

NotWearingPants tried to persuade Sylvanas and then went into deep thought. After a moment, he muttered to himself, “Why do I care about your love life? Forget it, I’m washing my hands of this. I haven’t completed many of my Daily Missions. Do what you like, I’m leaving.”

NotWearingPants left the flowerbed, while Sylvanas stood there and pondered hard.

On the streets of Winterfell, the Underworld inhabitants who were going to work queued up at the Beetlemon stand as usual.

The only thing unusual was that there was a special creature in the queue.

He was Lord Sherlock, the Dungeon Lord of Eternal Kingdom, who had saved Winterfell twice and defeated Morgan’s Ogre army. He was famous throughout the Northern Underworld!

Why was Lord Sherlock using public transport? Should he not have a private Beetlemon for his transportation needs?

Ah, he was friendly with the residents!

Though he looked friendly, nobody dared to talk to this superior Devil.

He was a superior Devil.

Bru spoke nonstop in Sherlock’s mind, saying, “Lord Sherlock! Lord Sherlock! We can’t continue like this! You must have the demeanor of a celebrity! Don’t we have a lot of Beetlemons in the Dungeon? We have an office in the old district, and we can improvise a Beetlemon for your private use. We can arrange for a personal Beetlemon to wait for you at the Teleport Portal Main Hall.”

“Hmm, that will look impressive.” Sherlock nodded his head and said, “Considering the costs, if I let a single Beetlemon service me, it will be against my thriftiness. After all, a Beetlemon can send 200 gamers to the factory for work, and a gamer who works for ten days can earn one Magic Stone. So, 200 gamers will earn 200 Magic Stones! It’s better than letting me use the Beetlemon.”

Bru was silent for a while before he said, “Hmm, you are right Lord Sherlock.”

A Beetlemon came over. It wasn’t a public Beetlemon.

The Beetlemon stopped in front of Sherlock. A Gnome dismounted from the driver’s seat and said politely to Sherlock, “Lord Sherlock, so you’re here. Dungeon Lord Nicholas is looking for you. Please follow me.”


Sherlock looked at the Gnome, bewildered, but he boarded the Beetlemon nonetheless.

“Pa ta, pa ta, pa ta.”

The Beetlemon quickened its pace.

“What happened? It looks urgent,” Sherlock asked as he settled in at the seat behind.

“Someone is plotting against Winterfell, Lord Sherlock!”

The Gnome wiped the sweat off his forehead. He looked very worried.