Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 39 - Gamers’ Combat Strategy

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Chapter 39: Gamers’ Combat Strategy

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“Greetings everyone, I’m NotWearingPants (๑•̀ᄇ•́)و✧

The last post recorded our losses and casualties for the past few days. Our battles were horrendous. ┭┮_┭┮

But the price we paid was worthwhile! We eliminated all the Houndhead Men protecting Cramer!

Just as we speculated, those Houndhead Men don’t revive!

When we were fighting the Spiders, we discovered that the Spiders at the entrance dwindled and had to venture deeper into the lair to find more Spiders. Someone said that the dead Spiders wouldn’t revive and that we could possibly make the Spiders extinct.

The game has blown away our expectations. It’s not merely fighting monsters and earning money and equipment continuously like traditional games. The gamers’ actions affect the game’s progression, such as killing Spiders until extinction. Every BOSS is also unique.

If that’s the case, my liver is going to hurt a lot. If I’m not online for an hour, I could miss important plots in the game.

The game is immersive, and we, the Beta Gamers, feel as if “Dungeon: Eternal Kingdom” is our second life.

After singing so many praises of the game, I’m going to discuss the strategy for defeating the BOSS. After several rounds of probing, we determined Cramer’s attack behavior and methods.

When facing a solo opponent, he uses his Hammer to crush his opponent. When surrounded by enemies, he uses a sweeping attack. His other attacks include leg kicks, biting, headbutting, elbow strikes, and ramming. As the damage is limited, they won’t be explained in detail.

The most serious threat is his Hammer. Whether it’s crushing or sweeping, once you are hit, you will be maimed. If the Hammer hits critical areas like the head or chest, it’s instant death.

The Hammer attack radius is two meters, and there is no way to dodge. Don’t be greedy for damage. Engage for a while and then retreat. Close combat is extremely disadvantageous for us, but we have no choice. We have our archers inflicting damage on our own comrades otherwise.

We have to race against time. Before all of us die, we have to push the BOSS to the ground.

We could also choose to let him die by attrition. We discovered that Cramer doesn’t heal after battle, and that is logical. As gamers with a code of honor, we wish to defeat him honorably, but when it comes to a crunch, we’ll attrit him.

In order to defeat Cramer, we intend to mobilize all of our 70 warriors, which will be grouped into the Tank Team and two Damage Teams. The Tank Team is like a punching bag to absorb the most casualties, while the Damage Teams will attack from all directions. At every interval, the Damage Teams will slash once and then retreat according to the combat strategy illustration.

(Combat strategy illustration)

Cramer has full body armor, and the attacks are useless against the armor. Besides the armor, he has scales for protection. Damage was reduced against areas with scales, but at least there was an effect.

That’s all. We’ll set off now. Wish us luck! o( ̄▽̄)d”

[12-Winged Fury Dragon: Why do the Houndhead Men have scales?]

[Bachelor Hound: Though they are called Houndhead Men, they are basically lizards that are like dragons.]

[Icy Fire: That is correct. In many games, the Houndhead Men were designed to hatch from eggs.]

[Snow Reflection: Did you consider having tens of you hold down Cramer’s hands and legs while decapitating him?]

[Dim Waning Moon: Gosh, the previous commenter is a genius! ┌(.Д.)┐]

[Nuclear Beard: This common brawling method could be effective!]

[UC shock unit: This is shocking. The previous commenter, do you normally decapitate the head when brawling? w(゚Д゚)w]

[Quanshan Priest: Could you fight the BOSS this way? If you can’t defeat him, try this method, okay? Promise me!]

[Sword Saint Xia Houen: I am curious about the game’s physics engine.]

[Yamashita Sect: What engine? This game is a Virtual Reality Online Game with new technology.]

As Sherlock browsed the excited replies in the forum, the 70 gamers formed their teams and set off. The remaining gamers, who were unable to fight, also followed behind.

As this was their first BOSS and a Main Plot Mission BOSS, nobody wanted to miss this expedition. Besides, there were no rules to prevent viewing from the side. What if there were hidden plots or missions?

Besides a few gamers who went offline, all of the gamers set off noisily towards Cramer, who was all alone by himself.

Only Sherlock, Simba, the little Fairy, Moroes, and gamer Raintea were left in the Dungeon.

Raintea was watering the flowerbed. This gamer planted many flowers that were gathered from outside. Sherlock didn’t know the names, but the pollen and petals were food for the little Fairy.

“Isn’t this life connoisseur gamer going to attack BOSS?”

Sherlock looked at Raintea, who was busy in the flowerbed, and asked Bru.

“Life connoisseur gamers aren’t interested in combat and equipment. If Lord Sherlock could come up with some life equipment like fishing poles, they would work harder,” Bru said.

“This gamer would carry bricks, exchange for food, and pay other gamers bronze coins to bring other seeds from outside to plant them. Only a few flowers managed to survive.”

Sherlock nodded after listening to Bru and ignored the life connoisseur gamer. He returned to the Dungeon Core Main Hall and used his Mana to observe the gamers’ fight with Cramer.

Sherlock looked forward to their battle.