Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 391 - Sorry, I Was Wrong

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Chapter 391: Sorry, I Was Wrong

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Morgan slashed at the screaming and charging Goblins that were like pestering flies, and they fell to the ground.

Morgan had tried his best to exert his dominance, and even a Huge Dragon would be wary of him. When he fought with the rebelling Ogres, he used the same method to slow them down, even causing some of them to flee in panic.

But now, Goblins were charging at him like mad dogs. Endless streams of Goblins, Gnomes, Houndhead Men, and Orcs charged at him.

They were like pests!

Arthur wielded his black Longsword and Shield as he moved around to look for Morgan’s weakness.

After the Ogres fled, Arthur discovered Morgan, who killed hundreds of Ogres. Then, Morgan was surrounded by the gamers. Arthur and his team had been annihilated once.

“The BOSS is difficult to kill! All Tanks beware! Let the individual gamers wear him down!” NotWearingPants shouted to the gathered Guild members.

Currently, only the members of small Guilds and individual gamers were attacking Morgan. The bigger Guilds like the Pioneer Alliance didn’t attack, knowing they would be killed.

The Guild members of the Meat Vegetable Rice Alliance had assembled, and they started attacking Morgan.

After a volley of arrows, they killed all the individual gamers who were attacking Morgan, but Morgan remained completely intact.

Some of the 200 to 300 arrows that were fired hit Morgan, but they couldn’t get past his defenses.

The gamers started bickering.

“Don’t fire arrows! They are our people! You’re killing our people!”

“How do we fight if we don’t use arrows? It’s a confirmed death if we fight at close range!”

“Nonsense! Attack immediately! The BOSS is dying! He’s bleeding profusely!”

“What the heck! Which eye of yours saw the BOSS bleeding profusely? He’s still mowing down gamers!”

“Be reasonable. Damage and health points aren’t related. The BOSS is covered in blood. This is a classic case of being near death.”

“Stop the nonsense and inflict damage on him. So what if we’re killed! We’ll fire arrows and revive if we’re killed. The Revival Point is close by!”

Morgan couldn’t understand why the gamers were bickering. He was in a craze. He had the upper hand, but now it had deteriorated. His Ogre army had collapsed, and Lord Sherlock was still unwilling to fight with him. Instead, these pesky ant-like gamers were irritating him!

While Morgan was busy mowing down the gamers, Brainiac slowly walked towards the pathetic and exhausted superior Devil.

The gamers thought that it was a Plot Animation, so a small portion of them stopped attacking to watch. But most of the gamers continued attacking, wanting to use the chance to inflict heavy damage.

“Lich! Where’s your master? Get Sherlock to come out! Even if I lose, I’ll lose in his hands! Let these pieces of trash bug off!” Morgan shouted, but he couldn’t stop the ant-like gamers from attacking his legs.

Brainiac observed the situation and said without emotion, “Lord Sherlock isn’t in the Dungeon. He gave me a price list for your case.”

As Morgan was about to ask about the price list, a Gnome stabbed his Eternal Kingdom Standard Short Sword into Morgan’s calf. As it was a piece of White Standard Equipment, the weapon didn’t cause any harm. Instead, it broke in half.

Morgan was in pain, and he kicked the Gnome, who he flew out. As Morgan revealed his weakness, the charging gamers made use of the chance to inflict damage.

Brainiac disregarded Morgan, who was mowing down the gamers. He took out a form and said, “According to Lord Sherlock’s arrangements, if you wish to leave intact, you’ll have to pay 10 million Magic Stones. If you leave with a missing arm, the payment will be lowered to 8 million Magic Stones. The loss of two arms will reduce the payment to 6 million Magic Stones…”

Brainiac spoke like a robot, and Morgan responded with an angry roar and a spinning fireball.

Brainiac lifted a hand, and gray Mana accumulated in front of him. The fireball collided with the Mana wall and exploded. The heatwave scorched the nearby gamers, and the hair on their bodies was burnt and emitted the smell of barbecue.

