Gamers of the Underworld - Chapter 385 - Gundam! Gundam!

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Chapter 385: Gundam! Gundam!

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The blue shots from the Magic Cannons flew across the sky like lightning. Eternal Kingdom’s Gate and Dungeon Walls were disintegrated in five places by the Mana’s tsunami.

Even some of the gamers and their equipment were vaporized.

After firing the volley, Morgan fell backward, but he was caught by the Ogres. His body was drained, but he looked content as he raised his hand and shouted, “Attack with full force!”

The Ogre army charged at Eternal Kingdom.

Patrick Star was immobilized on the ground. The Dungeon Wall behind him wasn’t hit, but a portion of the wall a distance away was vaporized.

There were no rock fragments, though. The gaping hole had rising and shimmering lights, which were formed from Mana.

War cries and thumping footsteps of the Ogres could be heard in the distance.

“We’re done for. It’s the end…”

Patrick Star thought that they were doomed.

The Dungeon Gate and Dungeon Walls that could stop the Ogres were gone, so the Ogres flooded inside and massacred everyone.

Patrick Star wondered if he would be spared if he showed his reporter’s pass.

“Why are you sitting here? If you die, our mission will fail!”

While Patrick Star was in a state of confusion, NotWearingPants ran to his side and helped him up.

“Wait, let’s flee. Eternal Kingdom has fallen!” Patrick Star shouted in panic.

An Ogre charged through the gaping hole in the Dungeon Wall.

The Ogre was fully armored and had a few arrows lodged in his body. An arrow from a Ballista penetrated his shoulder, and the arrowhead was half the size of his head.

The Ogre screamed as he charged. Such a scene would normally cause terror in enemy soldiers and demolish their morale, but this was no ordinary battlefield.

Countless Orcs, Goblins, and Houndhead Men screamed and charged chaotically at the Ogre.

Patrick Star didn’t understand why they were charging enthusiastically.

“Gosh, I’m not bothering with you. Take care of yourself. That armor looks awesome!” NotWearingPants stood up and shouted as he rushed towards a huge Ogre that was surrounded by gamers.

“Wait, wait a moment!”

Patrick Star wanted to stop the Orc who was rushing to his doom, but NotWearingPants had run far away.

Peasant, another Orc, stood by the side.

Peasant stood beside Patrick Star and looked at him until he became panicky.

After some time, Peasant asked, “Do you have it? Do you have a Strange Encounter Mission? Give it to me, I can accept missions!”

Patrick Star wanted to ask him to flee, but Peasant looked behind Patrick Star and shouted loudly, “Gosh! Awesome! Arthur’s awesome!”

Patrick Star looked back and was stunned as though his head was hit by a hammer. He opened his mouth widely and said, “Shucks…”

When the battle started, Eternal Kingdom suffered serious casualties.

That was what Morgan observed.

After firing a volley of the Magic Cannons, Morgan felt extremely tired.

But it was all worth it.

Behind him were tens of thousands of Ogres. The only things hindering his victory were the Dungeon Walls and the Dungeon Gate.

Morgan wasn’t happy with the improvements in Mana technology, as it diminished the difference between the elite and inferior races. The benefits of a superior Devil became fewer.

Suddenly, he felt that certain Mana technology was quite good.

For example, these Magic Cannons were extremely efficient.

Though he was exhausted, Morgan was smiling. He witnessed the Ogres charging into Eternal Kingdom, swinging at and killing their foes…

After obtaining the method to control the Ogres, they became his power to conquer the world!

Morgan threw back his head and laughed loudly, right up until he saw a metal monster bigger than a Giant appearing out of a gaping hole.

What the heck was that?

“Fill up the gap! Fill up the gap! Dragon Raja won’t give an inch!”

“We won’t retreat even if we die!”

“We won’t retreat even if we die!”

Dragon Raja Guild’s chairman, btkangren, wielded a large Hammer and shouted loudly. The Guild members around him dwindled.

The combat power of the Ogres was far superior.

As btkangren was thinking of pulling back to the Revival Point, he heard loud thumping sounds among the chaos behind him.

He turned his head back and saw an unpainted Gundam walking towards him. His first thought was that he wanted one, no matter the cost.

The Ogres had never seen such a monster, but they weren’t afraid. Even if they fought against Giants, they wouldn’t be fearful. Even Giants were on their menu!

It was just a metal can!

An Ogre wielded a large Mace and shouted to the Ogres behind him, “Don’t panic! Let me kill this Giant! The honor is mine!”

The gigantic Prototype Robot had charged unsteadily over to him.

The Ogre grasped his Mace tightly. Even if it was a metal monster, he only had to smash the head to kill it!

That was what he believed.

Then, a metal fist came down and squashed him, leaving a messy, grotesque pool.

In the cramped Gundam cockpit.

“Adjust the synchronization rate to 50%, Arthur. Focus your attention. Your synchronization rate isn’t able to fully utilize the potential of my great killing machine!” Hemp Rope Technology shouted as he used a wrench to make some adjustments. The cockpit was filled with mechanical noises.

“I’m trying my best to concentrate!”

Arthur sat in the pilot seat. The seat and Arthur’s body were marked with various kinds of Rune Mana Formations, and Mana engulfed the entire Robot.

“It’s not enough! The synchronization rate is low, so you’re wasting Mana! And an Orc doesn’t have much Mana to begin with! Let a Houndhead Man control the Gundam!”

Hemp Rope Technology observed the outside situation via an observation hole and shouted, “Left side! There are many Ogres on the left side! What’s that, a Harpoon?”


Arthur was taken aback. Hemp Rope Technology was talking about a “Harpoon”. Before he recovered, he felt something collide with the Gundam’s body. Then there were many collision sounds, and the cockpit shook violently, almost causing Arthur to fall to the ground.

“Steady yourself!”

A few Ballistas were pushed out by the Ogres, and they fired Harpoons at Arthur’s Gundam.

The hooks of the Harpoons grabbed the outer armor plating of the Gundam, and a few ropes ensnared the Robot. Tens of Ogres tried to pull the gigantic metal monster to the ground.

The gamers wanted to help Arthur, but other Ogres prevented them from doing so. With that many Ogres, the gamers found it difficult to fill up the gaping holes in the Dungeon Walls.

The Gundam wavered and was about to collapse. Arthur quickly moved a step back to steady himself, while Hemp Rope Technology shouted, “Arthur! Use the weapon! Make haste!”

“I got it!”

Arthur shouted and raised his arm, causing the Gundam to lift its arm and grab a Harpoon that was attached to it. The Ballista attached to the Harpoon was lifted off the ground, and many Ogres fell to the ground. It was a chaotic scene.

The gigantic Gundam raised its arm, which was now shimmering with rays from the Rune Mana Formations. Mist also seeped out from the Rune Mana Formations. As the Gundam clenched its metal fist, “Ka cha, ka cha” sounds were heard. It was as though energy was being accumulated.

The Gundam moved towards the Ballistas and gave them a punch. The metal fist landed on the ground and created a huge pit, and the subsequent violent quaking made the Ogres unstable.

That was only the beginning.

With the punch, the Ogres who wanted to pull the Gundam down were knocked to the ground. Then, the Gundam pulled out a huge 20-meter Saber from its waist.

The Gundam slashed with its Saber, and all of the ropes were severed. It then held the Saber with both hands and charged towards the Ogre army.

At the same time, a gamer in the crowd shouted, “For Eternal Kingdom—!”