Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 392 - Version 0.36 Update Log

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Chapter 392: Version 0.36 Update Log

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Fifteen days after the Dungeon War in Eternal Kingdom.


A special metal cage was secured and locked. In it was Morgan, who lowered his head dispiritedly.

He was captured and pronounced guilty by the Devil Management Committee and was to be sent to Bankazia for his prison sentence. He wasn’t sentenced due to the Dungeon War with Eternal Kingdom, he was sentenced for infringing on the rights of laborers and creating a dangerous organization.

Morgan bought a Dungeon and dismissed all of the employees, who then filed a complaint at the Underworld Labor Union.

The dangerous organization sentence was because Patrick Star wrote an article on the Dungeon War that depicted Morgan’s recruitment of the Ogre army and how he committed heinous crimes during the war. Patrick Star also mentioned the heroic struggles of Eternal Kingdom’s citizens.

There were pictures and videos, and within a few days, they created an uproar. The Devil Management Committee used these as evidence to sentence Morgan. Though there were no explicit rules that prohibited the use of the barbaric Ogres, it was a dangerous act that would destabilize the peace of the Underworld, so the Devil Management Committee pronounced him guilty. Was Morgan trying to be the second Michelangelo?

Because the Devil Management Committee pronounced Morgan guilty, Sherlock kept Morgan’s 10 million Magic Stones and imprisoned him in Eternal Kingdom. The Devil Management Committee then sent an envoy and arranged for a Beetlemon with tools for imprisoning a superior Devil, taking Morgan away.

Sherlock stood at Eternal Kingdom’s entrance and waved goodbye to Morgan as he shouted warmly, “Come by next time!”

Seeing Morgan leaving, one wondered how long he would be imprisoned. Sherlock didn’t know and wasn’t interested.

“Lord Sherlock? Come by next time? I was almost conquered! Lord Sherlock, if you were late by an hour, the Ogres would have invaded the Living Quarters and the Dungeon Lord Main Hall!” Bru said with agitation as Sherlock smiled and bade Morgan farewell.

“Didn’t they fail? Don’t be angry, Bru. As an experienced Dungeon Core, your reaction isn’t on par with your wisdom. Even if Morgan came to you and absorbed your energy, you could have given the order for the gamers to detonate themselves with Morgan,” Sherlock said casually while he walked towards the Dungeon.

“Lord Sherlock! I’m not the Yggdrasill of ‘World of Warcraft’!” Bru protested, but he was ignored.

It wasn’t possible to repair the damage sustained by Eternal Kingdom within 15 days, but the repairs were underway. Sherlock used his Magic Stones to buy raw materials, and the gamers used their labor to repair the Dungeon. It cost about one million Magic Stones.

The gamers gathered at the repair site and watched the Plot Animation of Morgan being led away. The gamers liked Morgan. During these ten days, when Morgan was imprisoned in Eternal Kingdom, the gamers would visit him and curse at him with vulgarities. Morgan had become one of the important tourist attractions. On the discussion forum, the gamers of Victoria City requested to visit Morgan by attacking Eternal Kingdom.

For this, they had very seriously planned two routes.

First, they would occupy the Sighing Wilderness and Eternal Kingdom’s Teleport Portal. Using the portal, they would travel to Eternal Kingdom. It wasn’t clear whether the gamers of Victoria City could enter the Teleport Portal, but it was a possibility.

Two, they could travel through the Spiders’ Lair to Eternal Kingdom.

They tried both routes but failed miserably.

In the first case, before reaching Eternal Kingdom, they failed. They conducted a sneak attack in the middle of the night and successfully occupied the Teleport Portal of Eternal Kingdom’s outpost. However, they couldn’t use it! They saw the notice—[As there is no Battle Campaign Scenario, the Teleport Portal of the opposing faction cannot be used.]