“I see that you don’t wish to pay. According to Sherlock’s order, we’ll send you to the Hades Spirit World.”

Brainiac put away the form and took out a Magic Wand that looked like a tree branch. He aimed the Magic Wand at Morgan as he said to the gamers, “Attack warriors, I’ll cover you.”

“I’ll kill you!”

Morgan charged towards Brainiac, but there were countless gamers between them, and the gamers wouldn’t flee like the Ogres.

Patrick Star held his Magic Recording Device in a daze as he captured the scenes of the post-war Eternal Kingdom.

As a war reporter who went through the ordeal, he saw many things that shook him to the core.

A weak Goblin sacrificed himself to an Ogre’s Club to allow his comrades to inflict damage. The archers on top of the blasted Dungeon Walls knew that they didn’t have a chance to survive, but they continued firing arrows and throwing Bladder Bombs. When they saw the Ogres being killed, they would reveal expressions of joy. Many times, Patrick Star witnessed how the gamers wrapped themselves with Bladder Bombs and dashed into the Ogre crowd… Sometimes, they would even injure their comrades accidentally.

How many casualties were there in this war?

Patrick Star wasn’t sure. He only saw numerous gamers sacrificing themselves to protect their homes. They were fearless, and death was the highest honor for them.

What about their corpses… wait, where were their corpses?

Patrick Star was dumbfounded. He only saw Ogre corpses and was unable to find any corpses from Eternal Kingdom. He pondered for a while before he started tearing up.

Their corpses were being eaten by the Ogres!

That was the case! Patrick Star’s vision was blurred by his welling tears. To protect their homes and fight against the Ogres, their corpses were eaten by the Ogres! This was the sin committed by Morgan!

Patrick Star trembled as he recalled the terrifying face of Morgan.

The second successor of Eternal Fire succumbed under the combined assault of Brainiac and the citizens of Eternal Kingdom. He stripped himself of all equipment and threw his weapon aside, then knelt down, lowered his head, and said respectfully, “Sorry, I was wrong. I’ll pay 10 million Magic Stones. Please don’t kill me or stab my buttocks, please.”

Most of Morgan was covered by mosaic since he was naked.

The gamers that didn’t give up on trying to attack the vulnerable parts of Morgan were being persuaded by Brainiac to leave. The main factor was that other gamers received the mission [Appeasement] and dragged their vengeful comrades away. They said, “Enough, stop stabbing. The BOSS has entered the invincible Plot mode. He has surrendered his weapon and equipment. Stop fighting, he won’t die.”

The gamers were happy to see Morgan’s loot, though they had to let Bru appraise the equipment before he decided whether the equipment would be auctioned. What if Sherlock decided to use Morgan’s equipment? Equipment with many BUGS wouldn’t be given to the gamers. Bru explained, “Gamers will complain about a piece of equipment that upsets the balance of power in the game!”

That was Bru’s explanation.

Patrick Star shut off his Magic Recording Device. He had captured the outside and interior of Eternal Kingdom. Next, he was going to interview the gamers and Lord Sherlock. No matter what the cost was, he felt it would be worthwhile. Because this time, it was big news!

That was what Patrick Star believed.

In a dark room, a Sludge Monster stood at the doorway, while a superior Devil sat on a sofa and looked at the document in his hand, sighing.

“This… is totally unexpected,” the superior Devil said.

“Morgan and Polio were defeated.”

“Yes, Lord Alexandria.”

The Sludge Monster moved his body, and Alexandria nodded and smiled as he said, “No problem. How is that plan progressing?”

“Very smooth, Lord Alexandria.”

“Good, you may leave,” Alexandria ordered the Sludge Monster.

The door was closed, and the room fell into darkness again.

A fireball appeared, and a letter dropped from the flames. The letter had the words “To Lord Alexandria—Judge Onionhead” on it.