The gamers of Victoria City tried to reach Eternal Kingdom via the Spiders’ Lair. As there were many Underground Spiders, they formed a strong 2000 member siege contingent, including members from the Hoodlum Yoga Association and For that night with Sherlock. But they were annihilated in the Spiders’ Lair.

Even the gamers of Eternal Kingdom were unable to defeat the waves of Underground Spiders created by the ten Spider Queens. Therefore, it was impossible for the inferior gamers of Victoria City to defeat the Spiders.

Once Morgan had been led away, there was no reason for the gamers of Victoria City to visit Eternal Kingdom.

Sherlock was indifferent to the behavior of both factions. He was only concerned about the gamers working hard and earning profits, mainly because he had to purchase a Level 3 Dungeon Core. According to market prices, a Level 1 Dungeon Core cost 25 million Magic Stones. That was correct, there was inflation. As for a Level 3 Dungeon Core, it cost one billion Magic Stones!

With Sherlock’s current Magic Stones…

Sherlock checked the balance of his Magic Stone card. After calculating the various compensations, rewards, the gamers’ salary, and profits from selling materials, as well as deducting the cost of materials, repairs, and factory costs, he only had 30 million Magic Stones.

Sherlock depended on the gamers’ income and let Bru do a simple calculation. Bru replied, “Excluding inflation, it will take roughly 500,000 to 1,000,000 years to reach the target of one billion Magic Stones for purchasing a Level 3 Dungeon Core.”

It was a disappointing answer.

“Don’t worry, Lord Sherlock, I have a detailed plan for upgrading the Dungeon Core. Isn’t the Dungeon Core of Winterfell available? With our combat power, it’ll be difficult to conquer Winterfell. However, if we pretend to send the Gundam to Winterfell for an exhibition, start a rebellion, and kidnap Nicholas, we can use him like our puppet to control Winterfell. In terms of creatures and resources…”

Bru continued to nag, but Sherlock had walked into the Dungeon Lord Main Hall and started editing new updates on his computer.

Eggface was performing his customer service job. He was emotionless.

Eggface was quite familiar with his job. He was used to the gamers’ strange questions and various harassment tactics.

Next to Eggface was a black kitten, Polio.

Polio looked at Eggface’s screen and asked, “These fellows… are they the fellows outside? Are they called gamers?”

Polio talked incessantly. Eggface made a disdainful “Tsk” sound and caressed Polio’s neck. Soon, Polio emitted comfortable “Hu lu, hu lu” sounds. All of a sudden, Polio meowed and stretched his body as his hair stood on end. He shouted, “I’m not a kitten—!”

Sherlock wasn’t bothered by Eggface and Polio. He started editing his updates:

[Version 0.36 Update Log]

“In the current Battle Campaign Scenario, the Ogres and Morgan colluded. They attacked Eternal Kingdom and Victoria City. With the strong willpower of our warriors, we stopped their attack and destroyed Morgan’s evil plan. But the crisis isn’t over yet…

We updated Dungeon War: The Dungeon War was updated secretly. You have completed the Dungeon War. I am just informing you.

We updated an NPC’s state—Morgan is in Bankazia: Morgan was sent to Bankazia. If you have the chance, visit him there.

We updated the maps of Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom: Ogre tribes appeared in the surrounding areas of Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom. Before they assemble for an attack, destroy them! This is now part of the Daily Mission.

We updated with a new NPC, Kitten Polio: Sherlock’s new pet is called Polio. Though he has the same name as the Ogre leader called Polio, they are different. Gamers will be able to see this new NPC soon. He is joining Eternal Kingdom and will help Lord Sherlock with his heavy responsibilities.

We updated a new BUG, Unusable Gundam: You cannot use the Gundam now. That is it.

We updated a new Daily Mission—Constructing an outpost at the crossroad: Victoria City and Eternal Kingdom have a common enemy, and there’s an urgent need for collaboration. After the leaders of the two factions completed their discussion, it was decided that there would be a peaceful outpost at the crossroad that connects the Underworld and Surface World. Both factions will create the future together!”